Nirvana Butchers "Smells Like Teen Spirit" On Purpose

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patthesoundguy : I love this! I remember when this song came out. I think it was their song and they could do what they wanted with it. 😀

AwesomeFaceProductions : The way he grabs the mic with two hands and starts singing without moving a muscle is so funny

Paul Osicne : Kurt nailing the Morrissey impersonation.

nayr87 : this audio used to be on limewire titled as a type O negative cover

Mets 170 : During the chorus it sounds like it could be a smiths song

Marshal Manson : lol

Zaltrey : At least now I know what the lyrics are

ZingsVideos : Thats his regular voice. He was lip synching the other times.

Marvin Jacobs : The original troll

Conan Middleton : Haha, "Load up on drugs and kill your friends, its fun to use- too the end?" Not sure the end, but the first part was funny. EDIT: Ahh, I think I got it! "It's fun to use to be fair". Pretty honest there lol

Princess Hailey : I’m a lad oh I’m albino I’m a Cheeto I’m Divito 😂

Lord Cam : This is where Jim Carey's sense of humor came from.

Raoul Duke : I remember hearing a boot leg of this back in the day,arguing that it's not Kurt.I found out later it was and why.Its nice to see a vid explaining it 🤘

Lazerduckzilla : Wow, I love Morrissey

Jason : fun fact, the bass player wasn't in on it, that's just what they do on stage.

ThEcRaZ3dGaM3R : Funny... Kurt does a really good Andrew Eldritch impression. (for those that don't know that's the frontman for The Sisters Of Mercy)

Xavier T : krist was going bald

Leon Hefner : The audience was punished. Or maybe they were blessed to see such an unusual performance? I dont what to think about that.

LeechBand : 2:57 😂😂😂🤣

bill M : Kurt’s guitar isn’t even plugged in, what a classic.

Malicious Megan : Grohl is just hitting random cymbals, Novosellic is just light-sabering his bass and Kurt is putting on a Dean Martin-meets-opera voice.. trolling at its finest I FUCKING LOVE NIRVANA

Alejandro Daniel Linares Reátegui : Sounds a bit like Morrissey

James Grimwood : The stiff, wooden style he has would be replicated 30 years later by people playing RockBand in their living rooms.

Daniel Souza : Love this version

CrashNate : I didn't know Rick Astley sang grunge.

ArmSpaghett : in all honesty kurt's vocals in this are pretty good. like Gregorian chants or something

Pan 2k : This is like the biggest middle ever to live perfomances

Pølcifer Pøffer : Nirvana never sounded this good again.

Lonnie Booth : 1:59 lmao at Chris on the floor.

LoppehYT : 1:23 he put the mic in his mouth. I'm dead!

Shiv : wait..."a latino, my libido??"

spartan876 : sounds like depeche mode

George Moreno : That is so Kurt Cobain

Eric Rakestraw : How low? - literally!

The Joy Of Painting : I think the crowd are actors or are forced to dance along to it. Idk nirvana fans aren't usually like that. Unless they're posers.

Deal : Joke or not, the way Kurt completely made his voice unrecognizable is incredible. He still sounds good even when he's joking.

dogeokwhat : I thought that was ET in the tumbnail LOL

Prestonsorrows : wow, he did entertain us

anders harmsiddlyumptious : thats funny bc the smiths actually did a music video on that stage

OnTheTipOfYourTongue : Not. A. Punk. Band.

Kian Sturrock : Never call a grunge band a punk band

xXDrNickXx : Depchemode?

Capn Raccoon : Nirvana is grunge not punk

Cultura do Rock Rick Cruz : IAN CURTIS IS THAT YOU?

Ethan's Guitar Covers : The ppl in the audience have no idea either.

GeNGi :3 : “Load up your Guns, Kill your friends”

SpaceGhost88 : I like this voice better than his regular one

247webgirl : Conspiracy: Kurt couldn't make it to this performance and got Rick Astley to fill in

Sick Roast : that strumming technique

Nightforest222 : Grunge*