Red Dead Redemption 2: Official Gameplay Video

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M1ZKA : Goodbye to my social life i guess... Just kidding i have never had one

Tech Venture : Rockstar Is Rockers Another Billionaire Game !

Rock Solid : GTA Online Easter Egg: There was a book titled "Read Dead Redemption" by the author of J. Marston Read Dead Redemption: "Maybe you should put in one of those books of yours." -John Marston "Maybe I will pa, *The Day John Marston stopped shooting...* " -Jack Marston Are you guys noticing something here?

alex payne : 7/10 too much detail -IGN

TheMercsAssassin : Wow. Yea. Ok. Every moment was filled with something mind blowing. Looks unspeakably good, obviously. The animations are unquestionably the best I've ever seen, especially for an open world game, but in general also. The gunplay looks super crunchy and impactful. The horses.... PRAISE GOD, THE FRIGGIN HORSES! Oh and thanks for not ruining the beautiful game world and immersion with tons of massive, ugly UI elements like many devs love to do. Thanks for making this. Seriously.

Avocado Sauce : I'm not going to see any sunlight when this comes out.

Big Smoke : Im giving Burger Shot up for this...

damien claxton : For everyone like myself who cant wait til october 26th, "stay strong.... stay with me!"

canyrich : First I will play as good Arthur, help everybody, second time I will shoot everything that moves.

Player Unknown : I hope they release the game bug free and fully polished crafted to perfection... you guys know what I’m trying to say here.


MATT REVOLUTION : like for undead nightmare 2😍

Rabbit : Am i the only one that watched this 1 million times

Joshh Sao : Fortnite aint got nothing on this!

Joshua Guttridge : The delays were worth it people! 😂

Azerrz : "You have to love yourself a fire"

Wener Wolk : It's cool man!

GETCOOLGAMERXX : all dislikes are mobile players

GAMExPRODUCTIONZ : So it was stated that Black Ops 4 was going to beat this game in record sales... Who else is laughing at that.

اكس تيوب - x Tube : We want to translate the Arabic language Middle East need it

Simple History : Looks superb! yee-haw!

Sugar ASS : Who in their right mind dislikes this?

Ğø Äwæý : I bet half the world will call sick just to play this game XD

Heychuh : My gf is going to hate me when this comes out 😩

Amazuber : I NEED HELP! Okay YouTube. I live in a country called Oman. And in my Playstore RDR2 is not available for pre-order :(. I really wanted to get this game. Is there any other way i can buy this game? My credit card wouldn't work with other country regions. So no hopes in buying the game in another account.

Jaylin Allen : Welp, goodbye social life... RDR2 is coming out

Aboodi YT : Im buying this instead of Call of Duty.

Gustavo Pereira : it is almost unbelievable to see Dutch singing and smiling alongside the Jhon and the gang gathered at the stake ...💔 :(

Darius Daniel : My favorite part of the game already is "You killed my cousin you sick SON OF A B*+¢h

Chris Needham : This is simply the best gameplay trailer I have ever seen for any game. The game looks INSANE I thought ac origins graphics wer badass. Now this.. I'm speechless. Well done rockstar you NAILED IT.

Ryxn : The landscape and the detailing on that Deer carcass took my breath away. Holy smokes I cannot wait for this game.

Nirav Patel : R.I.P GTA 5

alex payne : Hopefully no flying cars this time around

THESCREAMING OWL : I like how you can’t just carry millions of guns on you body you use your saddle bags and saddles to carry weapons it’s more realistic and trying to have a last stand will be more challenging it’s way more realistic and I think it’s great addition and it will make the game a lot more fun in my opinion share your with me

GlennCocoGuitar : Can I still hogtie the county sheriff and leavem on the railroad tracks?

ALLEE : Gonna buy it just to wave at other horse riders

Slightlydelic : I hope when we customize our online characters that we can pick different accents for our guys. Scottish, Irish, French and what not. I doubt they'll be that in depth though haha.

Auto Aimed : Better than GTA lets get it

Martin Horváth : Omfg.... The environment of this game is wonderful

NAWAF : 😍😍😍😍

M4TT EXE : and... welp gonna be 80 GB no doubt

Metaphix11b : im getting wild west witcher type game vibes. Im gonna love it.

Christian Hodel : Theres a reason i preorderd this last year

Tristin Banach : Storing guns on your horse... holding two weapons at once... does this mean no more Rockstar trademark jacket arsenal? Like you actually have to be able to carry the guns you take with you? If so that is awesome, realism to the max. I know there's way more cool stuff but damn if that turns out to be true.

Bokatar : I hope i can have insurance on my horses

hugothester : The hype is real

Eric Williams : This is how you make a gameplay preview. I’m in.

Thermin Mermin : This game will be the best and most talked about game for years

FastBuilds : I’m honestly getting a PS4 pro and 4K tv for this.

The Gaming Potato : Is it just me or am I going to become a basement dweller when this comes out.