The Fallen of World War II

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Neil Halloran : My long overdue response to all the comments about the film's use of the phrase "Nazi soldiers." It was a mistake, and I regret it. When we recorded the narration for the other languages (available on the Vimeo account), I corrected it so that it states "German soldiers." I need to go into the recording studio and make the correction to the english version too (along with a handful of other corrections), but I have regrettably not yet done so. While it was certainly an error, I do not think it fits the comparisons many are making, i.e. that it is like calling American soldiers "Republican soldiers." I want to point out that in the case of Nazi Germany, it is correct to say Nazi invasions, led my Nazi commanders, which became Nazi occupations as part of a Nazi war effort. Calling soldiers of a Nazi war effort Nazi soldiers was a mistake, for sure, but a more complicated mistake than such analogies. As a personal note, I will say that I have close family members in Germany, and I feel that the transformation of the country after the war is a beautiful and inspiring story that we often take for granted. The word Nazi is often used to show separation between the German people today and a political movement of their past. In this case I screwed up and got it backwards.

Alan Parker : this was the cleanest, most well organized and put together video and animation I have ever seen. the amount of time and effort put into this video is felt and the commentary is genuine.

EASY GAME : The death of one man is a tragedy. The death of millions is a statistic. -Joseph Stalin

Gladki_Kriminal : Война затронула каждую семью на пост-советском пространстве. Кто-то воевал на фронте, кто-то работал в тылу по 14 часов в день. У меня по материнской линии прадед был призван в 41-ом и погиб зимой под Кутузовским мостом. По отцовской линии прадед был танкистом с 39-го года и служил на границе с Китаем. Началась война, и его отправили на запад. Он участвовал в Курской битве, она же была его последней. Снаряд размозжил его ноги. Он вернулся с войны калекой. "Если б тот тигр не попал в танк, то я б прошел войну с медалями" - говорил он моему отцу.

Muckers : My grandfather fought in World War 2. He survived the D-Day landings. He defended Hill 112 from the German Soldiers just outside Caen in Normandy for 3 days straight surviving underneath the wreckage of a Sherman tank with other soldiers from the 5th Battalion of The Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry by eating apples that were found in the Orchard where they were defending. He managed to take down a Tiger Tank own his own with a Projector, Infantry, Anti-Tank (PIAT) spring-loaded rocket. He was badly injured and sent back to Scotland for medical attention. He is still alive today. His name is Gordon Mucklow. I am proud to be his Grandson and part of the Mucklow family.

Святослав Гриценко : 6:03 to 6:48 That's why in Russia we never forget what happened in 1941. Overall 27 million people died...and after that people still ask us WHY? Why we still celebrate 9th may in Russia? That's because we remember this, remember what happened. And i'm really sad that people in Ukraine try to forget it and the whole world try to forget it...That war was ours. Our grandpas and grandmas fought against Germany.

Johan : Are we gonna speak about he included Luxembourg but ignored Finland?

DragonFire4567 : My great grandfather fought in WWII he died a few weeks ago. He was 92

ИнфоВойны : Wow. Thank you for this video man... I can't hold back the tears anytime i'm reminded how many Russian people died... I feel sorry for all the nations, but since i myself am Russian, i just can't hold myself. From my childhood, every 8th of May, i go and give flowers to the veterans, and it's so sad that every year, there are less and less of them showing up... My wife's grandfather survived Leningrad and i feel so much love and respect for him. He is still with us at the age of 89. May God give him great health and happiness. May all the veterans of this war rest in peace. And i hope, someday, that America will stop invading countries. Sorry to say that, but i have enough with the war. Thank you again, man.

Stevan Nedic : The mad russians saved us all.

Science Day : It's so painful to watch.

German_shepherd_dog : The sheer amount of historians in the comments are astounding to say the least

Kassutsu : Funny how In west we display America and UK as the heroes, even though Russians were the real heroes.

Jeff Hossburner : I have been saying it for some time, the war in Europe was won in the east, by the time the US and England invaded, we were fighting what the Germans had left to spare. The Soviets bore the brunt of the German military, and paid BY FAR the heaviest toll. Granted the US was integral to victory in WW2, a lot of it thanks to our material support, but American bloodshed was just a drop in the bucket compared to that of the Soviets and Chinese.

Kristaps Gailis : 5:10 Half a million NAZI's died in Stalingrad. They were all members of NSDAP party? WOW!!!...

Seno Budd : When I saw the soviet death count during the battle for Stalingrad grows and grows and grows, I Was in a total shock and couldn't stop my self from crying

luke : So many Soviets died trying to protect the world.

Toby T : WW2 was won by the Soviets. The Western front was insignificant in comparison. D Day? The Eastern Front had many D Day-like events. The Hollywood hypes up D Day and Pearl Harbour but that's the only two major battles the US engaged. They want to make it look like the americans played a major role in WW2. The did play a role, but numbers to numbers and historical facts show that it's the Eastern Front that defined WW2 yet Hollywood movies and the media rarely if ever focus on Eastern Front. Gotta hype up the American contribution without admitting their overall place in the history of WW2.

