The Fallen of World War II

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Neil Halloran : My long overdue response to all the comments about the film's use of the phrase "Nazi soldiers." It was a mistake, and I regret it. When we recorded the narration for the other languages (available on the Vimeo account), I corrected it so that it states "German soldiers." I need to go into the recording studio and make the correction to the english version too (along with a handful of other corrections), but I have regrettably not yet done so. While it was certainly an error, I do not think it fits the comparisons many are making, i.e. that it is like calling American soldiers "Republican soldiers." I want to point out that in the case of Nazi Germany, it is correct to say Nazi invasions, led my Nazi commanders, which became Nazi occupations as part of a Nazi war effort. Calling soldiers of a Nazi war effort Nazi soldiers was a mistake, for sure, but a more complicated mistake than such analogies. As a personal note, I will say that I have close family members in Germany, and I feel that the transformation of the country after the war is a beautiful and inspiring story that we often take for granted. The word Nazi is often used to show separation between the German people today and a political movement of their past. In this case I screwed up and got it backwards.

Science Day : It's so painful to watch.

oita gurashi : Oops u didn't count British Female robo arm soldiers

Tom Murphy : Said by Stalin after the war: “Britain gave time, America gave money and the Soviet Union gave blood”

Philip Zeplin : If stuff like this doesn't make you question human nature, man....

Justin Long : I believe this is why Russians do not smile

Alan Parker : this was the cleanest, most well organized and put together video and animation I have ever seen. the amount of time and effort put into this video is felt and the commentary is genuine.

David Michaels : There is way more women than men in Russia today , because of WW2. Thats how many men died off

Murun Tseyenregzen : The death count of USSR soldiers gave me chills

Jesper : This should be in every schools history class!!

King Cakes : 2:41 My grandfather landed at Omaha. He was caught by the Nazis and was in a POW camp for 9 months. He is still alive today (93)

Seno Budd : When I saw the soviet death count during the battle for Stalingrad grows and grows and grows, I Was in a total shock and couldn't stop my self from crying

Vlado Vladimirovich : So next time that you ask why Russians have parade every year and the May is most important month for them , this video is why ...

Good Doge : I was almost in tears. Just the amount of Soviets that died were staggering. Can't even believe that 64+ million people died in total

Magical-Fetus : Man, look at all this straight white male privilege.

Jack Griffin : I feel bad for the Poles. The Nazis killed all those civilians or sent them to camps, then the Soviets came in and either killed the civilians or sent them to Gulags. They lived under one oppresive regime, then fell victim to another.

A FUCKING WHITE MALE : They gave their lives so we could have Miley Cyrus.

Milan Bulajic : for any american who thinks that they won the war, they should go and watch this. More serbs and yogoslavs died then the entire US . And more soviets died in one year of WW2 then all of US casualties in all wars and interventions, domestic or foreign. So please again do not tell us that you are the main reason why the Nazis lost, this great accomplishment belongs to the great Soviet soldiers who were fearless and who fought for their fatherland or otečenstvo. Much love and respect for my russian brothers🇷🇸🇷🇺

Pinball is the greatest game : Russia took the most sacrifice in ww2

C. Huang : Dice/EA and anyone that is getting Battlefield V please watch this. Remember the true tragedies and sacrifices made during this horrific world conflict.

Dank Memes : Damn that red line made me think it would never stop

drinkpimptea : I hate when some westerner people like to argue about Russia celebrating V Day 9 May so vastly, like if it is a military state and so on. 9 May - is a very special day and it will live forever in hearts of every Soviet or post-soviet citizen. Now wonder why...

69adrummer : 6:05 ...............................................damn :(

MelodicNostalgic : 1 in 6 of British Army Soldier during World War 1 was Indian. 2.5 Million Indian Soldiers fought for the British during World War 2. Sad that no one recognizes Indians and their contribution to WW 1 and WW 2.

Pike Master : I'm a Brit, and I've grown up listening to stories of the allied heroes and axis monsters. But after watching this, I've realised that we did some disgusting things as well. Bombing Germany more than they bombed us, nukeing Japan. Now I have a new perspective on ww2, and thank you for that. Lest we forget.

Kosta Thomas : How do you get America to join a world war? Tell them it's almost finished ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

François FR : One of the France soldier was my great grandfather in Germany border against nazis.. RIP 💔.

Julian B : Man, the Soviets friggen carried that war by themselves

Benito Mussolini : This does make me realize how many innocent lives were lost in such a useless war. I don't believe we give Russia, or formerally known as the Soviet Union, and many other countries in the same era enough credit for their efforts in turning the tide of WWII. Yes, the Soviet Union was led by a mass murdering communist maniac, but the sheer number of innocent men killed for the war effort is staggering. China too, and even in Germany. None of those people knew what they were in for, none of them could truly be considered "communist" or "Nazi" as the media likes to say. Most of the men were conscripted into the army and had no choice but to go fight. All I can say is, learn from history. History can never be erased as we must learn from our mistakes. The allies aren't innocent from their war crimes either, the only reason we don't bitch and whine about the millions killed in Hiroshima and Nagasaki is because we are the victors of war, and the "Axis" powers were the loosers. The point is, innocent lives were lost everywhere for some stupid reason that nobody wanted and nobody is innocent for sending them to die.

Lord Markuaad : That long silence while watching Soviet deaths rise up

TJ’s Simple Life : This is the best visual presentation I've ever seen, well done! Incredibly engaging.

