Multi Headed Nut Wizard

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RM Gmzorz : sounds like the perfect name for a bukkake porno

It Ain't Me 幸運な : What are we going to do about all of the unemployed squirrels now that the nut collecting jobs are all automated?

doctordave : "Multi Headed Nut Wizard" sounds like someone's bad idea for a Dungeons and Dragons villain.

Josh Speed : Simple engineering is beautiful when done well.


Mustard : Turned that job into nuttin

shabadoo1 : This is great, but can it hold DEEZ?

Tracey Osterlind : Brilliant! Why didn't I think of that?!

Blake Glasbergen : Hey, I am contacting you from Exploration Production Inc., the producer of Discovery Channel’s flagship science program, Daily Planet. I'd like to feature this video on our program. Could you contact me at

Tobutch : "THAT'S A LOT OF NUTS!"'

RAndome DUUDE : No Nut November

GozUnlimited : We can do it. We have the technology.

DrClawizdead : That is really smart!

Wing Lok Chan : Hello this is Wing Lok from UNILAD I would love to feature it on our page. You will get full credit of course. Please message me when you can.

MrCorivatt : Wow, that's nuts!

John Smith : I just use a vacuum

deweys : Squirrels hate him

Paul Cullen : yes..we pe-can

S Brown : How does this work running over grass? Would the weight of the frame dragging damage grass?

Lynette Evans : I want to purchase

S Brown : What is the purpose of the video without information on where to buy one!

CheeseBon : Cool! Now do it again with leaves and sticks all over the place :)

Nextertube : THIS IS NUTS!

steven keller : the thing is totally awesome man good job

Ivana Radulovic : Hi, I'm Ivana from We are interested at featuring your amazing video on our site. Please email me at for more info. Thanks!

SugaryCoyote : "Multi Headed Nut Wizard" sounds like a random encounter in an adult rpg

MrRiggyRiggs : Deeezzz nuts!

Chiara Irene Achilli : Is this a DIY modification of the single nut wizard or a commercial product? How can I acquire one?

Matt Weston : Hi, Matt here from UNILAD. We love your video and would love to share it with our tech audience. Please contact me for more information

Kamikaze Gorilla : Why did you throw all those pecans on the floor in the first place...

Nacho Sauce : I will name a Metal Band after this.

Fillefjonkan Snabelberg : And HERE I was thinking to myself, "gosh darrrnit, now I dropped ALL of my 20 pounds of nuts on the ground again! If there only was SOME way with SOME miraculous machine that I could pick them up" and here it is, my dream come true! Now I will never struggle with dropping my nuts ever again! :D

Al Guien : That video was pretty safe for the title "Multi-headed Nut Wizard"

mkaatr : Now this is fucking awesome ;)

Sanjay Vasu : ...and it also picked up what the dog left behind on the lawn.

Snooby66 : I believe it would have been a lot easier if you hadn't gone out and thrown those nuts on the lawn in the first place.

OOH 2 WEE Productions : Yo, if i was a squirrel I wouldn't know what to do if i happen to come across all those nuts lol!

Just Me : So THAT'S why they have those exercise wheels in a squirrel cage....the poor guy went NUTS when he got put out of work. Got it.

Kouta90 : it looks and works great. It's the best solution for anyone who often walks through a lawn, trips and strews nuts they were holding in their bag...

DeeEl : Pretty nuts!

RibbitHopX : Squirrel nut BINGO! That's a cool device.

Миша Шевченко : We're all living in 2017, while this man is living in 3017

Professor G : The best in squirrel technology.

Ermandfa : This is nothing special. My ex girlfriend was sucking up all the nuts in the neighborhood years ago.

Bryce Conn : now do this for bullet casing plz

Matt Borgelt : That title tho

10macattack : Shutup and take my money

Kathul Emerald : Squirrels love this, watch how they got their entire winter stash with one simple trick. ?

george77772moons : There's nothing like a good N U T

BananowyDr : "Nut Wizard"