Red Dead Redemption 2: Official Gameplay Video

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Sebtunseb EL Zorro Con Traje : The children's already played Fortnite, now let the men's play a real game

cypher elite : Ah good thing I bought a console with instead of a pc

Riley Ullsmith : I’m happy to wait for rockstars titles. People are often to quick to forget just how amazing GTA V was and still is, yes the online got kinda iffy but the single player is amazing. I remember watching those trailers and being just as antsy as I am watching these. I’m glad they really only put out great titles.

THOTH : Probably the next game of the year

JAYVEN ANDERSON : EA-“ single player games are dead”

D4G13 : The Dislikes are people that like playing Fortnite on mobile.

Renan Gonçalves Flores : Rumors say that you can trade your horse for two Number 9's, a Number 9 Large, a Number 6 with extra Dip, a Number 7, Two Number 45's, one with Cheese, and a large Soda at the town center.

Travis Bickle : The 26th October is the day we all give up Pornhub momentarily

Brady Davis : I became single just in time! 😂

Zeno o_O : Employee: "Can we go home, it's 4am? Rockstargames: "No" Rockstargames: "U need to make shrinking horseballs" Employee: "...."

Nathlaaar : RIP work, responsibility and hygiene when this comes out.

DAVID VONDERHAAR : I hope I see Trevor Michael's and Franklin's grandparents

your friend : Bro im gonna have an F in every class

Trent Pan : Break up with the girlfriend, finish up classes ahead, and quit your jobs because Oct. 26th is right around the corner.

Trevor Capstick : I'm starting to get the crackhead shakes for the release date.

Jaylin Allen : Welp, goodbye social life... RDR2 is coming out

amir0013 : It makes other games look so bad

LunaticLizard : After a lot of games ending up being a letdown it's nice to see a thing of beauty such as this

Vaetryx : One good thing is that every rockstar games trailers are actual in game footage unlike those cinematic trailers other games use which looks nothing like the real game

Alejandro Basaldúa : R.I.P. Battlefield V, dead before born.

Traxxattaxx : When this drops, my girl is gonna come to my house, see me with 8 bags of chips in the dark with a gallon bucket of soda with the curtains drawn 😂 don’t talk to me, don’t call me, don’t acknowledge my existence.

Bundesargentur für Arbeit : I can already see my self 24/7 on my chair in front of the TV 😂

Lance Kelley : Battlefield five is a miscarriage because of this game

Yudi Ardiansyah : wow 5.5k many hate for this fantastic game. people really become annoyed these day

Cameron Meadows : I hope the bounty hunters actually have to find you unlike the cops in GTA V that just magically know where you are.

Sebtunseb EL Zorro Con Traje : Rest in Peace Fortnite....

Jesus Alanis : *I hope that horses 🐎 can have babies 🐴 in the game and we can combine the best breed of horses to make the ultimate horse*

Ibrahim Ali : I swear I dreamed about playing the game but when I woke up I forgot everything that I saw, it seems that Rockstar protecting the game from my own personal dream.

Mr Nova2099 : Now this how games in 2018 should look!

Offf :/ : Will this game have flying horses with explosive cannons?


Samuel Reid : Ubisoft really made a mistake releasing ac odyssey so close to this game

Jollu Pollu : I Will buy this game 100% no matter The price

Mergim Geci : Jusr 24 days 11 houers 3 minutes... stay strong brothers and sisters !!

God 2 Despacito Edition : Who’s here after they announced gameplay part 2? (I never got this many likes thanks )

Gaming TurnOns : Can't wait for R* to add an armored carriage with a flying turbo horse with missiles and gold miniguns hanging on the side for 3,000,000$ in online mode

Bran Lin : Gameplay Trailer Part 2 coming out on October 1st at 9:00 AM EST!!!!!

Keanu Cunningham : All the rival game developers saying " you gotta keep faith, Rockstar will not crush us"

Adrian Sanchez : In 43 minutes it will be less then 100 hours until the game drops!! =)

Far Near : I saw the gameplay it's amazing. Thanks Rockstar you are the best of the best 😘.

NampoGaming : You can already see the work of 5 years

theAce Phoenix : Rockstar has the best video game engine in the whole world.

Anoop Sharma : Guys smoking weed in this game will increase dead eye meter and you can focus cool is that?!!?

xxSmartzz : Anyone else avoiding RDR2 spoilers?

Chuck : I can't handle the wait anymore!!!

Preston Garvey : Will there be settlements in this game?

ParkerBurns : Am i the only one who hears the COD Zombie noise at 0:58?

William McGrath : Who else is here rewatching this for the hype for the next couple days. The next 2 days are gonna feel like a eternity

Dakota S : Top of the food chain development right here.

barrythe flash56 : Im so glad i pre ordered this