Gunny R. Lee Ermey Tribute

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hickok45 : I posted this comment and picture on Facebook this morning: So sad to hear the news about good old R. Lee Ermey yesterday. He was a "prince of a fellow," as they say. Most of us will really miss this guy. John and I have had the good fortune to chat briefly with him at SHOT Show Media Day in recent years. I often tell the story of talking with him at SHOT Show 2017, I guess it was. He had been there standing at the Glock booth for hours meeting people and such. I said something to him about how that looked like hard work for an old guy like him. His reply was, "Work? This isn't work; working is when you have a shovel in your hands." I thought that was a great answer, and just what I would have expected from Ermey. Even though I'm sure he made millions in the movies, hanging around movie sets for weeks and months, living the life of a "movie star," he's a guy that you just know knew all about real work, real work with a shovel in his hands. Great guy.

texasdee slinglead : May you rest in peace , Lee . we'll miss you .

Thomas Tohill : A fine and fitting tribute to a great American. Stand down Gunny your watch is over.

1971irvin : RIP Gunny!

T Tana : God Rest Gunny's soul ! he will be missed but he will not be forgotten. I want to thank Hickok45 for making this video. these guys are truly a Class Act ! ! !

Soylent Green : This video is gonna blow up. Do an updated send off for him Hickok.

melomanic68 : R.I.P. Gunny

adam petersen : he's so nice and gentlemen like that he can't really act like the Sargent.

Bryan Stephens : I ain't never killed a watermelon what didn't have it coming.

Coriolis Effect : Semper Fi, Gunny! You were my inspiration! My flag waves for you!

Stan Gregory : Gunny will be missed...what a privilege it has been to have enjoyed his work all these years.

John Hattabaugh : i had to laugh when the watermelons were trying to flee down the hill...between hickok and gunny, i really don't think my life expectancy if i were a watermelon would be altogether lengthy...

FrankDad : RIP

LOUIE D : We Miss You Gunny

Sherbet_Bomb : This is my rifle this is my gun. This one's for fighting this one's for fun.

Nonii 92 : He was actually shot by Pvt. Pyle

Jamison Moeckel : R.I.P.

Bling Bling : Got to do a vid with R Lee Emory !

paul massing : So far 25 maggots gave a. thumbs down. God Bless the Gunny

Wolfly : :(

Kevin sSOLOo Beasley : RIP Gunny, you will be missed

Trigger Happy : Gienger Dinger is his Garand! What's yours name?

UNSC Dark Noble Media : RIP GUNNY

Wade Moody : R.I.P Gunny

Per Bjerre Jespersen : Make an effort.. Make it real.. Make a video with R. Lee Ermey :) Pls!

Luke Cruse : Nobody noticed this video was posted in 2010!

Bass Huntet : R I P Sergeant loved the Corps and many people from all walks of life loved you.

darklinkjr12 : I thought this was a new video then I looked at the date.

moto45006ify : OHH RAH devil dog, and SEMPER FIDELIS GUNNERY SEARGENT R. LEE ERMEY guard the streets of heaven Gunny

Odee Dillon : Thanks Hickock45, for this tribute. Several of us in an online WW2 airwar simulator are doing the same with the Marine Corps Aviators plane of fame. The F4U-1D Corsair. 👍👍💪🙏🎖️️🏆

Lecture or Ticket but not Both : At the time I watched this video, 27 commies had disliked this video

Ugly Gun Guy : A fine tribute to a great man. May he Rest In Peace.

The Marco : I love Hickok but his R Lee sounds more like Hulk Hogan

The94GTC : RIP gunny

Mustang Fan : One hell of a guy, gonna miss him...

WoT Professional : RIP😭😭😭😭😭

Scott in NJ : RIP Gunny. God Bless the Marines.

The Angriest Puppy : RIP

Mr. Chopsticks : Gunny is the one who got me into guns. Thank you Sergeant for teaching us great valuable lessons on tv.

weejams : RIP Gunny. But most people know he never made E7. He was medically discharged as an E6 which is Staff Sergeant. The USMC made him an honorary Gunnery Sergeant. He still did his duty and was a DI so... This Marine, actor and spokesman for Glock and Victory bikes will be well missed. Still an American Hero by all means. Watching Full Metal Jacket before going to Basic Training got me through it with ease. Everyone needs to watch that movie before going through basic or boot camp. Thank you Gunny. RIP brother. Grab God's M60 in the sky and give us all cover. I would give a salute but NCOs work for a living and a middle finger is better than a salute. I have been drinking beer and actually opened one and poured it out for Gunny. No man. You got it right. It is gunny or sarge in the real military unless you are in trouble then it is Sergeant or First Sergeant and so on. Gunny is a cool term and is used a lot but normally just Sergeant. I was Army so it was always Sarge until you got in trouble. In trouble it was always Sergeant or First Sergeant. If that makes sense.

ruger fan for life : R.I.P R. L Errney you were a American hero

Jus' Nuts : My older brother has a Garand, and it's in great shape! I want a 1911 in good shape. The M16.... well, you'd have to pay me to take one. I know, I'm a heretic. But before you bash me, let me tell you this. I'm a Desert Storm vet. I've used a M16A1 in Basic, and a M16A2 in the desert. Why would I want a weapon in combat that, other than a head shot, I'd have to pump 2 or 3 rounds into an single enemy to stop them?? The weapon is accurate, there's no argument there. But, hasn't got the knockdown power to be effective in combat. One shot, one kill. Not with a M16. A Garand, yes. A 1911, yes at a reasonable range. I'm simply not a fan of the M16.

Gerald Scott : I always had a lot of respect for Sergeant R. Lee Ermey. As a veteran of the United States Marine Corps myself, I thought it was great that he was a real Marine, and not just an actor. I have a distaste for non patriotic actors (are there anything else these days?) who never served in the military playing military heros. I am certainly no hero, I was never in combat. But I would have gone had I been deployed. So many flag burner types want the security our military provides, but wouldn't consider joining themselves. Cpl. Gerald R Scott USMC 1977-1981.

Aaron M : I had the pleasure of meeting R. Lee Ermey--as seen in my profile photo--(also met Hickok45) at the NRA Convention in 2014. A really cool fella and an American hero a dozen times over. Godspeed, Gunny. Semper Fi, OORAH!!

Lucas Huff : Semper Fi Gunny

C. Sarver : Met the Gunny at a Vegas shoot show, got a handshake, picture and signed picture of him and his Glock. What you saw was what you got but a sincere kind gentleman of the old school as well. Keep the beer cold Gunny.

dennis aldeman : Thank you Hickok for the tribute ,I'm sure as on Earth he loved this tribute and now in heaven amongst his fellow Marines he loves it even more ....I named my new purchase a 1954 M1 Garand " Gunny" in his honor and too his memory ... rest in peace R.Lee Ermey ,we miss you already ,gone too soon !!!

BeerDeerbarBqdear : Love the feed, the respect, toys and this awesome tribute for Gunny R Lee Ermey , SEMPER FI. Ps you, your son, Alex and Matt are true American Gunny for YouTube fans as well I'm sure Gunny would follow yous too.

phdfxwg Fischercat : when my son graduated boot camp at parris island he was down to 145 lbs not an ounce of fat on them kids ! 10yrs later I just gave him my 1917 eddystone 30/06 hope he brings me some deer meat !

NATURAL SELECTION : R.I.P Gunny. I watched this and I thought it was made recently and then I looked and it said 2010 and I thought why make tribute so long ago and then I thought did they predict his death