Red Dead Redemption 2: Official Gameplay Video

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D4G13 : The Dislikes are people that like playing Fortnite on mobile.

cypher elite : Ah good thing I bought a console with instead of a pc

Natasha Skoglund : Gonna buy this game as a gift for my boyfriend and I honestly think it’s going to replace me :’)

Jacob De Santiago : 2:11 That music starts and I’m looking for Lenny

Chellani Gaming : Who's come here after finishing the game

M1ZKA : Goodbye to my social life i guess... Just kidding i have never had one

Arthur Morgan : Like=rockstar Comment=EA

ACE : It deserved game of the year. Best game ever!

amir0013 : It makes other games look so bad

MasterGaming Nic : Marketing Team: 8/10 Developing Team: 100/10

Traxxattaxx : When this drops, my girl is gonna come to my house, see me with 8 bags of chips in the dark with a gallon bucket of soda with the curtains drawn 😂 don’t talk to me, don’t call me, don’t acknowledge my existence.

Just a name passing by : 2:53 Lemmy? Is that you? :'(

Noog Pot : I love hearing her voice every time rockstar releases gameplay trailers!

I game : I felt like I was playing a Tarantino movie. Thank you Rockstar games. I'll never forget this one

Lunaticlizard : After a lot of games ending up being a letdown it's nice to see a thing of beauty such as this

NampoGaming : You can already see the work of 5 years

Zoo Hair : R.I.P game that comes out after this. Dead before born.

Saul Gutmensch : i just came here to say: thank you rockstar for giving birth to that wonderful masterpiece!

Cat Noir : finished the game now.... and... it feel like ive been there. thanks R* for one of most epic games i have had ever played or been created till now. dont want to describe all tiny perfect details, beath taking graphics, magnificient story.. the npc and animals behaviour. its all been like real world. and sometimes i just stare on the top of mountain at it all. Had tears in my eyes many times, and when i heard Duchs says - i have a plan, my stomach shrunk... Just thanks, thanks for this masterpiece.

cara zueirinho da internet : Arthur:(


lil cheese : I miss Arthur

Leo Enduro : Who else woke up super early to watch this trailer live when it came out. Man the memories when we were on the journey to launch

Blu Orion : I like the part of the game where you hit the feminists and feed them to the alligator.


Nathlaaar : RIP work, responsibility and hygiene when this comes out.

Lunatic Llama : SPOILERS At 3:34, how did Arthur get into New Austin?

M N : Congratulations Rockstar 👏🏻 You guys are Da Vinci’s of our time! Damn i cannot stop of playing this game. 🔝🔝🔝

Tragitized : This game kills every other game out there. Masterpiece.

Im Board : 1:55 *NOT ANYMORE* sadly :(

Gaming TurnOns : Can't wait for R* to add an armored carriage with a flying turbo horse with missiles and gold miniguns hanging on the side for 3,000,000$ in online mode

H4OMax GO : Deserved G.O.T.Y

The Rook : Already completed it... surely I'm not the only one who didn't get blown out of prison in a part of the game?

Tomatomanman Boy : This game, honestly a work of art. I got the collectors bundle, and now that I have played the first game about 7 times in my existence, I am so hyped. This game is going to be game of the year, like if you agree.

Dakota S : Top of the food chain development right here.

Preston Garvey : Will there be settlements in this game?

Deniz Tanacı : 2:18 listen the music LENNNNY!

E Productions : Rockstar Please stand up for YouTubers who are being banned for showing content in your video games!

Arbaaz Memon : This is great example on how to advertise a game not a single scenes is misleading

Piero Astorino : GTA5 & RDR2 are modernized takes on Super Mario Bros and Kart. A board (map) with progressive levels (story chapters) with power ups (weapon upgrades) and bonous worlds (extra tasks). First it was Atari's Pong. The first mainstream video game when video games were still like board games. The inventor of Super Mario Bros., Shigeru Miyamoto, changed video games forever when he joined Nintendo in 1977 to take them into video games. Sam & Dan Houser took Shigeru's format and brought it into the 3D world with GTA3, and again video games were brought to a new level. GTA5 and RDR2 brought the technical benchmark again to a new standard for all games. I'm interested to see what the next big revolutionary idea in gaming is...

NuclearProductions : The lighting in this game is delicious

hideN : Youtube's Compression even in 4K doesn't do this trailer enough justice.

PolyPocket : Where are the transsexuell Gender Black Moslems in this Game? 😂 joke... good job dudes

Sharp Smirnoff : RDR2 is the best game ever made and I'm the Best Man ever made in Eu . Just being modest

Alexis Gray Psalms 119 : this is the best game I've ever played

Reel : It''s...beautiful

Red dead Redemption 2 : This masterpiece puts gta 5 to shame

Ancient Indian Guru : This is the time when slavery was taking birth.

hideN : Just please put the Rockstar Editor in RDR2

Ринат Тимеров : What the final song?