Hugo Norman : This is a video that must be seen in every classroom

Tertius Oculus : Now, germany & russia are washing their hands clean, jews only get the attention in WW2 as if poland didn't suffer a bit (nation destroyed, elite erradicated, millions of dead polish people compared to jews, half a century of backwarded communism because the west sold them out to the soviets). Poland gets lots of anti-polish reactions for being honest. The german school once taught me, that WW2 is only the story about jews, people laughing only at poland because they lost the blitzkrieg. No one put the focus on what actually happened to poland in my school except for the damn holocaust. What about POLOCAUST? Especially jews are trying to keep down our history and put only theirs forward. I'm stunned at the amount of arrogance. Since the wall went away in the early 90s, poland has many unfinished businesses to do and this is just the beginning. We didn't sleep in the polish communism era to forget what unjustice have been done incl. the western betrayal pre- and after WW2 (france and uk).

H m m m m m m : Where are the finnish deaths?

Leningradets From Shuharstan : Как же меня бесят наши (хотя с ними вроде не так плохо, но явление частое) и западные СМИ, утверждающие, что единственное целью СССР было захватить Европу и что война закончилась только благодаря США. Я не говорю, что они ничего не сделали, НО они вступили в войну именно тогда, когда им было выгодно, и Советский Союз стоял уже у порога Берлина, их основной целью было откусить свой кусок пирога. в то время как главным итогом послевоенных операций Красной Армии на территории ряда стран Центральной, Юго-Восточной и Северной Европы явилось восстановление их независимости и государственного суверенитета. Военные успехи Красной армии обеспечили политические условия для того, чтобы при самом активном участии СССР была создана ялтинско-потсдамская система международно-правовых отношений, определившая миропорядок на многие десятилетия, гарантировавшая нерушимость границ в Европе. Вернемся к США. Вспоминаем «плана Маршалла», который противопоставлялся советскому СЭВ, по идее цели одни и те же, НО вторые помогали почти безвозмездно (таким образом улучшалась репутация Советского Союза и увеличивались его сферы влияния), в отличии от Штатов, чьей экономике позарез нужны были рынки сбыта, и в этой связи экономическое восстановление Европы являлось жизненной потребностью крупного американского бизнеса. По сути, восстанавливая Европу, США инвестировали в собственное дальнейшее развитие. Ведь согласно условиям «плана Маршалла», выделяемые деньги шли не на латание дыр в бюджете, а на закупку промышленной и сельскохозяйственной продукции. Google translate: How can we be beset by ours (although with them it seems not so bad, but the phenomenon is frequent) and Western media claiming that the USSR's only goal was to capture Europe and that the war ended only thanks to the United States. I'm not saying that they did not do anything, BUT they entered the war exactly when it was profitable for them, and the Soviet Union was already at the threshold of Berlin, their main goal was to bite off their piece of cake. While usually the outcome of the post-war operations of the Red Army in a number of countries, South-Eastern and Northern Europe was the restoration of their independence and state sovereignty. Military successes The Red Army provided political conditions for the very active participation of the USSR to create the Yalta-Potsdam system of international legal relations, which determined the world order for many decades, guaranteeing the inviolability of borders in Europe. Let's return to the USA. We recall the "Marshall Plan", which was opposed to the Soviet CMEA, the idea is the same, but the latter helped almost free of charge (thus improving the reputation of the Soviet Union and increasing its sphere of influence), in contrast to the United States whose economies desperately needed markets , and in this regard, the economic recovery of capital. In fact, while restoring Europe, the US invested in its own development development. In accordance with the terms of the "Marshall Plan", limited money was not used to patch holes in the budget, but to purchase industrial and agricultural products.

YAH21 : WW1 was worse for the soldiers. WW2 was worse for the civilians.

Mountkosiosko : I was cringing while the Russian deaths went up

Kei tos : 5:10 They never did it.Our ancestors fought for every inch of Stalingrad soil,and even though Nazis were really close to Volga,they never really took the city,and that is a part of our history that we are proud of.As a descendant of Leningrad and Stalingrad fighters,I could not help but react.Still a great video to remind everyone about the tragedy of the war thhat should not be forgotten.

GreenStorm01 : Americans mustn't forget. They never won the war. The Soviet Union did.

Nitish singh : No one knows India's contribution. Millions on Indians men sacrificed their life for someone else comfort .

unknow slayer : It annoys me when videos about World War II never mention Canada it’s like the 44,000 Canadian soldiers that died in World War II don’t matter Canada should’ve been mentioned

Emiel Overduin : The Soviet Union lost about 20.5 million man during WW2 12 million of those where civilians

Adam Rose : Australia 39,800 Canada 45,400 New Zealand 11,900

Arykle : Male privilege right?

William Evans ж : my grandfather got the flu and stayed behind the day his platoon went out to patrol. They were all gunned down. He had severe PTSD and couldn't bare to look at a gun or nazi flag for the rest of his life.

Levian Drake : good god... NO ONE won in world war 2. the numbers in school books only go so far, this makes it a tangible thing.

Ducky : The Soviet Union was still the one who turned the war around and had the biggest contribution. I don’t give a shit if you deny it, that’s just the way it was.

TheFoxInTheBoxProductions : 9:19 For a moment, I though he was about to put homosexuals in the 'Disabled' section

Augusto Alvarez : History is writen by the one who wins the war.

Luke Rathjen : That long moment of silence as you watch Russian deaths pile up for like 20 seconds.