Optimizing Stealth Builds

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TierZoo : btw guys I made some merch check it out! https://standard.tv/collections/tierzoo

Slimecicle : I didn't even get a notification for this one, well played.

Dariune : One player who is really good at this goes by nickname John Cena

Devourer Of Bigmacs : "Tier" is also a German word - and guess what... it means "animal"

Frankie Stein : As a biology major, I want to say this guy is wrong but I can't.

Samurai JackOff : I will *Game end you.*

24 Frames Of Nick : So you just decided to *sneak* in that good content on my normal morning

Alex B : just now realizing this channel was basically animal planet, all this time

Richard Didrikson : Someone has to make this a real game.... Wait....

Lol 4488 : A video about stealth somehow got noticed by 600k people

Zlabster : I like how you release a stealth video in the spoopy month 💀💀💀

LowSpecGamer : There are rumours that when this playthrough is over you get a chance to do an entirely different build. If that is the case I wish to master an Octopus character.

Trevor Thieme : 3:51 What the hell is that!?!?!?!?

Don't subscribe please : Fact: human can reach the highest stealth level by using their intelligence, for example Ghillie Suit, they also have anti-stealth ability too, for example Thermal googles

Fart Sniffer : The best stealth build requires the player to get drunk, come home at 4am and try not to wake up the angry wife. I'm a master of that stealth build. Who wants tips?

Dedede163 : Your one of the few channels that deserves this kind of rapid growth

Brainstorm : The elephant "trying to hide" looks hilarious. Nothing to see here.

Lowe-Quality : An Idea for your next video: can you break down Iconic Match ups? Like the Giant Squid vs. Sperm Whale Or Mongoose vs. Snake Or maybe Human vs. Shark

matti kolehmainen : This should be an actual game

Leif : since the Ice caps are melting is this a way for the devs to release some new build? cause i think it would add an interesting twist the way ocean players play.


Jauke Weterings : Your videos are not just entertaining but also very educational. During documentaries they always say breaking up a patterns is benefitial, but thanks to you I really understand it

Memetastic : Best emote for the game?

Finngfl Hi : I would like to think I’d get to watch these after if I die and can reincarnate

Jami Casey : Thanks when I’m finished with my play through as a human I’m playing as a cephalopod

Curse of Shits : Can you do flightless birds next (not including dinosaurs) Birds: -emu -cassowary -kiwi bird -penguin (emperor) -chickens and turkeys -kakapo

Lackaboy : God octopuses are such campers they make so many people rage quit

SOMETHING FUNNY : I requested this video a few months back and you liked my comment. Thank you!

theVIRUSnation : snakes need a bigger hurtbox

streetshadow : I would give this channel the Award for the Best Youtube Channel of 2018. Not only it's funny and entertaining, but also teaches us about real facts and information about the whole Animalia Kingdom. You don't see this much originality in Youtube these days. What a fascinating channel.

Based KekBot : When are you going to talk about the extraterrestrial servers?

SlewedBoot25934 : guys one time i was playing as an ape and a giant group of birds flew by while micspamming never gonna give you up and they wouldnt leave

TheSilverShroudette : This is actually super useful for learning things like evolution and how things adapt. Damn.

BaroDrinksBeer : What about the stealth abilities of Sasquatch, few have ever actually been able to max into that expansion yet, and some people believe its not even real, because its stealth is so high. I heard though that if you offer god your reproduction points when respawning, he will grant you enough points to spawn as Sasquatch.

SmashhoofTheOriginal : Do a video about extinct megafauna

Cities & Skyscrapers : This is my favorite gaming channel.

LUKA : What about the Dragonborn

BulletTraj : Equips bow and arrow GG

Filipe Falcone : can someone help me identify the music in the ending? I think it's from a 90s natgeo show or something like that. It's nostalgic af for me.

Ryan Leatigaga : I used this build for my alligator and it's great! Get Death Roll, Dismember, and Killing Blow and you're golden!

Sol Anima Network : Out of all the stealth species, I believe the Solid Snake is the most sneaky.

stale memes : *G A M E E N D E D*

Reri, Elder God Nerd : I've heard rumours of some glitched human players who've managed to unlock abilities that aren't typically available to humans by using advanced tools and character hacks. Most notably, a player with Spider specific abilities, this other one with Bat abilities and another with Ant abilities. Could you do a video about their potential viability?

DragonKing3787 : TierZoo! I love your videos! I also love that all the comments refer to gaming terms when talking about animals XD I have an idea for a video! I noticed how you mentioned in other videos that Sweat was the most broken ability and Echo Location was also one of the best abilities, so maybe we can get a top 10, 15, or whatever video of best abilities in the game? And respectively maybe another video on the worst?

Zak Cat : you always say the orca is OP but u never actually made the video u said u need to make about them, please do XD

AlphaOtterYT : "Huh, Must of been the wind"

Grumpy ol' Boot : You forgot some of the Stealth oddities .. like, distance. While this would include the fish that shoots water jets at insects, I'm thinking more of birds. A lot of predator birds will fly far overhead, using their superior vision to spot enemy players. And then use the "Dive" ability to create a surprise attack from an angle that is difficult to defend from. Heck, bats take it even further, and uses echolocation instead of eyesight, in order to hunt at night, when the global debuff is active!

Nitetrix : What music did he use? It reminds me if an old game I used to play.

TheGoneBot : Cuttlefish:*changes color* ILLUSION 100 SNEAK 100

BC Josh : so probably the weakness of stealth is infrared detection,Echolocation&Electroreception,Olfaction(smell) and tapetum lucidum probably its not great to be a fish a flat fish a Rat a mice and Etc. because Echolocation and electroreceptor is in your way... (unless if you are poisonous) and its not great to be Rats, mice, and insects,because infrared detection and a stong Olfaction is in your way.... so how to be a master of Stealth? i know how just put the favorite food of the animal that you want to hunt... then go to a tree or a rock near it then Pounce... because it Echolocate the food,it infrared the food,it smelt the food,and saw the food with its tapetum lucidum.....and not locate you because its too busy to the food....!(well im at a top 100 " *S* " tear for all the stealth competitors hehe...)