Gears of War 4 - Multiplayer Disappointment

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pestyoverlord : Don't pay cash for RNG. It's that simple. $5 in Titanfall 2 gets me the exact weapon skin I want. $5 in destiny gets me a chance of a skin I want. Respawn is getting that cash from me, not Bungie.

Skills AE : Hype MooMooMilk stole your vid

Poet : I hope TC people watch this video and feel bad about this, but they don't seem to care about anything, only the money they make

ZTYP3G4m1N : Rod had this idea since gears 3 and HOLY HELL I never knew that bernie had the same face as baird that's just creepy

Juan Garcia : I fucked up and bought the 100 ultimate edition. Still like the game though.

caba : I probably watched this video 8 times. It is so well put together. the background music is so0oooooo sexyyyy and intimidating, secretive...  Love it

Alroytt : nice upload my dude ;)

DeeJayChrisEdiT : Havent played this Game in Months and all i see is the hate on it is hella Real lol. Figures why i stopped playing it because to be honest this game wasn't what i expected.

Average : Trash game

Alastor424 : I’m scared for Gears of War 5, guys. They should just remaster Gears 3 and we can all move away from this game.

Persona : go on twiter

Comander555666 : God damn didnt knew they put in fucking microtrnsactions, and even has to be shitty lootboxes...

BasedOutBrad : They so lazy Bernie is Baird 😂😂

airgens : 3:41 - 3:52 LMAO

Kacom Gaming : I knew it was going to be bad, but I had no idea they would take the microtransactions this far. They get away with it because GoW 4 is a bad game so no one really notices.

Lou Sylvester : hey man. posting on youtube makes my stomach turn but dont listen to people putting you down. you paid attention and know how bad the situation is. thank you for making this video

Task Master : Sad thing people are still going to get online. . There's a blackout today on gears I sure as he'll am not getting on

caba : With most negative score (50+) on reddit I must say, this video alone is a nice piece of work. Trully well put together. Nice editing, man. Upvoting

Kaos Remedy : facts


chinezeFURY : I would like to think (or at least I hope) TC isn't calling the shots with the whole Micro transaction business and Microsoft is the actual responsible. Is there any way to confirm this?

Canaan Banana : you wouldnt like the crates in pubg very much. had enough points for 4 the other day, 3/4 were doubles, the other 1 was trash.

Heat Ryan : hehehehe

Steven KH GB : Nice