The Fallen of World War II
The Fallen of World War II

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An animated data-driven documentary about war and peace, The Fallen of World War II looks at the human cost of the second World War and sizes up the numbers to other wars in history, including trends in recent conflicts. Please consider supporting this series by becoming a Patreon supporter: Written, directed, coded, narrated by http:/// Sound and music by


TheBlackKnight191 : Each of those symbols represents one thousand lives, one thousand stories, one thousand families. Lest we forget all those lives that were lost.

Pepe the Frog : Imagine being one of the 200k French Soldiers 🇫🇷 who died for their country only to later be called cowardly by keyboard warriors.

awzp : When the Soviet deaths weren't stopping I got kinda scared 👀

NGUYEN LE : “One death is a tragedy. A million is a statistic.” There is something about that quote and this video, just, I don't know.

NeuKaiser : If you are a history teacher, you MUST show this to your students to fully understand the loss of human life during World War II.

Andy Phu : “All wars are civil wars, because all men are brothers” - Some French Dude

Michael Ferguson : My grandfather fought in WW2. 96 and still going strong :)


Line Spiro : 6:15 I just look at this line and realize that my great-grandfather is also there. He participated in the battle of Kursk and died in 27. His eldest daughter and wife were shot by the Germans and his youngest daughter (my grandmother)exchanged his medal for candy after the war. I don't even know where my great-grandfather is buried. All I have left is a picture of him.

я люблю Россию! : Can you do this for WW1?

CrazyOrc : That stack of Soviet Union deaths just continuing on made me so damn sad.

Andrei Stoian : Words cannot express how much respect our fallen heroes deserve

real uwu hours : 8.7 million Soviet deaths? That would be like the entire population of my city dying 106 times. That's just wild to think about

Baked Cake : My Great Grandad was a British Soldier (Well in reality he was born in Scotland) in the War and was Killed in the Allied Invasion of Italy (1943) R.I.P Alec Milton (1921 - 1943) Edit: Alright some of you guys are getting really Immature commenting say that "oH sCoTlAnD iS aPaRt Of GrEaT bRiTaIn" Listen just leave me alone I'm just simply sharing my Great Grandfather's Story you aren't mentioning that are he was brave or anything? Nah just go straight to the Scotland part. Just please don't be Ignorant

bean with a knife : Japan's attrocities are not just compared to the ones of Germany, many consider them even worse

patryk wasilewski : *Poland* loses 16% of its population during WWII *Public opinion* Polish holocaust lol

Сергій Мартиненко : I found myself struggling when I tried to click "Like" button

joker : If you're Russian, thank you for what your ancestors did.

Aditya Narayan : 6:10 That wind sound has a very deep meaning... The sound of silence after the lost lives of several people

Shaolin Monk : My great-grandfather, Soviet soldier, aviator, died in action at July 1, 1941, in 10 days after German invasion of Soviet Union was started He was just 19 years old R.I.P. Victor Ivanovich Govorov 1922-1941 Eternal glory and memory to all soldiers and guerrilla fighters of all the world who gave their lives for the Victory over the bastard and misanthropic ideologies of fascism and nazism. This should never happen again. Never.

ThePoorMansButter : Make no mistake, we are not in an age of endless peace. Every minute should be appreciated because it will not last forever.

oita gurashi : Oops u didn't count British Female robo arm soldiers

Dee : Показать бы это любителям наклеечек «можем повторить»...

SOGGY TOASTER : When I saw the Russian civilian deaths mounting up like that I almost cried

Mau ησғεαя Official : I’m not crying, it’s just sweat forming around my eyes

Whats The History : My grandfather was a general in the Soviet army his name was Михаил Горлаченко

ProMarsh : this was the cleanest, most well organized and put together video and animation I have ever seen. the amount of time and effort put into this video is felt and the commentary is genuine.

Letz Talk : I feel so bad for Russia. Put the memes aside and you can see how hard these men fought and how tough these guys were. But I mostly blame their leader, Stalin, who could've easily took the Allies advice and actually ward off the Nazis, *easily* with your army of around 10 million or way higher. R.I.P Soviet Union Soldiers. R.I.P Soviet Union Civilians

Nigerian Prince 219 : Waiting for the soviet death count to finish is really sad

Logex lol : Video: Europeans countries have not fought with each other. Balkans, Ukrainians & Russians deceased in last three decades : Guess i didnt die ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Not to be racist, but : My grandfather fought for the soviet union in world war two, he got close to berlin, he is a Russian Jew. Sadly he got shot twice and didn't get to go to berlin, but he survived. And is 94 today.

Igor Jugai : It's very disgusting that people completely ignore the message of this video and are trying to prove that their country suffered and did the most in WW2.

Scootah Wootah : Narrator: Not that many Catholic Christians were killed Seconds later: Over 2 million Polish civilians were killed 🤔

*Maddie Chan* : I’m not crying.. you are! Ok, I’m crying. Dis is so sad. :( Especially when the Soviets kept stacking up. I was screaming at my screen to stop!

Josh W : Shows no Canadians deaths... Canadians were some of the first to paratroop into enemy lines. Then the Americans and then the British.

Skulls Ain't Dead : Belorussia suffered the most - 1/4 of the whole population killed. The Russian film Idi I Smotri tells this tale exceptionally well, its a horrifying film about the brutalities of the invasion of Belorussia and USSR during Barbarossa, as seen through the eyes of a teenage boy.

riverman83 : D-day Always seems so large but compare it with some battles of the Eastern front it looks like nothing. 2500 us casulties is just a normal day for the russians.

Just tech spoiled Endgame for me : 6:07 ohh I thought the video was looping In all seriousness rest in peace fallen soilders you fought for my freedom

Fox talks and other things. : The death poles for each nation, big and small, are indescribable. I was going to comment something long about it, but I still have no idea what to say besides, may their souls rest in piece.

Hy oder Moin : Mother Russia lost manny,manny Sons:(


Kosta Thomas : How do you get America to join a world war? Tell them it's almost finished ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Bolor Battur : Poor soviet union. took all the sacrifice in WW2. if there weren't them, we couldn't even exist, watching this video and typing comments.

Patrick Star : Seeing the statistic of Russian casualties was in a way painful to see. War is truly the definition of hell.

Alasgar G : Here I read such evil comments against Soviets like “too bad more were not killed”. Seriously? Soviet soldiers were main power against Nazis. I bet most people in the West (especially in USA) don’t even know that Germany lost this war mainly in East front. Almost in every Soviet family there was one who died in war. AND PLEASE DO NOT FORGET SOVIET AND RUSSIA IS NOT SAME THING. SOVIET people are UKRAINIANS, BELARUSSIAN, TATARS, AZERBAIJANIS, GEORGIANS, KAZAKH, UZBEK, KYRGYZ, TURKMEN and many other NATIONS who were fighting side by side with Russian people. Even though they didn’t divide themselves into nations back then, they were one united Soviet people as they said (according to those generation).So please stop thinking that Soviet is only Russia. I am from Azerbaijan, country which had population of 3 million and sent 600,000 people to front. 80% of oil was supplied from Baku to all Soviet Union in WW2.

Hector De la Rocha : So, the USSR basically won WW2

HadShoT : С праздником победы товарищи!

Evilerskull 88 : Finally i video that has balls, real, true, non censored history. This is what we need right now. Respects for the fallen.

Ertay Bakıtoğlu : Soviet Union was a union. It was not only Russia/Russian soldiers. There were a lot of countries and other soldiers that were in Soviet U. who sacrificed just as much as ethnic Russians/ Slavs.