The Fallen of World War II

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Neil Halloran : My long overdue response to all the comments about the film's use of the phrase "Nazi soldiers." It was a mistake, and I regret it. When we recorded the narration for the other languages (available on the Vimeo account), I corrected it so that it states "German soldiers." I need to go into the recording studio and make the correction to the english version too (along with a handful of other corrections), but I have regrettably not yet done so. While it was certainly an error, I do not think it fits the comparisons many are making, i.e. that it is like calling American soldiers "Republican soldiers." I want to point out that in the case of Nazi Germany, it is correct to say Nazi invasions, led my Nazi commanders, which became Nazi occupations as part of a Nazi war effort. Calling soldiers of a Nazi war effort Nazi soldiers was a mistake, for sure, but a more complicated mistake than such analogies. As a personal note, I will say that I have close family members in Germany, and I feel that the transformation of the country after the war is a beautiful and inspiring story that we often take for granted. The word Nazi is often used to show separation between the German people today and a political movement of their past. In this case I screwed up and got it backwards.

Alan Parker : this was the cleanest, most well organized and put together video and animation I have ever seen. the amount of time and effort put into this video is felt and the commentary is genuine.

FEDJU.LINAK : Now a days people don’t understand what a REAL world crisis is It’s all about these stupid feminist rights. They wouldn’t last a minute in a real crisis.

skyof algeria : and then battlefield v says that woman led ww2

riverman83 : D-day Always seems so large but compare it with some battles of the Eastern front it looks like nothing. 2500 us casulties is just a normal day for the russians.

Troels Hansen : When You see Hollywood movies, you get the impression that the US came to Europe and beat the nazis, however the war was already lost for germany when d-day happened. The truth is Germany lost the war on the Eastern front.

Science Day : It's so painful to watch.

RandomGaming : and now in the US they teach them in school that the USA won the war lol ,

KrankerHase : Most Soldiers of the Wehrmacht werent Nazis .. they were just Soldiers

Evrenden Notlar : The katyn massacre was carried out by the Soviet Union and all you who give some kind of “respect” the the Soviet Union, communism killed up to 100 million people. They were almost exclusively their own people and the Soviet Union was the worst, only beaten by China. According to Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, almost every soldier in the battle of Berlin were put in the gulag camps. He being one of them. The first thing the soviets did when they were “given” the Buchenwald concentration camp was to re-open it for political prisoners. The Soviet Union deserve absolutely no respect. The soldiers deserve some, considering they were sent strait into the meat grinder. To quote general Patton when he saw how the soviets treated both prisoners, civilians and soldiers, and their own people: “We have defeated the wrong enemy”. Sorry for long rant but it buggers me when people talk good about one of the worst mass-murdering ideologies in human history.

Paul A. : You say that Omaha was tragic, then don’t say that the Easter front was hell on earth for years. I am an American but I feel propaganda and our perspective has really tried to place us at the center. We lost no one compared to Russians. I know that some would say they’re communists and look at Stalin’, but all those men who died were still humans. It is horrifying, and I have done some serious research into the eastern front.

Seno Budd : When I saw the soviet death count during the battle for Stalingrad grows and grows and grows, I Was in a total shock and couldn't stop my self from crying

Fenikk : I just wanna take a minute for the men that fought in stallingrad, hell on earth was nothing compared to that Battle...

John9K : Everyone is complaining about the ammount of USSRs soldiers, and nobody sees how many Polish civilians were killed by German soldiers. That's so sad...

Tolga şimşek : Hollllyyyshiiiit. I paused at 7:30 just because of the shock I got. Never knew Nazi & USSR had that much of a loss... I always thought omaha beach & western front were the heaviest fights... This needs to be translated to many other languages at least as a subtitle and be part of the history class!

Andreto12 : the USSR won that war

10% of shaggys power : Sorry but without the USSR the war would have been lost

Kuzma : I didn't even know Yugoslavia had so many casualties...

ii-ViCioUs-uK__ : Stalingrad was “perhaps” the turning point? It WAS the turning point of the war. You have the numbers in the video. D-day wasn’t really a turning point. It only sped up Germany’s defeat, which was imminent in 1944.

BoxFox Qr : 4:50 - 6:50 (the sheep that killed the wolves) I am Russian, but I am not a hero of the Soviets. Modern Russia is not the USSR, we do not deserve the gratitude of the whole world. We are not heroes. Our ancestors - yes. But the heroes are not only soldiers of the USSR. Real heroes are those who fought not for ideology, not for oil, not for medals, but for hope and faith in a better world, where every child can have the right to live, get an education and be happy. Yes, the war is over, but the world has not become better ...... the world has changed, but the problems remain......

Sweeneytv : As an American. I want to thank my Russian brothers and sisters. That is quite a price to pay for victory.

Box0rz : Where is Finland? We lost plenty of lives as well!

Alexander Lobov : 12:57 You forgot about the fact that the Soviet Union also fought with Japan and destroyed the Kwantung Army with a strength of 1 million.

