Tobe Nwigwe | WAVY. (The Originals) #getTWISTEDsundays

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Jonathan Inman : Creativity on 100k! You raising the bar bro!!! You removing the bars bro!!! Keep giving them bars bro!!!! Lmbo!

Jonathan Jones Speaks - Speak Your Success : Love this. I really love how you and Fat lift each other up and vibe off one anothers energy! Powerful stuff!

Salem Godwin : "Let anyone who is thirsty come to me and drink" #John 7:37

Medina Seeking TMH : Chocolate 🍫 👶🏽 with the proper raising!!! HalleluYAH! Shalom #thirsty

Gabe Cyprian : I usually keep it inside but today I’m outspoken 🌊🌊 this a whole Vibe

Michael a-swag : At 2:10 when he says "you so fine" and the camera points to Fat Marriage goals mhern.

jermainerazor84 : Way to season your rib with grace with them verses Bro! Yessir love songs for our wives that's what it do homie...💯🌊

Next Phaze Productions : Everyone needs to respect this man's artistry! Every song will not and should not sound the same when you have a dynamic artist with numerous influences. You don't have to like every song but respect the development and progress!

Silas ofNj : Would I be wrong, if I said you folks are one of the best artists I've seen in years... by far? Love the sounds, the moves... All of it. Well done.

Zeth : This was missing a Mick Jenkins verse 🌊 #DrinkMoreWater

The Real Dreux : I’ve been waiting and checking every Sunday for the past couple of weeks for an upload. Not disappointed at all

Master O'Neal : Y’all are rather most consistent in the game and I really feel all of the originality that y’all build each song, dance, set, and video. Y’all are what God love 💪🏾

DukeSucks : Young Tobe Why You Rappin' So Hard? Ouu.

Jessi Musser : Y'all never disappoint. Thankful for your beautiful minds 😍✌️❤️

Outreach Ministries : I would say FIYAH! but this WAVY! :D

Steven Snipes : #Shalom family! Keep pushing! The nation is with you!!! HalleluYah!

khama Abbott : First view 🙌🏿🙌🏿*tobe voice* “praise god”

Noah Miller : It's like Sunday-school choreography, performed with such confidence and artistic cinematography that it is elevated into an entirely original form. Decadently innocent, genre bending illustration of a brand new point of view. I've had your music on repeat for months now, but these slowly trickling candies keep the album fresh from day one. I can't wait to see the rest.

KSteele4Real : I see you in the African Benz

Stack Statuz : Flow touched by God holmes‼️ love this song

Ruth love : Look at all this black magic 😍✨✨✨

Paul Ekere : This is heavenly! Oh Tobechukwu, you are blessed. I am very impressed

xplosyv : Very creative. Enjoyed the whole vibe.

into the mystic : Yes, this song may not be as "hard" as his other songs, but to me it's still 🔥!!! Not every song has to be fast tempo or have "tough" lyrics. Keep being you Tobe!! I love it!!!!

V.I.P Babah : #getTWISTEDsundays 💪🏿💪🏿🔥

MANNY TV : It's always a movie 🔥🔥🔥🔥❤❤

Stacey Akins : Hey Tobe (and The Originals)!! I LOVE y'all work! My bro in law drew a picture for your Dope song and we sat and listen to all your music all night one night while he completed it and I instantly became a fan of your work ... Then i saw the interview y'all did on 979 and you mentioned Fat has Sickle Cell.... I was in awe because I too have Sickle Cell Anemia type SS but God blessed me with a beautiful baby girl March 22, 2017... And I had NO COMPLICATIONS pretty much my entire pregnancy neither during labor... And then a few weeks after she was born we received a letter from the SC Organization telling her dad and I that she only tested positive for the trait .. I literally boo hoo cried! But thank you guys for the beautiful music. It has gotten me through some rough days! God bless!

Julian Butler : Your hair is dope


Garrett Scott : The KING is back!!

B Weis : This was good, but I wish he'd get back into the rapping more and less out of the Gospel/pop vibe. That's what made his early stuff great was his rapping and lyricism, but this was still good.

J Flo : Love Love Love!!! Your music. 🔥🔥🔥🔥 #Htown 🤘🏼

Steph Ratcliff : Alright alright!! You came back with baaaarrrssss!! Yeeesss!! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

-Sir WESLEE- : Ya had to make a few laughs when ya first that wavy part in the dance routine, i know my goofy ass would lol

KizzyRanatha : I was in my feelings cause I was waiting for a notification from yesterday for #Wavy(cause y'all was teasing on Instagram). Glad you all didn't disappoint. Now this song is what you call a profession of love! #Deep

Denero Williams : If you dont eff witb Tobe and The Originals you dont like life. Real music!! Black excellence at its finest. Keep doing it bro

K-I-Tik Jackson : This man got many sounds 🔥🔥#TrueArt

Micah Thunder : I'm encouraged that you hold your truth while sharing your art. Although the music I create is different, I need examples of artists pursuing their dreams while staying true to themselves. ~Blessings to us all~

Ceejay Films/Fanspine Pictures : listen to enough Big Boi and you can hear at bit of his influence in Tobe. Glad to hear new stuff after being MIA for a few weeks

Complete Human Coaching : excellence in the Most High Form...beautiful....that part at the end wit Tobe on top of the white Benz wearing all white surrounded by the Goddess.....Goat in the Game....he woke haha

James Fasae : The Calories In My Respect is never burning out or low...just adding on thickness👑👑👑👑💯🔥🔥💯

Wallace Wood : Damn Tobe blowing up!!! By far one of the most refreshing artists I have heard in a long time! Plus that camera work is just as great as his other videos, really connects you to the music <3

into the mystic : Congrats on 40k!!! Can't wait for it to 40 mil!!!

Kryptoniteceo : Dope tobe. Assuming w all come here for his lyricism some may have to give this a couple relistens

David Timms : How can u dislike God's voice of rap......???

Ike Hill : This is a classic. Crazy dope.

JOZZYmusic : Basically need to listen to this every day.

Miss LovelyT : Hey we love u and my kids do too u seen them at Event they are the Lady Seahawks

William Mullen : Everything you make is just dope!

Bumpy : Socks and sandals 😜