What North Korean Defectors Think Of North Korea | ASIAN BOSS

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Albert Draper : Good questions asked by interviewer.

Emily Sires : Such suffering they endure, but she says they still have joy and laughter. Amazing

Harkz0r : It's really interesting that Sunny says that she believes poorer countries have communities that stick together and are happier. Coming from a Western country myself I've observed the same thing. It seems as though when humans face great hardship they come together and show their true strength, but when we are 'liberated' from each other we also treat one another poorly. It's unfortunate because I don't believe any living person should have to endure the difficulties that the North Korean public must have to face on a daily basis. To anyone fortunate enough to escape similar situations that may be reading, I wish nothing for you but a happy and fulfilling life.

Finfilms : I live in America and I am so sad for North Korean people.. I wish they never had to go through what they call normal life.

xXx_MLGPRO_xXx : I wish one day there will be a revolution and they will overthrow their government and hang Kim like they did to Mussolini in Italy.

Hey Sam Graham Cartoons : powerful stuff

Mr. AlmostCertain : Very interesting when she said the better off they were the more stressed they would be because there would be more to think about. It's interesting, because look at our rich and thriving societies... Depression and suicide rates are insane

Ninten Lockhart : Good GOD....I knew conditions in North Korea were bad but when the man described the public execution I realized how much worse it actually is. Everybody wants to just nuke North Korea, but that would just put the innocent people through more suffering. While I may eat my words, Kim Jong-il (while being confusing for me right now) was a much better ruler than Kim Jong-Un by a long shot from how the Woman described it.

Fiendfyre : the thing is south koreans think north koreans are the least privileged people and they continue to mock them and degrade them the things you never see are the most dangerous

may idk : Wtffff. Just for selling a bit of government property to feed his family he got that. People that defend North Korea as "good" are completely messed up in their head.

Tyler Smith : She left at twelve.. not to invalidate her knowledge, but when she said that NK citizens are very happy, I wonder if maybe she didn't understand yet how people really felt. As a child I assumed people were very happy as adults, and as an adult, I understand now the show people put on for children, and the hidden sadness we understand that can't be understood by children. People can laugh joylessly, and do it all the time.

Let's eat Grandpa : Most of the time I just wish I had magic powers to help people. If I had the ability to be invisible or have super strength or fly I could just help so many people live a better life!

Brogram Films : "i was upset that i destroyed something that could have fed 5 people" Damn...

John C. Heller : Her youtube channel is deleted know of if shes ok? I always worried if it was wise of them to be talking negativly about North Korea if they still had family there

David Choi : I am encouraged that the people of North Korea are slowly becoming educated of the outside world. The revolution starts from the inside out. Thanks for these brave people for sharing their stories :)

Leonel Oliveros : She is so pretty

Maxine the Eggo : Boi I won't be surprised when the hunger games start there like really tho

Udichi Usha Das : Why has sunny's channel been closed?

Sword Master Felix : I can tell Kim Jung Un is more terrible than hitler by now

A LeRoux : And then we have people in the western world pushing for socialism! No!

Callandor : NK (hell on Earth) worst country to be born in. Even African countries are better and have more freedoms and much easier to escape.

Master Chief : We must liberate the North Koreans

Svensk Gamer : Unbelieveable credit given to these people for being so brave and surviving. Protect these people at all costs.

Jynessa Swann : Did anyone else watching this see the parellels between The Hunger Games book trilogy's Districts and the way North Koreans are forced to live. I thought the books were fiction, but it's actually happening. The only thing missing is the child killing gladiator game. My deepest sympathy to the Korean people.

puteri s : What happen to Sunny? Her yt and ig account are no longer available. Like suddenly she’s disappeared

Zay Kim : This makes my blood boil, my heart aches for the people suffering in North Korea

sks bc : This is heartbreaking, those poor people. I'm afraid for the families of these two people....I hope they're not in danger now? You don't realise how fortunate you are until you see something like this :(

Rainflower00 : what happened to Sunny's channel?

Asian Boss : Check out Sunny's YouTube channel about North Korea (and help her with English subtitles if you can speak Korean): https://goo.gl/PMbvXW 북한에 관심이 있으신 분들은 써니의 유튜브 채널을 구독해 주세요: https://goo.gl/PMbvXW

SAiKA : Dang, this is just like a freaking dystopian society book. But it's not a story at all!! I can't believe that a country like this is being allowed to exist in our world!! But we can't do anything about it, it feels!! I want to help North Koreans so bad... they don't deserve living in that kind world, not at all.... it's so disgusting.

coolguy47 : Funny thing is they see China as heaven, even though the lives of most Chinese people are nothing, compared to the lives of the people living in the U.S and Europe.

BNerd : surprised 1K people disliked this video. explain yourselves

alexander orejarena : wow dude, i live in venezuela, and this country each day resembles more north korea

Schmidteren : It's insane they talk about it so normally. Because for them. This was life. This was normal. If anyone whohadn't lived their lives had these things happen to them. They would break in an instant.

Random Gamer : So crazy how he talked so calmly about the public execution...It made me want to throw up. North Korea is such a messed up place, hopefully somehow those poor innocent citizens can be helped.

kanchomerocks12 : What happened to sunny? Her YouTube channel just vanished!

Peter Lustig : These are very valuable and interesting interviews. It is impressive how these young North Koreans focus on the essential in such an eloquent way. The host is excellently asking the relevant questions in a sensitive way, giving the interviewees time and space to speak. A quality that is rare on You Tube and elswhere.

Elizabeth Martinez : White rice only on their birthday oh damn

BTS and NCT Trash [Yuta's Smile] : Just listening to these stories makes me feel guilty. I complain so much for no reason. These are honestly brave souls.

Isaac the thing : They both seem really educated which is kind of a surprise

Abbykinz Talks : This was so, so incredible and sad at the same time... These people are amazing, going through so much.

Joseph Meets Travel : This is the most horrible thing I've ever listened to. I hope the people of North Korea with see justice and be free. I just wish I can help them.

: 에이시안 보쓰 화이팅!!!

zegh8578 : "when someone dies, flies are the first to know", I hadn't even thought of that... o_o imagine being around that much death, that it becomes this... thing everybody just knows, "oh, the flies"

ivymuse : This video was so moving and eye-opening. It's horrifying that a country like that can still exist in this day and age. These people deserve so much better.

Megalinx : Sunny's youtube channel was closed down did something happen to her?

PowerTrain : I am going to stop complaining about life now

Ducktator ___ : I’ll admit, this really changed my view on the North Korean people. My US history teacher just tries to convince my class that they are all brainwashed and mindless drones.

Doskoi Panda : I've never heard such excitment about a plastic bottle.

Ramon Fernandez : Both of them let a morbid sense of humor show from time to time. Interesting.