COPS Cartoon Intro

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john smith : Is it just me, or are the shows from the 80's cooler than today's shows?

Dominique Thomas : One of the few series in that time where the boss was a badass black guy!!!

starofjustice1 : Damn. Bulletproof throwing out his catchphrase there at the end is still friggin awesome.

Nineteenth : Big Boss really let himself go after Konami ended the Metal Gear franchise.

ShadowOfTheVoid : It seems that, at some point in the last 20 years, it became passe for a kid's cartoon to have adult protagonists. It was common in the 80s, with shows like G.I. Joe, MASK, Centurions, and C.O.P.S. having few if any young protagonists. Nowadays, it seems that, unless it's based on a comic book or is a reboot of an older show, the protagonists of any kid's show must themselves be a kid. Did the suits in charge of the networks just arbitrarily decide that kids would relate better to characters their own age and decided any original series must have under-18 protagonists?

Ravenwind999 : Oh my god!!!!!!!!! Where did you FIND THIS?!!! I've been looking for this cartoon series for long---it's not even a joke....

Adam Abbas : The gold standard of intros.

Tommy Luna : Lawrence Fishburne would be perfect to play Bulletproof in a live action movie!

Remiko-Lucce : They definitely don't make cartoons like this anymore. Thank God I'm a child of the 80's.

Tea Virus : Another nostalgia punch to the face. My god we were spoiled.

C. Dawg Knight : Dennis Haybert = live action Bulletproof

dmace81 : This is what you prayed technology would be in like in the 2000's when you were a kid! Instead its just sad and depressing.

Allan Johnson : Only cops I ever liked

L Moore : This was when shows had good animation a good plot and a good message.

KAL EL : I feel sorry for kids these days. We definitely had the best cartoons growing up. If this ran for more than one season i probably would be a cop today lol. I have yet to see an opening theme that is better than this. I like the beginning when the cop opens the door, and takes off running...that was my favorite character. It still gives me goose bumps lol

OneButton Dash : If they made a live action movie and used this as a trailer but live action, it would sell HUGE... and Bulletproof would be Lawrence Fishburne

Daniel Panter : btw NightShade was freaking hot ;)

Brother Malachai : Wish someone would do a pardoy opening w/ "Bad Boys" playing. That'd be hilarious.

bigboobiessogood : That is what you call an intro!

RAM ROD : They need to reboot this show! It was awesome when I was a kid! God those were the days

Kyle Melancon : 1:05 Hillary Clinton

Duck : I remember back then as kid, Nightshade made me horny xD

Judson Joist : 400% more awesome than Captain Planet!


Chris McWilliams : Funny that he refers to his own time as a 'future time'. :)

Alden R. Davis : C.O.P.S. - Central Organization of Police Specialists

Immortalfire : Dennis Haybert = live action Bulletproof.

Francois Blair : Its Crime fighting time lol

Rampage Phoenix : So Big Boss went form leading his own military nation to leading a small gang of crooks.....? .....only a matter of time.


ReFazhe : fuckin lazer bazooka!

Montage Matador : i remember watching this on Sunday mornings

Corbello Corchiani : This use to be my shit when I was young man!!!

MrNuts70 : I want this show to make a comeback! A movie would be AWESOME!!!

Ezra Eprius : Young people today don't know what good cartoons are. Yes, these are a little bit goofy today, but for the time they were great. I personally believed that we were taught better by educational TV and better cartoons with a moral and ethical story.

Are You Anxious to like my comments? : From a futuristic perspective, this cartoon got it wrong. There are no unarmed slaughter of people of color, corrupt police unions, judges and District Attorneys. No cover ups, intimidating civilians. officers that practice pedophilia and cowardice that's so common in many cops of today.

Andrew Pheasey : my god this would make for a awesome live action movie adaptation! just think of all the people you could cast in it! laurence fishburne would be so ideal as the head of the COPS.

Retro PAT : Make this into a movie!!!  god i loved this show...

TheLastGarou : I still remember episode #56: Case of the Lowest Crime.  Scared the hell out of me when I was a kid.  That episode was the most effective anti-drug message I've ever seen.

Mirkelentz Aine : Used to look forward to that show, & the intro still sound great

trunks06 : Since when Razor Ramon become a cop?

Tahkyn : "It's crime fighting time." You said it, Morpheus!

neballar : Before you found out big boss and the cops were in bed together

richiefranklin76 : 1:05 looks like Hillary Clinton finally got busted

johnnysolami : I don't remember this show at ALL!!! I feel so deprived now!

Waldo P. Schmeer : Amazing cartoon. Would make a fun movie with an 80s theme.

Sammy Lane : Sam Jackson = Bulletproof.

Eagles7sjn : The hardest intro for a cartoon ever, period!!!

Ariadne404 : How has no one made this a live-action movie yet?

andersondb0 : I smell a cartoon asking to be made into a movie.