Red Dead Redemption 2: Official Gameplay Video

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D4G13 : The Dislikes are people that like playing Fortnite on mobile.

Oliver Parker : I can already hear my playstation fan heating up.

Who1dat2eat : Boss: why can’t you come in Me: shows trailer Boss: oh yea I’m sick as well

THOTH : Probably the next game of the year

Renan Gonçalves Flores : Rumors say that you can trade your horse for two Number 9's, a Number 9 Large, a Number 6 with extra Dip, a Number 7, Two Number 45's, one with Cheese, and a large Soda at the town center.

Sebtunseb EL Zorro Con Traje : The children's already played Fortnite, now let the men's play a real game

Brady Davis : I became single just in time! 😂

Garz Noir : "You can make friendships" FINALLY !!

AO : *D Y N A M I C T E S T I C L E S*

Bundesargentur für Arbeit : I can already see my self 24/7 on my chair in front of the TV 😂


Denicko : Imagine a undead nightmare 2 in this game.

DAVID VONDERHAAR : I hope I see Trevor Michael's and Franklin's grandparents

Trevor Capstick : I'm starting to get the crackhead shakes for the release date.

GTXMichael : in Rockstar Games WE TRUST!

Nathlaaar : RIP work, responsibility and hygiene when this comes out.

Ibrahim Ali : I swear I dreamed about playing the game but when I woke up I forgot everything that I saw, it seems that Rockstar protecting the game from my own personal dream.

The realsidds : is this available on ps2?

Andrew Bailey : The dislikes are PC gamers that won't get to play as Iron Man in the wild west.

MraLLn1 : Has anyone else noticed at 3:34 when the guy takes his leg out of the bear trap as he moves his leg away from the trap blood continues to pour out of his wound onto the ground exactly underneath his leg as it hovers above the ground. Thought this was so cool. Such detail

NampoGaming : You can already see the work of 5 years

Yudi Ardiansyah : wow 5.5k many hate for this fantastic game. people really become annoyed these day

Mergim Geci : Jusr 24 days 11 houers 3 minutes... stay strong brothers and sisters !!

Samuel Reid : Ubisoft really made a mistake releasing ac odyssey so close to this game

TheUltrasora : 3:19-3:27 when your friend catches you watching hentai/ granny porn.

Preston Garvey : Will there be settlements in this game?

Trent Pan : Break up with the girlfriend, finish up classes ahead, and quit your jobs because Oct. 26th is right around the corner.

TheLoyal CrazyPR : 110GB i wonder how big the updates will be.😌

Cameron Meadows : I hope the bounty hunters actually have to find you unlike the cops in GTA V that just magically know where you are.

Bran Lin : Gameplay Trailer Part 2 coming out on October 1st at 9:00 AM EST!!!!!

Jaylin Allen : Welp, goodbye social life... RDR2 is coming out

Jesus Alanis : *I hope that horses 🐎 can have babies 🐴 in the game and we can combine the best breed of horses to make the ultimate horse*

Keanu Cunningham : All the rival game developers saying " you gotta keep faith, Rockstar will not crush us"

Time Killer : My guy can 1 weeks pass already!?

God 2 Despacito Edition : Who’s here after they announced gameplay part 2?

Traxxattaxx : When this drops, my girl is gonna come to my house, see me with 8 bags of chips in the dark with a gallon bucket of soda with the curtains drawn 😂 don’t talk to me, don’t call me, don’t acknowledge my existence.

Youtuber Radical Rick : I hear the horse testicles actually react to the cold that's innovation! I wonder if your horse also gets "excited" if he comes across a female horse LOL.

Mr Nova2099 : Now this how games in 2018 should look!

Matthew Caulfield : Don't mind me just watching this for the 100th time..🙏 1 month to go STAY STRONG! STAY WITH ME!! - Dutch van der linde

Brylanbbab - : Just had to come back for my daily dose of amazing (only 2 weeks left guys!)

Reel : It''s...beautiful

Dead Eyed Demon : Didn't know I had a system named after me....

FuegoLord 666 : Can we start bar fights though. Always been my dream to start a bar fight. Might as well do it in a video game

Jollu Pollu : I Will buy this game 100% no matter The price

Youl get your rent when you fix this damned door ! : SECOND GAMEPLAY TRAILER TOMORROW MY PRAYERS HAVE BEEN ANSWERED

M1ZKA : Goodbye to my social life i guess... Just kidding i have never had one

Badass_gam3r G0d : Finally a game for men to make fortnite addicted kids jealous 😆😆😆

Rosegold Beats : 0:03 when you swear in Ubisoft games

Bhushan Ryder : Hey rockstar 10 years is about to complete of gta4 so whats your opinion for smartphone players 😋

cheeseburger walrus : I hunger for more gameplay