Red Dead Redemption 2: Official Gameplay Video
Red Dead Redemption 2 Official Gameplay Video

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Captured entirely from in-game footage, watch this introduction to Red Dead Redemption 2's gameplay in 4K. Red Dead Redemption 2 is coming October 26, 2018 to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One systems. Pre-order now at


Dunce : Anyone else miss Arthur?

Chellani Gaming : Who's come here after finishing the game

MasterGaming Nic : Marketing Team: 8/10 Developing Team: 100/10

Natasha Skoglund : Gonna buy this game as a gift for my boyfriend and I honestly think it’s going to replace me :’)

Max Millions : I cant wait to upgrade my horse at los santos customs.

Jacob De Santiago : 2:11 That music starts and I’m looking for Lenny

Ainsley Harriot : well this game is more detailed than my life

The Guy : When a developer delivers 200% of what was promised. Good.

Justus Toons : I love hearing her voice every time rockstar releases gameplay trailers!

ACE : It deserved game of the year. Best game ever!

I game : I felt like I was playing a Tarantino movie. Thank you Rockstar games. I'll never forget this one

ImQrispy : This game kills every other game out there. Masterpiece.

M N : Congratulations Rockstar 👏🏻 You guys are Da Vinci’s of our time! Damn i cannot stop of playing this game. 🔝🔝🔝

Saul Gutmensch : i just came here to say: thank you rockstar for giving birth to that wonderful masterpiece!

Wonder Lamb : Online - Trash Story - Amazing

wulfive : 2:53 Lemmy? Is that you? :'(

Liberty or Death : Am I the only one that still watches rdr2 stuff even tho I’ve long beat the game

Haytham Kenway : 2:55 me in august: oh seems like a nice character. October: i hate him

lil cheese : I miss Arthur

Sadie Adler : this is the best game I've ever played

Cat Noir : finished the game now.... and... it feel like ive been there. thanks R* for one of most epic games i have had ever played or been created till now. dont want to describe all tiny perfect details, beath taking graphics, magnificient story.. the npc and animals behaviour. its all been like real world. and sometimes i just stare on the top of mountain at it all. Had tears in my eyes many times, and when i heard Duchs says - i have a plan, my stomach shrunk... Just thanks, thanks for this masterpiece.

Leo Enduro : Who else woke up super early to watch this trailer live when it came out. Man the memories when we were on the journey to launch

Lunatic Llama : SPOILERS At 3:34, how did Arthur get into New Austin?

cara zueirinho da internet : Arthur:(

Xincaos : Deserved G.O.T.Y

Musa Khan : EA : Offline games are dead. *Rockstar : Hold my sister*

•WilsonCM• : *And this is why I lost my social life*

Samuel C. : Thank you for this game, Rockstar.

camster185 : Seems they took out Arthur’s sick face in cutscenes post diagnosis

Hodor : Wish I could repeat the day I first got this game

Ontologically Steve : This game has had such an impact upon me. The fact that Arthur's dying wish was to face the West and watch one last sunset (to remember the nostalgia of the good ole days) is profoundly meaningful. It's chocked full of esoteric profundity. But, yet: it didn't quite turn out that way. The sunset denotes the end----- a fast-approaching impending darkness and gloom-------a darkness that overcomes and chases out the light. It's a reflection of the past. The sunrise denotes a new beginning-------the all-consuming influx of light...the dawn of a new day-----a day that penetrates and chases out the darkness. It's a reflection of how the past has ended-------and a new beginning has dawned. It's an acknowledgement of the past as a seed-----------and the future as the harvest of a life well lived (that transcends even in death). On account of Arthur dying as the sun chased away the darkness: does this mean he didn't get what he wanted? No. Not at all. By an unseen force-----it seems his expectations were exceeded. There's such a rich philosophical-undertone to this.  This is what's on John's grave-marker: "Blessed are the peacemakers"------[for they shall see the Kingdom of God}.  The John Marston that we've all grown to love wouldn't be the man he was if not for Arthur. Arthur was the chisel that fashioned and formed John. Even in his death (per his epitaph): we see a bit of Arthur. Out of the chaos that Dutch's decisions perpetuated: Arthur bravely chose to use his final moments in a sacrificial way-----------thus creating a domino effect of peace and light . This order out of chaos was the butterfly effect that turned darkness into light, thus fashioning John into the self-sacrificing person that he would inevitably become. For better or for worse: all of us are influencing someone. I know he's just a video game character------but Arthur Morgan has made me want to be a better man. In that, he's so much more than "just" a video game character. Arthur Morgan transcends the medium and has supplanted himself in the deepest recesses of my soul. That's no small accomplishment. Even if I never played the game again: Arthur Morgan will always be with me. His ghost is a welcome reminder that integrity and truth is all that matters. It's more important than life itself.  This is the ideological-impression that the game has forever imprinted on me: Your life can be taken from you----------but death can't rob you of the truth-laden integrity that perpetuated the death. Sometimes, integrity equates to tragedy. Even still, look at Dutch's end...his lack of integrity produced tragedy (just the same). But it was a shameful death that offered no redemption. We all gotta live for something. If you're not willing to die for something---------then you're not living for anything.   Who'd of thought that RockStar Games would have the ability to influence me so deeply------even on the cellular level? It's a travesty that this game didn't win game of the year. This says more about the one's who made this decision than it ever will about RDR2. People nowadays are so morbidly-superficial and chronically shallow. Anyhow, if all of us were effected by Arthur (as John was): it's no stretch to say that we'd be a better person for it. One day, we're all going to face our end. Will our end be accompanied by a sunrise or a sunset? The choice is yours. Yes, it may be "just a video game: but if you apply the lessons, it transcends the medium. If it remains "just a video game" it's because you failed to see the underlying implications that are beckoning you to become a better version of who you already are. Our decisions not only effect US: They effect everyone around us. In the dichotomy that exists between Dutch and Arthur, we're faced with the decision to either become a better version of who we already are---------or a bad one. In this RPG called life-----may we proceed with heartfelt caution. Every decision is the flick of a domino that pushes us toward the chain reaction of damnation--------or redemption.

Pablo Vermonti : What is doing Arthur so peaceful in Great Plains? 3:26


Mister X : I love how rockstar pay so much attention to details in their games

XxLynxX 1 : My fav game now forget Fortnite

DHunter 007 : I remember how hyped i was when i saw this trailer

Arbaaz Memon : This is great example on how to advertise a game not a single scenes is misleading

Turkey Turkey : I literally played 3 days straight. The story is sooooo good. Plus there is a ton of stuff to do after you complete the main story.

Majin : My horse better have radio stations

Oh Yeah Yeah : I saved jimmy brooks then killed him

negritofer123 : Increíble que ya aya pasado tanto tiempo de su estreno y aun sigo disfrutando de él desde que lo compre... muy buen juego en serio <3

Manuel Mair : "When the time comes you gotta run and don't look back. This is over"

Doflamingo Donquixote : I played this game It was the best game ever 😍😍😍😍😍 l like It . THANKS 🙏 R star

D4G13 : The Dislikes are people that like playing Fortnite on mobile.

Zam : I remember last year I was all over this game I was saving up everything for this game

nowherenowhen : Im looking for my friend Gavin have you seen him? GAV...IN!!

What ? : Okay Fine, I'll buy it...

BioHassard : Great game. One of the best. Anyone that has not play it please do you a favor :)

M1ZKA : Goodbye to my social life i guess... Just kidding i have never had one