Primitive Technology: Iron prills

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Primitive Technology : It's mostly cast iron because I added too much charcoal powder. Previous attempts (at home, not in the wild) yielded malleable iron that could be hammered flat. I thought that such a short furnace would be too oxidizing but it turns out ok. Any iron smelters feel free to ask questions/ offer advice bellow. Thanks.

Micah : We have entered the Iron Age.

Stuart W : Thank you for not talking. Thank you for not playing dumb-ass royalty free music. Thank you for not being flashy. Your videos are very entertaining and thought provoking.

Mr.Antonio Gallardo : next week; primitive technology: how to create a thermonuclear reactor out of bamboo and rocks

Squishy died : Most youtubers: Yapping every second of the video. 0-1000 subs. This guy: Nearly 10 millions subs. Not a damn word spoken. Legend

MaredYT Loyola : 1.1k dislikes are Minecraft players who can't get iron

Ferovax : "Extraction procedure" *poke with stick*

TheLegend27 : Next episode: Creating an Iron Man suit from scratch

Jdburko Gaming : 50 years later... Primitive Technology: Immortality 75 years later... Primitive Technology: Star reactor

Ahmad Mohamed : Just to think that he started everything he made by banging two rocks together and built everything else off of that

BreadFarmer : The things you do are better than those copycat channels who do nothing educational but literally just build swimming pools, half of the time i think they just cheat and use bulldozers/chlorine, and upload the same videos on various channels. You're the only one that actually does stuff that is productive and can help other people in situations. Even if not it's still pretty entertaining to see how much one person can go without anything modern

Justin Y. : He's evolving!

G Flip : can’t stop watching these videos

Panzervagon : Adding any charcoal to iron creates steel, or with too much carbon, pig iron.Only the smallest portion of steel is carbon, 0.25 percent Maximum, any higher and you end up with Pig Iron, however, Pig Iron can be diluted with Iron to make Steel. If you're trying to just make iron, make a small crucible out of clay, and seal in ore, and a small amount of Silica Sand to draw out the impurities. Cook the crucible for a few hours in the bottom of your charcoal pit, and you should get a lump of usable iron.

ophello : Build a two story house. Your hut-building video are my favorite.

Ricky Spanish : how did he craft his camera

Mist : New level unlocked : *The Iron Age*

Jack Bachtel : It’s like Minecraft.....but real.

Kohlenstoffkarbid : The iron ore mud is too impure. You need iron ore with less inpurities to get better and more predictable results. Maybe there is close to this rust water a layer of swamp ore. If there are moles or other digging animals, they tend to dig up pieces of such layers. In this way you can find such layer without any digging. If you find such layer prefer the hardest darkest pieces. The brighter softer ones have more inpurities and water. You can clean the ore and mud first by heating without charcoal in lower temperature furnace. This removes water and increases predictability.

callMeAMug : I just learnt about the caption today. Will society accept me?

Made in BALi : Inspiratif

Ian Hayden : "Next week on Primitive Technology: making a handgun"

The Impressionist : These videos are relaxing. They help me sleep.

squab Ω : I just sometimes like to think that slowly he's gonna enter new ages until he eventually becomes an astrophysicist and makes a spaceship to fly to mars to remake all his original creations but on mars with mars dirt

Igram05 Igram : Есть кто-нибудь?)

OT CoLor Rose : I want you to build a tree house.

Hoang-Viet Tran : so close to the iron age! I love it! update: this comment kinda got big so just wanted to say more. these videos are so fun and interesting to watch. I love how he explains his whole process

Rorolonglegs : Where did you learn all this stuff?? How like I can't find any good sources except here

jakob gibbs : I am building a hut similar to the mud hut u built a while ago

696 subscribers with 0 videos challenge : not a single word and you're getting close to 10m subs

Basketball Kills : İron out of mud ?!.!.?

Pesterenan : Nowadays there are many copycat channels about primitive technology but rest assured yours is the *BEST* and I'll always watch your uploads, congrats!

PLAYING IS GOOD : Alright guys we are 1% ahead from making a Nuclear reactor !

LeoJovan : You Are The Original

Majster Prosty : Welcome back, chemist again from this side. Your source of iron is very poor. The bacterial sediment contains no more than 1-2% of iron, and you need not less than 20% because you are in the process of reduction. You must look in the river or dig holes in the mountains (what is your neighborhood?). If you have a detector, you may find some pyrite or, with luck, a meteorite. Even if you get a real ore, you still have not easy. You have to collect wood coal in the amount of twice the ore load. The design of the furnace must also be appropriate, look on the net about the smoking process, very popular 1000 years ago in my part of Europe. The crude iron is collected from the walls of the furnace on which it is deposited, and thus the conclusion that the thermal insulation must be very good and the process temperature higher than for lime. What you show as iron granules is in fact a trail, or rather a slag, iron silicate in this case. Iron silicate looks like iron, but it is not. Good luck. Where is your location? What is this country?

Kaan 8562 : Yorumlara baktığıma göre bu sefer çılgın Türk'lerin sesi çıkmamış. Bütün Türk'ler burada sesini çıkarsın!!!

Verlisify : As much as I love this video and have been hype for watching the leap into metal-working ages I am disappointed in youtube since this video wasn't in my sub box and I only found it through home page recommended. I hate algoritms

محمد حسين العلي : الي عربي يحط ليك

Svetlin Totev : The real question is can you cast sword out of obsidian.

Mr. Noob : Meanwhile im here too scared to turn on the stove

albe B : once I will NEED these videos, I will not have youtube -.-'

Dank Matter : Thank you Primitive Technology, very cool!

Мысли Кличко : will you make an AXE soon or other metal tools?

Camb903 : This reminded me of how to basic for some reason

مشعل العنزى : فيه عرب🤔💖✋

MrTangerillo : Wait.. so, I didn't need play-sand and plaster of paris? Damn

Unyt : Bless today for primitive technology has uploaded.

Fatma Hazine Kaplan : Türk olanlar+1

Mar Ko : Now make a long sword! Lol Would be awesome to see making something out of the iron. As in without iron tools making the first iron tool. I always loved building stuff and making my own primitive structures for the kids in the back yard, to garden, or just for fun shields and weapons. Love the vids just showing how it's done without talking and asking for subscribers, considering i already understand what you're doing, but would be nice if you did have some education to share to share it on a vid or two! (Referencing your comment i read on bbc news, which led me here!)

IfingerblastGranny's : Best footage yet excellent stuff :)