What North Korean Defectors Think Of North Korea | ASIAN BOSS

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David Choi : I am encouraged that the people of North Korea are slowly becoming educated of the outside world. The revolution starts from the inside out. Thanks for these brave people for sharing their stories :)

Harkz0r : It's really interesting that Sunny says that she believes poorer countries have communities that stick together and are happier. Coming from a Western country myself I've observed the same thing. It seems as though when humans face great hardship they come together and show their true strength, but when we are 'liberated' from each other we also treat one another poorly. It's unfortunate because I don't believe any living person should have to endure the difficulties that the North Korean public must have to face on a daily basis. To anyone fortunate enough to escape similar situations that may be reading, I wish nothing for you but a happy and fulfilling life.

Emily Sires : Such suffering they endure, but she says they still have joy and laughter. Amazing

Fiendfyre : the thing is south koreans think north koreans are the least privileged people and they continue to mock them and degrade them the things you never see are the most dangerous

alex rentz : All that about a plastic bottle? Damn...... I'm spoiled as hell.

Albert Draper : Good questions asked by interviewer.

Government LAB : While 12-year-olds in South Korea are bored in school, 12-year-olds in North Korea attend public executions and witness a person being shot dead. And the capitals of the two countries are two hours away from each other by car. Yes.. This is the world we live in.

Anton EightBall : The girl has obviously been traumatized the and extent that she doesn’t feel the same emotions we do. When she laughs at the stories she is telling is blood curdling but to her it was normal.

Tyler Smith : She left at twelve.. not to invalidate her knowledge, but when she said that NK citizens are very happy, I wonder if maybe she didn't understand yet how people really felt. As a child I assumed people were very happy as adults, and as an adult, I understand now the show people put on for children, and the hidden sadness we understand that can't be understood by children. People can laugh joylessly, and do it all the time.

Isaac the thing : They both seem really educated which is kind of a surprise

Mayz z : Wtffff. Just for selling a bit of government property to feed his family he got that. People that defend North Korea as "good" are completely messed up in their head.

caramel coffee : Asian boss, please find out what happened to sunny...

John C. Heller : Her youtube channel is deleted know of if shes ok? I always worried if it was wise of them to be talking negativly about North Korea if they still had family there

Random Gamer : So crazy how he talked so calmly about the public execution...It made me want to throw up. North Korea is such a messed up place, hopefully somehow those poor innocent citizens can be helped.

puteri s : What happen to Sunny? Her yt and ig account are no longer available. Like suddenly she’s disappeared

Ducktator ___ : I’ll admit, this really changed my view on the North Korean people. My US history teacher just tries to convince my class that they are all brainwashed and mindless drones.

Maya : When he was describing the public execution, I had to put down my food because I felt sick. I can’t imagine watching such a thing at the age of twelve, or at any age for that matter. These people who escape and share these horrors are among the most brave in the world. I hope that someday the rest of those people will be liberated.

Elizabeth Martinez : White rice only on their birthday oh damn

PowerTrain : I am going to stop complaining about life now

Ramon Fernandez : Both of them let a morbid sense of humor show from time to time. Interesting.

Mr. AlmostCertain : Very interesting when she said the better off they were the more stressed they would be because there would be more to think about. It's interesting, because look at our rich and thriving societies... Depression and suicide rates are insane

C L : Dear Asian Boss, are you sure this video isn’t harming them? Are you sure North Korean’s government isn’t hunting the one’s who escaped? Do you think it would be better if you blurred their faces?or made them wore a mask or something? I am so worried for them. God bless them and their family.

Let's eat Grandpa : Most of the time I just wish I had magic powers to help people. If I had the ability to be invisible or have super strength or fly I could just help so many people live a better life!

Joseph Meets Travel : This is the most horrible thing I've ever listened to. I hope the people of North Korea with see justice and be free. I just wish I can help them.

alexie101010 : I hope Sunny is okay.. Her YT page disappeared. We appreciate all the insight she gave us, and the courage it takes to speak out.

