Nirvana Butchers "Smells Like Teen Spirit" On Purpose

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Marvin Jacobs : The original troll

Maarten van Rossem Lezingen : People who clap during live performances should have their hands cut off after a warning.

TheSeattlegreen : The guitar player looks like the singer from Nirvana 🤔

Budget Wargamer : Sounds like he was singing like Morrisey

Purple Gal : My father was there for that, and he was giggling his ass off

BeardDragon : *Kurt_Cobain.exe has stopped working*

Felicia : ”Load up on drugs kill your friends” is the best thing i think I’ve ever heard

• Bangarang • : Kurt sounds like me trying to sound like him

Simple Garage : He was a meme god before his time

chalicey aoki : 0:47 that made me so uncomfortable lol

Yakuza : Smells Like Teen Spirit (Depeche Mode cover)

ѕιlenт cιтy : *eats microphone* hallooohalllooohalllloo

More Adrenalin : ahaha the drummer invented the dab in 2:56 just a joke nirvana is pure love and dabbing is pure bad

Hmmm hmmm : I wish someone would hold me like Kurt holds that microphone

patthesoundguy : I love this! I remember when this song came out. I think it was their song and they could do what they wanted with it. 😀

YITT : Edge level 999%


kurokuyo : I love that the crowd steadily gets more subdued, like, "Wtf is going on???"

Man Behind the Scenes : "We don't like having the whole live music deal" -Top of the Pops. "We don't like your face" -Kurt Cobain

TommyVein Is nOt GAy!!!11111!! : *Confused Cheering*

Dildo Dabbins : imagine going back in time to watch one of his concerts and end up here

Ashley Duran : That deep voice is sexy af

Niggabite : I used to wonder why Kurt Cobain was praised so highly, but then I saw this video. This sheer effortless skill this guy possessed in singing and playing guitar is utterly astonishing. Safe to say this guy knew his way around a guitar, it takes years to master playing an instrument like that

Thundershots : Kurt’s guitar isn’t even plugged in, what a classic.

chrisPbacon : That moment when. He starts eating the mic...

Chris Jarvis : 2:15 Kurt’s fake strumming his guitar when there’s no guitar part there! 😂😂 This was brilliant!!

Kenny Jones aka relientkenny : they were the band that got away with everything

Lavigo : funny how he still sounds kinda good

Anthony Sclafani : Everyone always thinks of Nirvana as these depressed slackers, but if you're actually familiar with the band you'll know they were actually super goofy & funny

Axel Edwards : 1:25 is it me or is Kurt deep throating the mic

kurčina : 1:06 *Load up on drugs* *kill your friends* its fun to lose and to pretend

Poubelle : 0:57 when you go up to present a project and you have to wait for everyone to stfu

R69NIX : I think due to this Top of the Pops changed the rules so that pre-recorded vocals were also used, so you had to lip-sync. Presumably so that this kinda thing didn't happen again. Though Oasis made fun of this by switching Noel and Liam so that Noel was lip-syncing Liam's vocals.

CHR : Krist litteraly having fight against a guitar :D

Roman Riesen : Don't forget that time when they started playing rape me on a liveset to mess with the live producers.

Matthew Pigott : He actually sounds pretty good compared to today's shit

miraggg : why did I just now discover this gem

Nubber Butter Ascended : i watch this every night before bed

Geir Ingvard Remme : I wonder how loud the playback was if they didn't hear Dave play EVERYTHING wrong hahahaah

Cat M : I would have LOVED to see the guys in the control room pulling their hair from their head watching this.

Dove : Was Kurt crying or laughing after this?

Lars Loud : "Load up on drugs, kill your friends" 😂😂😂😂

Danni White : Joy Dirvana

Papa Franku : The crowd is still loving it.

trashcanhands19 : "Butchered"??! More like Owned & Far Surpassed even the original studio recording (ever since I saw this performance on the "Live tonight; Sold out" VHS back inna early '90s) ...I knew that this was the clutch/beast version that Needed to be. R.I.P. Kurdt Kobain

wimothytinthers 1967 : Why does he sound like morrisey

Chris Kalos : Suddenly it's a Depeche Mode song

Lana Del Sirena : 3:22 😂😂😂💀😂 they way he strums

Sublime Bud : trolling like a boss !

ZingsVideos : Thats his regular voice. He was lip synching the other times.