Primitive Technology: Iron prills

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Primitive Technology : It's mostly cast iron because I added too much charcoal powder. Previous attempts (at home, not in the wild) yielded malleable iron that could be hammered flat. I thought that such a short furnace would be too oxidizing but it turns out ok. Any iron smelters feel free to ask questions/ offer advice bellow. Thanks.

Micah : We have entered the Iron Age.

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Vauron : The only good channel in Youtube Rewind

Gabe Price : The only good part about YouTube rewind was you at the end

ice : New level unlocked : *The Iron Age*

Dunx : I really hope that youtube paid you a lot to be in that horrible, cringey video

privacy is key : This guy was the only interesting part of rewind

xCarmæ Burnsx : I hope your doing ok, we miss you!! I hope you haven’t gotten tired of doing this 😂 keep us updated pls :)) and happy holidays

scrumpti0us : His alive!!!!!! Except hes busy making rewind buttons.

Ian Hayden : "Next week on Primitive Technology: making a handgun"

Jerrymie Cayanan : Who are here waiting for new video? Its been 3months now.

PureLSD : My condolences for being in youtube rewind.

The Shadowless : Thank you for being one of the people who I actually knew on the Rewind. It’s a shame how bad the rewind was though but your creation is 👌

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Coda Mission : Inb4 he comes back next week with iron tools

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Matthew Schell : Just realized you are suppose to watch these videos with the closed caption on.

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H.P Harry : Please upload more, I know you’ve just done YouTube rewind and these take a while to make. But we love these so much and appreciate them so much.

Burnt chicken nugget : Dude so glad to see you on YouTube rewind

Ham Hamson : More than 3 months passed since your last video. Are you OK?

Hoang-Viet Tran : so close to the iron age! I love it! update: this comment kinda got big so just wanted to say more. these videos are so fun and interesting to watch. I love how he explains his whole process

Minigun101 : You know, I'm starting to get worried with him being gone for so long without a word. I usually hate the whole "Australia is the most dangerous place to live in" stereotype, but he could have gotten mortally wounded and who knows how long it would take for someone to find him in the woods.

Ardhi Kamal Haq : Who else coming here after YT Rewind 2018?

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Dank Matter : Thank you Primitive Technology, very cool!

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Martin 2882 : " Primitive Technology has achieved the *iron age* ! "