Loalie McMeme : forgive me for saying this but I think the Japanese soldiers were worse than the Germans during WW2

Dustin Lao : But winning the war came at a cost.... (silence)

Philip Zeplin : If stuff like this doesn't make you question human nature, man....

ANDRYXXXA : Press F to pay respects

Malter Dwight : The Japanese were even par with Nazis. They did horrific things to the chinese. Some Japanese even canabalized fallen enemies. The Japanese get a pass today that they honestly should not.

Maple Syrup Recreational : After all, the Germans were still mostly innocent people, just fighting for the wrong side believing that was the right side.

cwswill : Tell this to EA

Marshall Kell : It looks like the Russians just had the same tactic as we did with Shermans against Tigers. Overwhelm in numbers. Except...instead of destroyed tanks...they were human lives... As an American I feel ashamed to not know of those great of losses from Soviets. I genuinely cried, for all losses.

Maciej Bildziuk : before 2nd world war Poland had 37 milions od citizens... After Polish population was 25... some of them are not counted because of border changes. But you have to know that There were for sure more than 9 million of our losses. Up to 3 milions of polish Jews and 6 millions of polish ethnic population. From the other hand you can also say: more casualties incomparable withi any others suffered Slavic nations. It was really slavic nations holocaust.

apple lin : Mao single handly killed 40m people while the entire WW2 had about 70m deaths...

AlphaCentauri : China had 2nd highest deaths in WWII, no one seems to talk about this, Japan in ww2 was just as bad as Nazi germany, if not worse. I dare you to google "Unit 731"

Dank Memes : Damn that red line made me think it would never stop

Peace Keeper : Of course the thumbnail has to include the U.S flag

Academic Delinquent : I could not believe my eyes when I saw the Russian death toll

Steve G : I love how Canada was left out completely. Canads joined the war in 1939. Over 1.1 millions Canadian soldiers fought in WWII and over 45000 deaths and 55000 wounded.

Cody Shi : May those innocent civilian and soildier who died on both side( Allied and Axis) Rest In Peace.

ClemensAlive : First of all (as a German), I know it is not my fault. Im 25, born in 1993, but if you see something like this... I'm sorry. I'm really sorry. Right now I am working on something about WW2 with some other great people, to safe some of the stories of time witnesses. It's a cultural thing and in my opinion it is really really important. Otherwise people will forget how brutal war is and they will fear less to start a war. To keep peace as a culture, it's important to remember the folks how silly and brutal war is. Thanks for the video. The quality is amazing. Not just the visuals. Also the sound design.

Demetrio Tozzi : Soviet military, not Russian military. Nationally and ethnically, russians, despite being a large part, still weren't the majority in Soviet army.

Grey Headman : Yes. In Russia we remember this well. And speaks about war very often - almost every drunk conversation will come to speaking of this war. But make no mistakes. Before Germany attack us - we was allies. We attacked Poland together. We had plans to conquest all Europe. What then? All world, maybe? Why so many soviet people died? Most died in first years of war. Because we just wasn't fucking ready, Stalin couldn't imagine Hitler treachery. That was shock for all. And arguing of war we sometimes agree, that if we with nazi remain allies, we just could do it. I mean - conquest all Europe. And all world, maybe. Our losess is terrible. But I want you to be clear of illusions - shit could be worse for all of humanity. Maybe this massacre between cannibals Stalin and Hitler protected us all from insane horrors. This is cold and cruel words. And very little amount of people in Russia will agree with me. But still it is my opinion.

Mark Lundy : I would like to point out Canada was not a British Colony during the 2nd WW. Canada fought as an independent country under her own flag as did Australia.

Peter Wilson : So in order for people to learn from this we have to realize that Russia is willing to pay a greater price than any other nation for its freedom and security. Maybe America should stop its aggression towards Russia before its too late!

Kosta Thomas : How do you get America to join a world war? Tell them it's almost finished ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Jaden Sanchez : I always knew that the Soviet Union lost the most in WW2 but after they put that into perspective I was like.......DAMN!!

Strizhi : Just a quick note. True Soviet losses were great but remember 7million soldiers were outright killed. Total German not their axis allies is est at 5.3 million. Out of that 4million were killed in Russia. So in comparison when you place 4 to 7 its not a 1 to 10 ratio Hollywood has been making. In fact ratio was like this year to year - 1941-42 it was 1 to 4 in German favor. 1943-44 it was 1 to 2 again in German favor and by 1945 Soviet losses were actually less- that can be attributed to new weapons, tactics and German loss of willed manpower which now heavily relied on conscripts and civilians. What the Germans did however was take out their frustration on the Russian civilian population and even more civilians were killed then Russian troops with no equal by the Russians against German civilian. So I don't want to hear about rape statistics - no sympathy from least they lived to tell it. I forgive Germans today but will never forgive the past. This is why we are suspicious of anyone pretending to be near our borders with arms acting like friendly neighbors. Ukraine got its freedom for the very first time and is now idealizing their war effort with the Germans - that is scary enough and what's worst is all of Europe including US is supporting them! Madness!!

weisthor0815 : no more brother wars!

Plz dont : Would never make it without the ussr

oita gurashi : Oops u didn't count British Female robo arm soldiers