TerrorZ T : No matter what country, every man, woman and child were blinded by the propoganda

Kalumobotia : Germany is not responsible for the Katyn massacre, it was the USSR that slaughtered 25.000 innocent Polish.

Dank Memes : Damn that red line made me think it would never stop

Parogyn : Before my great-grandfather died in 2005 he used to tell me stories about the conditions in Copenhagen, Denmark during the occupation in WW2. He and my great-grandmother lived seperately at the time, and during the occupation the Germans made curfews, as to discourage any people from assembling in public. This meant that you were only allowed to go to work and straight home. During the curfews he would sneak out of his apartment, on to the street and over to my great-grandmother. One of the times he did this he was spotted my a German soldier and shot at, but he managed to escape. Even after this he would still sneak out during curfews to see my great-grandmother. My grandmother was born during WW2 as a result of this relationship. Just imagine; if my great-grandfather hadn't had the balls to sneak past armed German soldiers to be with my great-grandmother during the occupation, I probably wouldn't be here.

Brickcellent : -Gives special mention to "6 million Jews" -Doesn't give special mention to 10 million USSR famine deaths Oy vey good goy!

MagicSanS : I think Finland should have been on this list because of the winter war

Serena Tang : I have a problem with all the comments degrading American and British participation in the war. Just because a country lost more people does not mean they contributed more. It might be because they used more ruthless tactics or were specifically targeted by Germany. Do not try to tell me that the Allies could have won World War II without America and Britain. They were literally one the of the main reasons the Axis powers didn't end up taking over Europe. So although, like many others, I was in shock and overwhelmed by sadness when I saw the deaths of countries such as Yugoslavia and the Soviet Union, stop trying to discredit the very people that played a major role in preventing the complete collapse and takeover of your country.

large jimmy : Cant believe that the Soviet Union lost so many troopers,its heartbreaking.


Steven Loeffler : This is the greatest video ive ever seen

Aaron Jensen : This video does an excellent job showing just how much The Soviet Union sacrificed during the war. Too bad most people today don't know this, and almost all of the glory goes to the US and Britain.

Kosta Thomas : How do you get America to join a world war? Tell them it's almost finished ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Games4PeopleTV : Of course, in Russia it is generally wasteland. My country is empty. All died in World War II and in the days of Stalin. Western historians do not have a calculator. Historical stamps and stereotypes. Be realistic. With such losses, wars are not won. Or do you think that Russians are orcs? And we get the children out of the mud? And the Russians are bloodthirsty bastards who shoot their own because Stalin said so. West, you are crazy.

Server_owner 86 : WW2 Happened... holocaust happened... horrible events that can’t be denied... We can’t undo it... but can make sure that it ain’t gonna happen again...

the man in black : and now we have feminism.....

Adi Maz : As a Pole myself, I agree with the info stated here, finally some true information on the internet. Thank You, dude.

oita gurashi : Oops u didn't count British Female robo arm soldiers

Ghostman Yus : When you realize that the deaths in world war 2 are double the population of canada.

Deloxly : **Not a hate comment** I noticed a few problems with this video mainly with the Indian deaths. You said the British colonies only lost around 450k military deaths, India lost around 600k, my point is the British colonies lost over 1 million. The 450k is mainly British, Australian and canadian. Anyway great video

the moon man : respect to the soviet union

1212 12 : *And dont forget about communism*

ProMarsh : this was the cleanest, most well organized and put together video and animation I have ever seen. the amount of time and effort put into this video is felt and the commentary is genuine.

1212 12 : *You gotta give credit to nazi for invading all those countries*

Sweeneytv : As an American. I want to thank my Russian brothers and sisters. That is quite a price to pay for victory.

william keathley : My Opa’s dad was in German navy during the was. He worked as a U-boot navigator for 3 years and he was captured and sent to a POW camp he survived the war and passed at 2002. I remember him telling me stories of the war but only few because he hated talking about it. I remember my opa telling me when his dad first saw a GPS and was told what it could do he cried because he said that “if we had only 2 of them during the war we all would be speaking German right now”

Daniel Adler : "War is greedy old men, sending naive young boys, to kill innocent children" The sad thing is we haven't changed at all. Look how people are fighting in the comments about which country was right or better. Pathetic. How an abstract concepts like nationality, race, religion, greed and fear makes us ignore logical and moral reasons to fight each other. No wonder political and financial leaders use this to make the population do whatever they want.

Luke Rathjen : That long moment of silence as you watch Russian deaths pile up for like 20 seconds.

Oxy Clean : Teens joke about this shit and take it for granted. It makes me sad and wonder what will happen when WW3 could happen

Hasty Jay : I think this is a well done video. However you categorized the whole of German soldiers as "nazi's" most and i mean more than half i believe were fighting for their country and nation pride. not all were "nazi's" its my hope and prayer one day you can realize that the Germans who fought and died for their country were more than just a "nazi" and realize they had family's just like you and I. (I realize he clarified himself the point still stands)

I Am Geezus : Real Life Lore took this video concept and RAN WITH IT

not even Human : When we forget about the war we will repeat it..

TJ’s Simple Life : This is the best visual presentation I've ever seen, well done! Incredibly engaging.