Primitive Technology: Iron prills

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Primitive Technology : It's mostly cast iron because I added too much charcoal powder. Previous attempts (at home, not in the wild) yielded malleable iron that could be hammered flat. I thought that such a short furnace would be too oxidizing but it turns out ok. Any iron smelters feel free to ask questions/ offer advice bellow. Thanks.

Micah : We have entered the Iron Age.

RobMccloud3 : Where did you go? Why no videos? Can't wait for more videos.

Predikt9 : Of course it's your business and personal life but I just want to say it would be amazing and much appreciated if you would give some kind of updates on a blog or something. No need to reveal the contents prematurely or anything, just general information on how is the progression going on for newest project(s). I am surely not the first one suggesting this, but I believe this cannot be said enough and also I believe that I am speaking for majority of your viewers. Your content is probably the most anticipated thing on youtube. Also, thank you for all of your videos so far. They are extremely interesting and at the same time therapeutic.

9G TMI 중국그알 : where r u !!!!?

killing530 : a piece of molten iron flies towards his wrist at 8:22 and he casually flicks it off... primitive level savagery.

Unyt : Bless today for primitive technology has uploaded.

Richard Bruhn : 100% of the internet is waiting on pins and needles for your next video because it's been awhile. We're assuming this means it'll be exponentially more epic than usual. Just to be safe: are you in danger? Blink once for "yes" and twice for "no".

George Jnr : There's a Twitter account using your videos. I'm not entirely sure if they have your permission so I thought I'd let you know. Their handle is @SurvivalGuide

acr_8133 : when will he start to discover “language”??

Peter Turano : hey where are you buddy ...are you fighting sabertooth lions getting worried

Hoang-Viet Tran : so close to the iron age! I love it! update: this comment kinda got big so just wanted to say more. these videos are so fun and interesting to watch. I love how he explains his whole process

MrZooky123 : anyone else get the craving for a new video about now? (like one month after the previous one) It's like you can tell when another one is about to get uploaded

Edoardo Bartolini : Hello? Are You alive?

Krister Reese : Next video please..

Muzyka : Everybody's on their advanced technology watching primitive technology - we should have just stayed in the dirt all along and saved the planet.

Mist : New level unlocked : *The Iron Age*

Dylan Mcneil : should try smelting copper, it's easier to smelt and would allow you some basic metal tools that you could use to make stuff for smelting iron.

Eusophocleas : The Japanese had a method of using "tamahagane," or "Jewel Steel" to make their blades. They used iron sand, a source of iron ore to make their blades and such. That's what a quick search says. The point I'm working towards is perhaps you'd need to find a more sufficient source of ore, maybe make a hike to a high part of the mountain and look for rocks with a rustic streak in them, or for red/odd colored sand. Once you've smelted good ore down you need to gently hammer it, that's why you had red hot bits flying at you. Be patient and heat it back up when it goes dull red. You want it to become solid before you start pounding away, make some stone tools to help you cut it in half and then reforge it back into one piece. This will even out the carbon content. You're headed for blacksmithing inch by inch.

D-ryll : He’s been gone for three months he probably has made a nuke by now

MIND NOVA : Yo I hope he’s okay, he missed his scheduled upload. Hopefully it’s just some preparation or something.

Ian Hayden : "Next week on Primitive Technology: making a handgun"

Rafi Atayee : Hi there, long time no video, we have missing been you

Jordan De Knikker : By far my most favorite episode. I had a few suggestions to improve your yield. Can the iron bacteria powder be dehydrated in a kiln? I saw a video of English smiths that roasted their ore samples over heat to remove moisture and impurities before forging. Perhaps that would mitigate slag production. I'd also LOVE to see a water-powered ball-mill to help grind down the charcoal and iron oxide to maximize surface area for reactivity. Maybe a fired clay cylinder with those prills inside just rotating on a water wheel? A good sequel for this AND the Monjolo hammer. Keep it up! EDIT: "slag", not "slang"

Callen : the next video must be taking so long because he's entered the silicon age

lowercaseloser : Why are you not uploading???

Pesterenan : Nowadays there are many copycat channels about primitive technology but rest assured yours is the *BEST* and I'll always watch your uploads, congrats!

daniel manalu : 5:50 looks delicius

Res Art : Havnt seen him in 2 months- hes building something big

Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert CAMACHO : Gandalf had his beard = powerful wizard Samson had his awesome mane = super strenght Survival Dude has his Cargo Shorts = epic survival knowledge. I will let my beard and hair grow, plus go to old navy and stock up on cargo shorts....

ahmad saif : Bro where is your new video

Justin Y. : He's evolving!

SupaPLAi : HowToBasic is so talented

Huong Vuthihuong : This is the only true primitive channel. The others are trash. If it is right, press F to pay respect.

Evren BOZTEPE : Why you don't taking new videos since two months?

AClass360 qwerty : So it's been 3 months... I wonder if you're doing a large project.

Dank Matter : Thank you Primitive Technology, very cool!

Tom Clifton : Please upload more

Corre : Dude, you should do an update... like really quickly, its been 2 months now, and i cant wait

eliash : 3 months without any vid ... where are you ?!?

Davin Stewart : Where have you gone?

XxBigballxX Gaming : This channel is the original Primitive Technology

Nathan Higa : I want more of your videos you make!

Дмитрий Дмитриевич : Waiting for new videos)

NAGATO VLOG : Quem também veio pelo Teddy ?

Ferovax : "Extraction procedure" *poke with stick*

Rock Han : Can not wait for your video

Clickbait Is Real : Here in B.C its so hard to do this kind of stuff cause it rains all the time but I still watch your videos for tips on some things. Now I got to wait for winter to pass to carry on this kind of stuff :[

Tristissimvs Hominvm : I'm getting blueballs in my eyes just watching this video when I came to see for news why this guy hasn't posted or if anybody knows anything.

tio ovatsug : Minecraft kkk t3ddy