Reddit's New Layout is Garbage

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Stuyk : That feeling when one of the shittiest videos with no effort put into it gets the most views. T-thanks r-r-reddit.

BoringChannelNumber28 : It looks like 9gag, like really, 1 to 1

Eirikur : New one has so much unused space

Hitman604Actual : As long as old.reddit doesn't go anywhere, I won't be rioting. Just yet.

Matthew S : There's literally options at the top to change the view from Card to Classic and to Compact on ALL pages, not just the front page. Therefore the only other issue that remains is the stupid way to hide comments.

thablinksta : I bet you'll get used to it after a while. If big pictures are your issue, you can change the settings to be compact. Problem solved. Don't like the line and think it's not intuitive? Well, for the record, I started browsing reddit regularly a few years ago and I never knew that the minus button let you minimize comments... so keep in mind that your experience as a reddit user is a bit biased. All that being said, this new layout has very clear goals: 1. Attract new users to the platform through big, vivid, eyecatching images. 2. Allow for more advertising space, which means more $$$. The unfortunate reality is -- reddit is likely betting on losing a few folks, but gaining a ton more new folks to replace them.

Thomise Sodomise : Sure it was disorginized, but it was it's thing!

SUPERWAVES : dude what. feels like u couldn't find the button to change the view to classic or compact from the new card view. it literally even saves your selection and always appears that way. i know u claim to be aware of it from your vid description, but the fact that it does exactly what you complained about pretty much ruins the massive #2 you took here

Stickman Sham : Everyone will tell you that "oh, you didnt see the compact view version" but that doesn't change how compact view suffers from the exact same design flaw: shits still TOO BIG

SpasmFingers : when I first started using reddit, I found it frustratingly non intuitive, but this is waaaay worse

Nint3ndoFan : You know you can change the view to compact or classic, right? So basically, your main complaint can easily be solved by a single click of the mouse. What a shit waste of time video.

Michael Zacarias Benjamin Glass : Someone had to say it. I agree in so many ways.

undefinedx001 : You can change the view to classic or compact at the top which will change the items the old way. Why is the vertical line close such a problem? It has just changed to another place and I find it nicer because when you're done with the comment and all its reactions, you dont have to scroll up.

Sasang : facebook went to shit when they started doing stuff like this. Reddit basically wants to increase profits by doing this.

TheTalentedMrZing : What is with the terrible sound in this video? Is that a standard feature? Do I need to join a subscription to hear the better quality audio? Agree about reddit though. Sick, sad world.

Jussa : There are 3 very obvious icons at the top of your homepage that gives you the option to choose for card style, the one you dislike. Classic style, the one you clearly love and compact style, which fits even more content on your screen. The fact you did not know this only shows how insignificant this video is.

Kyle Matz : One thing to note is that there is a compact view that looks similar to the old layout with a focus on headlines and not images.

Frederick Douglass : Stopped watching after 11 seconds. "changed their layout recently". Reddit didn't change their layout, they made a new layout. Changing means the old state is gone, it's switched, altered, transformed, replaced, etc. Clearly your are not forced to deal with the change, so you're overexaggerting the impact it has on you, for the sake of your argument. If you're gonna be honest in criticizing something, be honest about what you're criticizing. For the record, I dislike new Reddit too, and hope to able to use old.reddit for as long as possible.

Kippenoma : The old layout was trash. It's so annoying to open a new tab, then go back to the old thing, even if you just want to see the picture. I much prefer this. I can see a picture, and move on. Or I could comment quickly, and move on just as quickly.

bbbb7888o : seems like reddit is trying to digg itself

Paweł Klm : What's the song name? Nujabes? Fat Jon? Forces of Nature?

AnonYmous : I know right.. It was driving me nuts. I immediately reverted back while the option was still there. You can't even find the rules or anything anymore. Why do they have to try to be update with all the other stupid sites? What's wrong with being unique? There was literally nothing wrong with the old one. And I hate infinite scroll. If it's going to keep shoving new reddit down my damn throat, I am going to leave the site I guess.

Nelson Oles : How do I change that crappy noise coming out of my speakers during this video? It’s a terrible feature. Change that.

chiffmonkey : Reddit isn't social media, it's a successor to forums. I've already got a solution to this on android btw, with the Reddit is Fun app.

Inazuma65 : Reddit Enhancement Suite Add-on for Firefox solves this, plus more. It sucks that we have to install an add on just to browse Reddit, but it cleans up this mess well.

Brah One : You minimize it that way in RES too, but the line is highlighted as a bar, and the minus in brackets is still there. the line highlight is good, as it allows you to follow the line from reply to the corresponding parent comment to the reply, but why not just make it look like RES?! : what browser did you use man

dribblemix : I actually prefer the line to the minus sign. Much easier to just minimize a conversation even after scrolling down. You had a point up until that...

LazerWolf : Upvoted this video

noobkaka567 : Shitet

Mike Hawkburns : Quickest fix: *stop using Reddit* Bugmen in these comments complaining about how their precious website turned to shit, but they keep using it. It’s like stabbing yourself in gut with a shard of glass and wondering why it hurts so much.

LBKewee : I'm using RES and I guess it hasn't switched yet.

Zelnoth : ...A lot of subreddits have custom css for that type of comment minimization, which is probably why they are implementing it. It makes it a lot easier to minimize the parent comment when you have scrolled down the comment chain.

moikee : Almost 50% of their screen real estate is... empty space. I get that they want to make it 'mobile friendly', but this is just garbage...

Cosvic : I don't use the new one. I got a question to switch or not, and i did not.

Matt Telgen : The point of "reddit" is that you actually READ things with the old style. Hence "read-it". The new design is now just facebook.

Alexraz01 : It's serina williams

Interest : Personally my biggest problem with the redesign has to do with the comments section. Not only does it have the potential to lag like crazy even on a decent rig, but everything gets centered and ultimately uses about a third of the screen. While I can understand this can be convenient since returning to the thread overview is easier, it makes readability of comments themselves worse. For instance, walls of text are compressed into larger walls of text. Even worse is when you go to a direct link of the thread, the blank space is still there and the lag almost seems to get worse. The layout of the thread overview can be kind of resolved by using Classic, but it does take a bit to get used to the subreddits list being on the left. Objects look a little more crowded together as well. Ultimately I'll be using the old layout as long as I can.

DrakoneW : Thank you for this video I didnt even know you could minimize comments on mobile until now! Edit: And even then I cant because I have the edge plus...

t a : New layout is good for portrait mode stuff phones tablets dual monitors with one in portrait.

Jakob : We are users can rant as much as we want nothing is gonna change with that turd of a design.

WestTexMex915 : If you go to preferences, uncheck the "Use the redesign as my default experience" option and it automatically takes you back to the old format every time you get on Reddit.

stvnhentzen : I use the Reddit Enhancement Suite and the new version hasn't changed it at all. I couldn't figure out what people were even talking about until I watched this vid.

Esatzu : I guess people downvoted because of this guys voice, because everything he says makes sense, i hate the that the images are so big and there's so much of the screen that's not in use.

Cje : It's the internet they don't care what you think as long as you will see more adds

Marko Oppa : You can make the old reddit the default in the preferences. At least for now.

Tabledoor : Woo Nujabes...

johndoh1000 : That moment when he starts the video by saying he's typically okay with change and that he doesn't whine a lot when change happens, and then all he does is whine about minor changes...

Saša Šimunović : r/AssholeDesign

ZDProletariat : Is it social media, though? You have fake names in it. It's not social media, it's a forum. Or rather, a collection of forums.