Gunny R. Lee Ermey Tribute

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A tribute this Fourth of July weekend to a great American, Gunnery Sergeant R. Lee Ermey. He might not be a great therapist, but when the heat is on, he's a guy you'd want in a foxhole near you. With apologies to Gunny, I obviously squandered all the money my mother gave me for acting classes on ammunition. If you have not see him in his most recent commercial, check him out: ------------------- ------------------------

Comments from Youtube

texasdee slinglead : May you rest in peace , Lee . we'll miss you .

1971irvin : RIP Gunny!

Thomas Tohill : A fine and fitting tribute to a great American. Stand down Gunny your watch is over.

Soylent Green : This video is gonna blow up. Do an updated send off for him Hickok.

melomanic68 : R.I.P. Gunny

Coriolis Effect : Semper Fi, Gunny! You were my inspiration! My flag waves for you!

adam petersen : he's so nice and gentlemen like that he can't really act like the Sargent.

FrankDad : RIP

Stan Gregory : Gunny will be missed...what a privilege it has been to have enjoyed his work all these years.

T TANA : God Rest Gunny's soul ! he will be missed but he will not be forgotten. I want to thank Hickok45 for making this video. these guys are truly a Class Act ! ! !

Bryan Stephens : I ain't never killed a watermelon what didn't have it coming.

LOUIE D : We Miss You Gunny

Marcus : :(

John Hattabaugh : i had to laugh when the watermelons were trying to flee down the hill...between hickok and gunny, i really don't think my life expectancy if i were a watermelon would be altogether lengthy...

Jamison Moeckel : R.I.P.

Bling Bling : Got to do a vid with R Lee Emory !

Sherbet_Bomb : This is my rifle this is my gun. This one's for fighting this one's for fun.

Nonii 92 : He was actually shot by Pvt. Pyle

Kevin sSOLOo Beasley : RIP Gunny, you will be missed

UNSC Dark Noble Media : RIP GUNNY

Odee Dillon : Thanks Hickock45, for this tribute. Several of us in an online WW2 airwar simulator are doing the same with the Marine Corps Aviators plane of fame. The F4U-1D Corsair. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ’ͺπŸ™πŸŽ–οΈοΈπŸ†

Trigger Happy : Gienger Dinger is his Garand! What's yours name?

moto45006ify : OHH RAH devil dog, and SEMPER FIDELIS GUNNERY SEARGENT R. LEE ERMEY guard the streets of heaven Gunny

Bass Huntet : R I P Sergeant loved the Corps and many people from all walks of life loved you.

The Marco : I love Hickok but his R Lee sounds more like Hulk Hogan

Raymond Bermudez : Gy/sgt ermey. I was also In the usmc from one Marine to another Semper Fi carry on godspeed

Rick Nethery : Great Tribute Mr Hickok, God Bless Gunnery Sergeant Ermey. Semper Fi.

Ugly Gun Guy : A fine tribute to a great man. May he Rest In Peace.

Wade Moody : R.I.P Gunny

Lecture or Ticket but not Both : At the time I watched this video, 27 commies had disliked this video

HalYourPal G : May God Rest Your SOUL Gunny....You will be sorely missed SEMPER FI --- Thanks hickok45 for this TRIBUTE!!! (Ist Marine Air Wing Viet Nam 66-68)

Devbo Slice : You are a good man hickok45. RIP R Lee Ermey

Jubes : The Gunny don’t want no teenage queen, he just wants his M-14!! RIP Gunny, heaven has another US Marine to guard its streets.

Matt S : No execution shots with the 1911 ?? ): How can you be sure the green enemy has been wiped out ????

Stopsign32v : This needs a Chapter 2 as of 4/15/2018. God speed Gunny, God speed. :(

John Bernstein : Minced melon......the Gunny would like that. R.I.P. and thanks Hickok45!

Mustang Fan : One hell of a guy, gonna miss him...

Andy H : Thanks Hickok 45 for this tribute to the Gunny.

Pyro G.C. C : God Bless U Gunny , You are a great warrior and a great man. R. I. P.

firebearfl : Thanks for the tribute to one great American! I vision him standing guard duty with Saint Peter, guarding The Pearly Gates. Semper Fi and parade rest Gunny.

Matt Moon : Who dosent love the M1 Grand best rifle ever made next to the M14.

MalliTrAxxZz : Terrible news man.... terrible! R.I.P Ronald Lee Ermey.

ON TARGET THOM uncle sam : people may not know this but Sgt.R. Lee was retired as a staff sergeant and made a gunnery sergeant honorarily

darklinkjr12 : I thought this was a new video then I looked at the date.

Whitey : RIP R. Lee Ermey 3/24/1944 - 4/15/2018 :(

Gelathius : Rest in Peace Gunny! You will be dearly missed! Semper Fi

sgtjarhead99 : Never met the man, but looked up to him nevertheless. Was proud to have worn the same uniform he did. Semper Fi, Gunny. RIP.

Cameron Alexander : Nice tribute.. he'll be fondly remembered and sadly missed.

Jackson Slocum : At Ease Gunny Rest Well Thank You For Your Service And The smiles You Brought Us All HUU RAHHH