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Ota Cat : I like how the song is about equality

anon 17395 : i.... really miss my niggaaaaa.......

Xoudian : Poor nigga.

Jolie's Channel : I..... really miss my wiggaaaaa....back to the song

Jackson Scott : Bone-thugs n Harmony is so good

Martin Schmidt : so powerful, i almost cried

Mythical Sky : I love that the ninja turtles on hir shirt are seethrough

Sky dennis : My bestfriend better sing this to me at my funeral or were not friends🙉😅😆💀

stelios agouridas : Thiery Henry is a raper now ???

Parker Brasher : “ slow-mo-mo.”

Lena Julia : I wish someone would Miss me like this

Brylle Villenas : I just watched it at 3am . Lol

Tastian Naufal : Rip in peace ma niggga

Whippin : "Lyke"

Koliman Gaming : this is the coolest thing ever!!!

Pelvic Sling : Stolen video. Original video/song by gmcfosho.

IAMACollectivist : Why are you ripping off GMCFOSHO?

Anthony Whyte : Don't steal peoples videos!

PUTS4Lyfe : Pouring one out for Gordon Hayward

Makenzie Austin : I lost my WIGGA to a HURNIAAAAA!!!

ShanksGG : "I aint responsible for your well being"

savage_ 2005 : R.I.P each like = respect

ugh it's rubby : Top ten most saddest ANIME Songs

-bts _trash- : I have a feeling my guy friend is gonna sing this at my funeral and I'll jump out the casket and dance😂😂😂

Kawaii MSP : :(

The HOODIE MONSTER : Pls play this at my funeral... =)

Foxy Fazbears : I miss my wiggas!

Push Back : Where's my bong?

Antisocialist : Go to Gmcfosho channel, that is the original video, this isn’t even the full video.

BrownEyedHighGirL : Best song since 2005!

random person : "white people can sing now too" I'd rather sing the first part IIIII REALLY MISS MY NIGGGGGGAAAAAAAA

日本のクールな名前 : This what I call a storytelling

ᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟ : Pure talent. I miss him too

Leo ಠ_ಠ : i cri evrytiem

Adam Schrack : Is that a toilet paper bandanna?

Josiah VanHekken : that makes me feel like a wiggaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Paul Miller : Rap music for Sesame Street.

Peter Smith : this isnt your video fuqboi

SilkSatin Paradise : The only place it's acceptable to openly discriminate by race and ethnicity is when you're searching through porn.

Mrdead Inmypocket : If you were an entomologist you'd sing "I really miss my chigger". Only an entomologist would sing that because chiggers are mites and nobody would really miss having mites. Trombiculidae can cause severe itching and dermatitis.

Matthew Rogers : My favorite Bone thugs song

TheSlash : Some Flight of the Conchords sounding stuff for sure. Kind ripped off from it. Lady in the park one?

bulok69 : this is Bone Thugs N Harmony for the new age

HeyItsAustin : "nurs said u can't do dat here"

Akira Atkins : I .Am.Dead 😂😂😂😂

Colonel Q : when your favourite character dies

Ratsimbarison Fahasoavana : Gotta play it at my besties funeral

Dean's Hair : Y'd u have to gogogogogo

TexasNova : Gonna miss that ol FaceBook Nova page...

BuKoSaLad Vlogz : Hurniaaasss