Danzig and The Temptations - Mother Was a Rolling Stone

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Josh Spradley : I would choke out a baby to hear this performed live.

PK Halford : You've got a gift and a goddamn freaky ear for these things, bud. You take songs that have no business being mashed up, and the end result always sounds like it was always meant to be.

GreySH101 : That period where Danzig wrote all the temptations hits was each artists best period IMO

Mike P : As a fan of both bands, I am impressed by the creativity. As a former recording engineer, I am impressed by how well you pulled it off. Thanks for the awesome song.

Duncan D McGrath : I know you’ve got a “ Ball of Confusion” mash coming ....

Roberto Rezende de Assis : Dude, you don't create mashups, you create real music. Most mashups I've seen are just interesting or funny, the ones that you do make we want to hear again and again.

irish and irie : Someone who listens to ALL good music and hears the same weird synchronicity in pieces. Good job brother!

peter janjanin : Glenn Danzig pioneered mma gloves

John M : 1:44 "And that ain't right!" 😂😂 Great video

Alphafitz : If only other areas of our society such as science and religion could mashup as well as your projects what a world it would be.

Occam's Indecision : This is now my favorite version of both songs!

DJ Cummerbund : So sensual!

Sam Loomis : Brother, you have recreated old favorites and made them into new ones, you have single handedly saved us from all the crap music of today! Thanks so much! 👍

WildwiT FolkRock : haha i love the random Dimebag clip at the end

trkoby : Last time I was this early I got my girlfriend pregnant

Eric McDaniel : Thanks for fucking this song up for me. Now every time I hear it I sing mother was a rollin stone

San Joaquin Valley Transparency : Oh Hell Yeah

Jason Walker : Awesome. My favorite part: "and that ain't right"

Nitai Gauranga : Settle down Tempations

Alphafitz : Hey you put chocolate in my peanut butter no you put peanut butter in my chocolate well it's delicious. That's the best way I know to describe your Channel.

Sam Walton : Bill you should put these on Spotify or make them available to buy!!!

Mike Warren : I’ve been blowing my family’s minds in the car with “Name That Tune” 😂🤘🏼 thanks for all these!! Make them mp3 or mp4 formats for your players and enjoy 😎 Forever subbing. My favorite is Ratt and Marvin Gaye “Heard It Round and Round the Grapevine “ 🤘🏼😍🤘🏼

Johnny Cached : I’ve had this on repeat for like 4 days, this is my favorite song right now, and it’s a mashup. Great work.


Lee Martinez : Another masterpiece, brother!

David Gómez : 3:35 floods?

mattress33 : I doubt I'm the only person that's entertained the notion that to be this good, you might be an Ai that has access to everything at once! Love your work mang! Thank you for being a light in the darkness of our time. Human or otherwise! ;)

Frederick Obando : You know a mashup is outstanding, if you hear the original version again and you miss the other song mashed in there. Happens to me in both directions now. Thank you Bill.

parrotprodigy productions : Such sweet, seamless transitions! You've aced another one, Bill! And thanks for that! 👌👍😃💕

mrhoffame : ...and he does it again lol.

Matt Davis : Dude. This is seriously sooooooo fucking good. Congrats man.

Arturo Madrid : Dude! Been a subscriber for a while. You're a brilliant man!

emily a : I love this so much, I can’t stop watching!! Great video!

bjsmith503 : The sweet rhythm of "Mother" was just ripe for this sort of picking. Sorry. That sounds... bad.

Ahmad Dani : Another gold... If you dont know the song, you will think this is the original song. 😁

WayneTec : This is one of the best things I didn't know I needed.

Jay Raymond : Wow Tuesday is gonna be a good day now

Suffering Zappatache : I'm running out of superlatives to bestow on your creations! Sublime mash-up as always!

Nick : I can’t believe how good this is. Almost like it was meant to be. The ”and when he died, all he left”s KILL. This is so well done. Thank you.

Jakob Winter : 3:34 Is that motherfucking 'Floods' randomly mashed in there? This is absolute madness and i love it.

John Monaco : Mama and Papa would be proud.

stephopal opal : 💕Love John Christ & Chuck Biscuits Eerie Von..Glenn Danzig..The Temptations..and beautiful friend Dime 💔at 335..Floods/Again Thank you!!!☆ opal..Steph💚🖤💚Genius Bill!!!!

s6y9l : Synergy man, synergy

stephopal opal : 💕WhaATt?!📣Danzig!!🤘..Bill with(Pantera Floods3:35[beautiful Dime]🤘)..The wonderful Temptations!!..Anyone that knows me.."Mother"..Is a song Ive played over and over when driving Down the street..you knew it was me blasting Danzig..[Glenn and the the entire band super Good Friends]..💕You know Im gonna S.O. share this Bill..as You create the BEST Music..Thank you!!..Blasting this today and everyday S.O. all can hear!!..Talented..Frkn Beautiful Bill..How Many Fav. Can One create!?!Just made my Everyday!!!..Super Big Mama Hugs to ya Bill!!! MUCH RESPECT & Love From New Orleans Louisiana💚🖤💚..☆Opal..Steph...StephopalOpal💕..Stephanie Opal..Aka Big Mama..Opal Enthroned..👅..Super frkn Bill..Love you!!!!!!

Robert Lee : This is crazy papa was a rollin stone was one of my dads favorite songs & Danzig mother was one of my favorite songs tow songs that sound great together

William Marold : Another masterpiece, Bill! Someone commented that you don't make mash-ups, you make music! They are so right! I find myself coming back to listen to your stuff again and again. "Use my mouth for War" by Pantera and Bill Withers is a personal favorite. Keep up the good work!

shortyluvs420 : Yessss!!!! I love it!!! What a wonderful twist of 2 great songs❤THANKS AGAIN MR McCLINTOCK,YOU ROCK!!!

FLIP ! : The DanzTations? The Temptazigs?

andy n : I would rather see Glenn Danzig getting knocked out that's the better video

Roberto Rojas Carvajal : Man that’s amazing