Serena Incendia : HEY WHY IS HER YOUTUBE GONE?!?????!???!?? WE NEED ANSWERS!!!!!!! TELL ME NOTHING BAD HAPPENED TO THAT WOMANN!!!!!!!!!! Sorry for the caps lock but this really needs to be addressed! Im so worried about her.

SAiKA : Dang, this is just like a freaking dystopian society book. But it's not a story at all!! I can't believe that a country like this is being allowed to exist in our world!! But we can't do anything about it, it feels!! I want to help North Koreans so bad... they don't deserve living in that kind world, not at all.... it's so disgusting.

kanchomerocks12 : What happened to sunny? Her YouTube channel just vanished!

Jynessa Swann : Did anyone else watching this see the parellels between The Hunger Games book trilogy's Districts and the way North Koreans are forced to live. I thought the books were fiction, but it's actually happening. The only thing missing is the child killing gladiator game. My deepest sympathy to the Korean people.

Jonas_Oxen : What happened to Sunny's YouTube channel? It says it's been removed, but I can see from the Wayback Machine that she had a bunch of videos up, and her channel was very well laid out.

Udichi Usha Das : Why has sunny's channel been closed?

Viscera Trocar : The saddest part is how the lady disguises her fear with laughter.

vortex162 : I'm saddened to say Sunny no longer has her channel, she closed it Feb 12, 2018 Her last posting was two days ago, when she shared happily partaking a meal with her parents! I wish her well and may her dreams manifest wherever she is! Her last post was like saying good bye to her followers without words!

Peter Lustig : These are very valuable and interesting interviews. It is impressive how these young North Koreans focus on the essential in such an eloquent way. The host is excellently asking the relevant questions in a sensitive way, giving the interviewees time and space to speak. A quality that is rare on You Tube and elswhere.

alexander orejarena : wow dude, i live in venezuela, and this country each day resembles more north korea

Zay Kim : This makes my blood boil, my heart aches for the people suffering in North Korea

Dustin Peacock : The thought that a plastic bottle could be viewed by the oppressed as a treasure is truly humbling. I do my best to reuse and recycle my bottles, but never have I ever considered that I could make someone's life by simply giving just one bottle to them.

bucca2 : That little story about him being so amazed by plastic bottles…that really got me.

Rainflower00 : what happened to Sunny's channel?

E. Cui : North Korea doesn't have enough money to get food, but enough to buy guns and bullets to kill their own people? Sick af.

Megalinx : Sunny's youtube channel was closed down did something happen to her?

Ian Phillips : It's funny how they said people avoid white rice there in order to stay fit. Meanwhile in America, white rice is diet food...😂

Unstoppable Journey : We are lucky that we eat more than 3 times a day and still complain, and these people only wants freedom and a food for them not to die, I wish people who are lucky enough to have such priveledge, would stop complaining and just sbe grateful.

Archit12 : I can’t imagine these people’s lives if South Korea didn’t give automatic citizenship to North Korean defectors. It would be horrible, stuck in North Korea with nowhere to run.

Johannah Mathew : How she laughs thinking about the past, realizing that she doesn't have to go through this any more breaks my hear. You know what, this whole video brakes my heart and the fact that we can't do anything to help them brakes me to pieces

Hey Sam Graham Cartoons : powerful stuff

Hopper Grieves : I hope Sunny is okay...

Indira Gutierrez : What brave men and women to risk their very lives for a shot at freedom.

Witch Slayer : The North Korean people live as prisoners and slaves in their own country. They deserve our compassion. Unfortunately it is nigh impossible to escape and the Kim regime, with nuclear weapons, is too dangerous to depose within the foreseeable future.

Generiq Player : i hope sunny is safe & happy, and i think NIS or her relatives or even herself are now aware that her influences will endanger herself and made her decide to delete all of her social media (or start a new one) ... i'm aware that north korean are lack of internet knowledge, but not their goverments .. let us pray for sunny safety & happiness 😄