Red Dead Redemption 2: Official Gameplay Video

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M1ZKA : Goodbye to my social life i guess... Just kidding i have never had one

Raymond Mojica sr : It’s going to be amazing!!! I’m still playing rdr1. How many years will we be able to play this?

Avocado Sauce : I'm not going to see any sunlight when this comes out.

Preston Garvey : What if leslies benzies was here would this game be even better?

اكس تيوب - x Tube : We want to translate the Arabic language Middle East need it


Lego Vanish : All dislikers are fortnite player

The Dead Immortal : At first I was impressed with how fast Rockstar came out with another game after GTA V until I remembered that GTA V came out 5 years ago...

mybackpocket : For game of the year its between this and God of War.

The Stanimal : Rockstar are on a whole different level to other developers.

Azerrz : "You have to love yourself a fire"

Gamer's Warfare 17 : 4:10 The RELOAD is BADASS

Core Ripper : *Dance on fortnite grave*

Player Unknown : I hope they release the game bug free and fully polished crafted to perfection... you guys know what I’m trying to say here.

TheMercsAssassin : Wow. Yea. Ok. Every moment was filled with something mind blowing. Looks unspeakably good, obviously. The animations are unquestionably the best I've ever seen, especially for an open world game, but in general also. The gunplay looks super crunchy and impactful. The horses.... PRAISE GOD, THE FRIGGIN HORSES! Oh and thanks for not ruining the beautiful game world and immersion with tons of massive, ugly UI elements like many devs love to do. Thanks for making this. Seriously.

Simple History : Looks superb! yee-haw!

Diamond Dog : haha , they'll probably hang 3.8k people who disliked buddy

alex payne : 7/10 too much detail -IGN

Equalizer : RDR2 looks better than TLOU2.

Morgan McKay : 5:24 Finally horse turning and movments are organic and smooth like a real life horse!

Ryxn : The landscape and the detailing on that Deer carcass took my breath away. Holy smokes I cannot wait for this game.

Thomas Evans : She’s every thing I wanted her to be

Khali Lamar : Everything about this game looks amazing

SegaDaniel : I wish I could play this on PC since I'm slowly getting tired of GTA V

Wener Wolk : It's cool man!

ALLEE : Gonna buy it just to wave at other horse riders

Joshh Sao : Fortnite aint got nothing on this!

Big Smoke : Im giving Burger Shot up for this...

بوستر للمعلوميات : I Love GTA IV Android Please !!! 😇😇

NAWAF : 😍😍😍😍

hugothester : The hype is real

canyrich : First I will play as good Arthur, help everybody, second time I will shoot everything that moves.

GAMExPRODUCTIONZ : So it was stated that Black Ops 4 was going to beat this game in record sales... Who else is laughing at that.

Heychuh : My gf is going to hate me when this comes out 😩


M4TT EXE : and... welp gonna be 80 GB no doubt

Helirious_420 Gaming : PRE-ORDERING RIGHT NOW!!!!!!

Autumn Sun : This game be looking hella dope

GlennCocoGuitar : Can I still hogtie the county sheriff and leavem on the railroad tracks?

GETCOOLGAMERXX : all dislikes are mobile players

Hello Levels : Woohoo!! Those GOD RAYS Are Super Impressive.

alex payne : Hopefully no flying cars this time around

MATT REVOLUTION : like for undead nightmare 2😍

bumzilla 85 : Can you have black slaves?

K I N G 3 1 3 : Despacito 5 looks amazing


Quentin Setzer : Jesus this looks stunning

Darius Daniel : My favorite part of the game already is "You killed my cousin you sick SON OF A B*+¢h

Vague Crucifix : Well this isnt Ubisoft that made the game so im having a little faith in what graphics will be like.