Multi Headed Nut Wizard

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Gmzorz : sounds like the perfect name for a bukkake porno

Candi Soda : Ya missed a nut

deweys : Squirrels hate him

doctordave : "Multi Headed Nut Wizard" sounds like someone's bad idea for a Dungeons and Dragons villain.

shabadoo1 : This is great, but can it hold DEEZ?

Josh Speed : Simple engineering is beautiful when done well.

Mustard : Turned that job into nuttin

anonymous mc : What this video doesn’t show is not even 20 seconds after the video ended a rambunctiousness group of squirrels showed up beat the old man up and ran off with his contraption....sad sad world

GozUnlimited : We can do it. We have the technology.

Boco Corwin : My nuts! - some squirrel


MrCorivatt : Wow, that's nuts!

Austin Lowery : No Nut November

Tobutch : "THAT'S A LOT OF NUTS!"'

CheeseBon : Cool! Now do it again with leaves and sticks all over the place :)

CheeseInc : You: porn star Me, an intellectual:

Paul Cullen : yes..we pe-can

Tracey Osterlind : Brilliant! Why didn't I think of that?!

DrClawizdead : That is really smart!

zack soto : That's nuts!

S Brown : What is the purpose of the video without information on where to buy one!

Kyle Holt : Cecil Holt 912 384 5324

Shirtango : Hes selling it for 2 thousand dollars... good luck

BASStion : Genus

Adrian Stoica : diz nutz

Emmet Dicaprio : Annoying that he didn't use the other side of it

Jason M : Humans are nutty creatures

Rusty Shackleford : And all these years i've been raking walnuts like a peasant.

Breed LG : Why is this on my feed, All guys are considered as a Nut Wizard if they wanted to... *watches the video Oh, nvm then. Cool video.

S Brown : How does this work running over grass? Would the weight of the frame dragging damage grass?

Lynette Evans : I want to purchase

John Smith : I just use a vacuum

Ivory Falcon : but why

Nextertube : THIS IS NUTS!

Asian American Veterans League : Nuts!

Noah Stone : Keep those intact, don't bust a nut

steven keller : the thing is totally awesome man good job

SugaryCoyote : "Multi Headed Nut Wizard" sounds like a random encounter in an adult rpg

MrRiggyRiggs : Deeezzz nuts!

Chiara Irene Achilli : Is this a DIY modification of the single nut wizard or a commercial product? How can I acquire one?

Kamikaze Gorilla : Why did you throw all those pecans on the floor in the first place...

Super Scopez [AoV] : Who sees this going onto DDOS soon?

Felipe Tiburcio : Like👏👏👏👍

МихалычTV или своими руками : Супер!!!


Nico The Rabbit : So Trump called James Comey a "nut job"... -------- Orange you glad he didn't say bananas?

elgransick : Genius

Redneck Mfg. : Who Knew ! That is awesome...

Dirty_Spinach : Sounds like a good porno idea Btw i nutted to this Also the title sounds like a porn star name

T C : wow! thats NUTS