Tobe Nwigwe | WAVY. (The Originals) #getTWISTEDsundays

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Jonathan Inman : Creativity on 100k! You raising the bar bro!!! You removing the bars bro!!! Keep giving them bars bro!!!! Lmbo!

Jonathan Jones Speaks : Love this. I really love how you and Fat lift each other up and vibe off one anothers energy! Powerful stuff!

Michael a-swag : At 2:10 when he says "you so fine" and the camera points to Fat Marriage goals mhern.

Medina Seeking TMH : Chocolate 🍫 👶🏽 with the proper raising!!! HalleluYAH! Shalom #thirsty

Salem Godwin : "Let anyone who is thirsty come to me and drink" #John 7:37

Next Phaze Productions : Everyone needs to respect this man's artistry! Every song will not and should not sound the same when you have a dynamic artist with numerous influences. You don't have to like every song but respect the development and progress!

Gabe Cyprian : I usually keep it inside but today I’m outspoken 🌊🌊 this a whole Vibe

jermainerazor84 : Way to season your rib with grace with them verses Bro! Yessir love songs for our wives that's what it do homie...💯🌊

The Real Dreux : I’ve been waiting and checking every Sunday for the past couple of weeks for an upload. Not disappointed at all

Outreach Ministries : I would say FIYAH! but this WAVY! :D

Silas ofNj : Would I be wrong, if I said you folks are one of the best artists I've seen in years... by far? Love the sounds, the moves... All of it. Well done.

Zeth : This was missing a Mick Jenkins verse 🌊 #DrinkMoreWater

Master O'Neal : Y’all are rather most consistent in the game and I really feel all of the originality that y’all build each song, dance, set, and video. Y’all are what God love 💪🏾

rUtH lOvE : Look at all this black magic 😍✨✨✨

Jessi Musser : Y'all never disappoint. Thankful for your beautiful minds 😍✌️❤️

DukeSucks : Young Tobe Why You Rappin' So Hard? Ouu.

KSteele4Real : I see you in the African Benz

khama Abbott : First view 🙌🏿🙌🏿*tobe voice* “praise god”

Steven Snipes : #Shalom family! Keep pushing! The nation is with you!!! HalleluYah!

Paul Ekere : This is heavenly! Oh Tobechukwu, you are blessed. I am very impressed

into the mystic : Yes, this song may not be as "hard" as his other songs, but to me it's still 🔥!!! Not every song has to be fast tempo or have "tough" lyrics. Keep being you Tobe!! I love it!!!!

Stack Statuz : Flow touched by God holmes‼️ love this song

xplosyv : Very creative. Enjoyed the whole vibe.

MANNY TV : It's always a movie 🔥🔥🔥🔥❤❤

V.I.P Babah : #getTWISTEDsundays 💪🏿💪🏿🔥

B Weis : This was good, but I wish he'd get back into the rapping more and less out of the Gospel/pop vibe. That's what made his early stuff great was his rapping and lyricism, but this was still good.

Julian Butler : Your hair is dope


-Sir WESLEE- : Ya had to make a few laughs when ya first that wavy part in the dance routine, i know my goofy ass would lol

Stacey Akins : Hey Tobe (and The Originals)!! I LOVE y'all work! My bro in law drew a picture for your Dope song and we sat and listen to all your music all night one night while he completed it and I instantly became a fan of your work ... Then i saw the interview y'all did on 979 and you mentioned Fat has Sickle Cell.... I was in awe because I too have Sickle Cell Anemia type SS but God blessed me with a beautiful baby girl March 22, 2017... And I had NO COMPLICATIONS pretty much my entire pregnancy neither during labor... And then a few weeks after she was born we received a letter from the SC Organization telling her dad and I that she only tested positive for the trait .. I literally boo hoo cried! But thank you guys for the beautiful music. It has gotten me through some rough days! God bless!

Ceejay Films/Fanspine Pictures : listen to enough Big Boi and you can hear at bit of his influence in Tobe. Glad to hear new stuff after being MIA for a few weeks

Garrett Scott : The KING is back!!

KizzyRanatha : I was in my feelings cause I was waiting for a notification from yesterday for #Wavy(cause y'all was teasing on Instagram). Glad you all didn't disappoint. Now this song is what you call a profession of love! #Deep

Noah Miller : It's like Sunday-school choreography, performed with such confidence and artistic cinematography that it is elevated into an entirely original form. Decadently innocent, genre bending illustration of a brand new point of view. I've had your music on repeat for months now, but these slowly trickling candies keep the album fresh from day one. I can't wait to see the rest.

Steph Ratcliff : Alright alright!! You came back with baaaarrrssss!! Yeeesss!! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

Micah Thunder : I'm encouraged that you hold your truth while sharing your art. Although the music I create is different, I need examples of artists pursuing their dreams while staying true to themselves. ~Blessings to us all~

Denero Williams : If you dont eff witb Tobe and The Originals you dont like life. Real music!! Black excellence at its finest. Keep doing it bro

J Flo : Love Love Love!!! Your music. 🔥🔥🔥🔥 #Htown 🤘🏼

Complete Human Coaching : excellence in the Most High Form...beautiful....that part at the end wit Tobe on top of the white Benz wearing all white surrounded by the Goddess.....Goat in the Game....he woke haha

K-I-Tik Jackson : This man got many sounds 🔥🔥#TrueArt

TWP_Bumpy : Socks and sandals 😜

Wallace Wood : Damn Tobe blowing up!!! By far one of the most refreshing artists I have heard in a long time! Plus that camera work is just as great as his other videos, really connects you to the music <3

into the mystic : Congrats on 40k!!! Can't wait for it to 40 mil!!!

JOZZYmusic : Basically need to listen to this every day.

James Fasae : The Calories In My Respect is never burning out or low...just adding on thickness👑👑👑👑💯🔥🔥💯

Miss LovelyT : Hey we love u and my kids do too u seen them at Event they are the Lady Seahawks

Kryptoniteceo : Dope tobe. Assuming w all come here for his lyricism some may have to give this a couple relistens

William Mullen : Everything you make is just dope!

Ike Hill : This is a classic. Crazy dope.

Savage Stanley : Heat Rock