Multi Headed Nut Wizard

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RM Gmzorz : sounds like the perfect name for a bukkake porno

LAAAMMMB SAUUUCCEEE : What are we going to do about all of the unemployed squirrels now that the nut collecting jobs are all automated?

doctordave : "Multi Headed Nut Wizard" sounds like someone's bad idea for a Dungeons and Dragons villain.

Josh Speed : Simple engineering is beautiful when done well.


Mustard : Turned that job into nuttin

shabadoo1 : This is great, but can it hold DEEZ?

MrCorivatt : Wow, that's nuts!

deweys : Squirrels hate him

GozUnlimited : We can do it. We have the technology.

Tracey Osterlind : Brilliant! Why didn't I think of that?!

Tobutch : "THAT'S A LOT OF NUTS!"'

RAndome DUUDE : No Nut November

DrClawizdead : That is really smart!

Wing Lok Chan : Hello this is Wing Lok from UNILAD I would love to feature it on our page. You will get full credit of course. Please message me when you can.

John Smith : I just use a vacuum

Paul Cullen : yes..we pe-can

S Brown : How does this work running over grass? Would the weight of the frame dragging damage grass?

Lynette Evans : I want to purchase

S Brown : What is the purpose of the video without information on where to buy one!

CheeseBon : Cool! Now do it again with leaves and sticks all over the place :)

steven keller : the thing is totally awesome man good job

BASStion : Genus

Kyle Holt : Cecil Holt 912 384 5324

SugaryCoyote : "Multi Headed Nut Wizard" sounds like a random encounter in an adult rpg

MrRiggyRiggs : Deeezzz nuts!

Chiara Irene Achilli : Is this a DIY modification of the single nut wizard or a commercial product? How can I acquire one?

Kamikaze Gorilla : Why did you throw all those pecans on the floor in the first place...

Nacho Sauce : I will name a Metal Band after this.

Declan Vasil : You: porn star Me, an intellectual:

Aaron Bowley : I’m guessing under the weight of the chassis the wires get spread allowing the nut to pass through and into the loop

Bumper Thumper 98 : Man that's nuttier than squirrel turds! Awesome idea thanks for sharing the video.

Andrei M : The best part about this is the accent 😂

Seafury2004 : Well I can think of 2 easy ways to speed up this process

Crash Ransacked : I wish the pecan trees where i live would just drop that much! I usually have to do some climbing to find pecans that arent underripe or dried

Tammy Millhollon : Where do you but this?

DKairat : A squirrels wet dream

Gruven Haus : 400 bucks worth of garden weasel gatherers and you my friend just kicked bag-a-nut right in the,,,,, nuts!!!! Awesome job

Ad Adad : like a boss - great

Charles Phillips : Cool!

greenglass2 : the squirrels don't like you

Fillefjonkan Snabelberg : And HERE I was thinking to myself, "gosh darrrnit, now I dropped ALL of my 20 pounds of nuts on the ground again! If there only was SOME way with SOME miraculous machine that I could pick them up" and here it is, my dream come true! Now I will never struggle with dropping my nuts ever again! :D

Al Guien : That video was pretty safe for the title "Multi-headed Nut Wizard"

mkaatr : Now this is fucking awesome ;)

S V : ...and it also picked up what the dog left behind on the lawn.

Snooby66 : I believe it would have been a lot easier if you hadn't gone out and thrown those nuts on the lawn in the first place.

OOH 2 WEE Productions : Yo, if i was a squirrel I wouldn't know what to do if i happen to come across all those nuts lol!

Just Me : So THAT'S why they have those exercise wheels in a squirrel cage....the poor guy went NUTS when he got put out of work. Got it.

Kouta90 : it looks and works great. It's the best solution for anyone who often walks through a lawn, trips and strews nuts they were holding in their bag...

DeeEl : Pretty nuts!