Nirvana Butchers "Smells Like Teen Spirit" On Purpose

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chalicey aoki : 0:47 that made me so uncomfortable lol

AndonPickles : LOL this is fucking hilarious

BBG : Chorus sounded like fucking hank hill 😂😂😂

Naama Loll : "Load up on drugs, kill your friends" hahahaha🤣 one of the million reasons why Kurt is a legend

Steven Ricke : can't help but laugh really hard when you first see kurt strumming with a shit eating grin

patthesoundguy : I love this! I remember when this song came out. I think it was their song and they could do what they wanted with it. 😀

Jinsoul's Fish : Kurt invented Rick Rolling before Rick Rolling became a thing.

Zorro the Grump : clickbait, they didnt butcher it, it was still majestic.

Vykernes : "Never tell a punk band what to do" well if Nirvana is punk, Dream Theater is deathcore ?

L • C • S : I’m mad Kurt Cobain put his mouth around the mic and then says, “ a mosquito, bolvido” 😂 had me dead

Federico Ortiz : That strum at the beggining is amazing.

Jasmine Gooden : I like how the croud got quiet lmao

Muppio : So 'Smells like teen spirit' as covered by 'Type O Negative'?

TheRealBlueSwan : I actually saw this in 1991 and thought "WOW, I love this song, but Nirvana are a SHIT live band".

Liz4rd King : He was eating the microphone 😂

Julezboii : The way he grabs the mic with two hands and starts singing without moving a muscle is so funny

DJ YTP : Marilyn Manson meets Hank Hill

Straight Mobbin : He sound like buffalo bill😂😂

Gavin Smith : Dave at 2:52!😂

Dead Forever : "Never tell a punk band what to do" Oh boy we started wrong here.

bill M : Kurt’s guitar isn’t even plugged in, what a classic.

Anthony Long : Kurt Cobain is the epitome of not giving a fuck and a half

TransHailey : I didn't know he could sing like that but I love it ❤️

Ronan Keeffe : Kurt does a pretty good Morrisey impression.

Tome : The Smiths - Smells Like A Bigger Woman

ThEcRaZ3dGaM3R : Funny... Kurt does a really good Andrew Eldritch impression. (for those that don't know that's the frontman for The Sisters Of Mercy)

Games On Quack : *Sucks on the mic*

Keay FTW : They're not a punk rock band lmao

DecemberScreamsEmbers Official : They are grunge, not punk

Stolen Car Radio : wow kermit, you're really good

RecklessRaps : his "joke voice" is amazing

TheRemixGeneration : nirvana...punk? OOOk kids...

Joshua Grahm : imagine being in that audience.

Vaan37 : Actually impressed with his vocal range here!

Bodra Smece : nirvana is grunge, not punk

Kontrol Zee : I thought that was an alien in the thumbnail.

Parker Olsen : 3:17 "yay"

Thomas Specht : Grunge. Not punk.

Allon Vorlete : And the crowd never knew what was happening.

Marvin Jacobs : The original troll

Vini Ziello : Did you really called Nirvana a punk band? Bloody hell I'm out

Daniel • : 2:50 Dave hitting that cymbal to the sound of the snare is fucking great.

Its Daniella : Kurt kobain, we miss you

Ethan Castonguay : Lowkey better than the original

247webgirl : Conspiracy: Kurt couldn't make it to this performance and got Rick Astley to fill in

Account_Termination : "Punk band"

pregnant luigi : for those who dont know... hes not actually playing that guitar

Ben Davis : “Load up on guns, kill your friends”

Thrash metal tortoise : Nirvana is grunge not punk

Chud Fucksworth : They really weren't a punk band, though.