The Truth in Taiwan by CJayride

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shea : I really do wish you the best, such an unfortunate and scary situation.

haze768 : The whole situation is shitty but CJ handled it wayyyy better than I ever would have. Before the streams i knew nothing about Taiwan, CJ you showed me how beautiful the country and the people are. Taiwan itself showed its ugly side. Wherever you go next is going to be a blast, I can't wait

IxceIX : Taiwans loss.

Robert Macaron : lol a country full of beta males got triggered over 1 guy

rokstaa : YAM news actually agreeing with you that its a witch hunt and acting otherwise must be so frustrating. I understand why you are leaving. Wish you all the best CJ

Patrick : Well spoken buddy. Been watching the stream since March of last year. Hope everything works out for you.

Bing Bong : I fell in love with Taiwan just from watching your streams and videos but the disgusting way that you, your family and the people who stuck by you, have been treated over the last year has made my opinion do a complete 180. It was very disheartening to see so many brain-washed by fake 'tabloid' news and worse still, people using these fabrications to push their nationalist, racist, bullying agendas. Taiwan's loss is somewhere else's gain though and I look forward to watching and supporting you on your next big adventure. Lastly, to the many actual genuine, lovely people that we have met on CJ's streams, nothing but my very best wishes and I hope your home can change for the better soon.

Mike Jones : Good video about how it really is in taiwan. Local news loves gossip and rumors then sells it as legitimate news because there is nothing else to report on the island. All news stations are equivalent to “national enquirer, TMZ, or star” spreading gossip since people crave drama. People in Taiwan are narrow minded and the ones who see this end up leaving TW.

Try Something New : Good stuff man. Hope this never happens to me but you are absolutely right that the media here sucks and there is a strong undercurrent of bullying in the online community.

StreamerTV : Wow what great video bro see you live soon

Kappa 123 : The Cx News is better then Taiwan News.That's Craaazy!

Crow Migration : First time viewer. They're just attacking you because you're foreign. Same thing happens to advchina but they handled it better. Maybe ask them for advice.

CJayride : We have an amazing community and I'm super stoked to take CJayride Season 3.0 to a new destination. Right now we're looking at various different countries ~ cjayHYPERS

Blaze Gaming : Good luck CJ. Hope you find your truly home and happiness buddy. God bless you always!

TurtleMonkey : I've literally heard nothing good about Taiwan... ever.


BigBob145 : Do you really think these racist Taiwanese no lifes will have the attention span to watch the whole video? I guarentee that EVERY single one will not even watch more than 2 minutes and immediately dislike the video. That's how brainwashed they are CJ.

Christoff Coen : Let this be a lesson to all entrepreneurs - stay away from Taiwan. Let them learn the hard way that this is not how you treat valuable guests in your country.

Pookie Jay : I can't wait for you to show us the next place. Who knew my racist grandpa was right all along about the Taiwanese. That's unfortunate. "Your" Taiwan that you had shown us is a beautiful place with wonderful people. Too bad the real Taiwan showed us its ass. I feel like you have shown us all Taiwan has. I know it will be hard to leave your loved ones but it is time to move on. (IMO). You, CJ, are a hard worker, positive outlook kind of guy. You'll be fine in whatever future endeavor you choose to jump into. You literally have the whole world to explore and we want to see it. I will be watching as well as thousands of others. You have a strong base viewership and can only get stronger if you don't give it up. Let's do this!

EpicWin Productions : Always wanted to visit Taiwan but after this I have changed my mind. Thanks for being real with us and showing the truth

spoks41 : Look at these but hurt Taiwanese giving dislikes OMEGALUL

Randy : Great video, CJ.

Raunokalda : Hey CJ, Zanthoor here!! I have no idea how can someone even come up with anything negative against you. this is some proper unintelligent manipulation act to try and discredit you as a person. I really hope you find a new home man because we love you, you have a great community of people behind your back and if you need anything then i hope you know that we will be with you where ever you go. Love you lots and keep your head up !

QRP HF radio : A sad day when a person is victimised for being popular..When i first watched your live streams i was " what the feck" , but i carried on watching and totally unaware of the crap you were previously getting..Cjay carry on doing what your doing, don't give them a platform to stand on.. Rise above it, your far better than they could ever be....Good luck, from a stream subscriber...

Alex : *wrote a wall of text then accidentaly deleted it* oh well, let's just keep it short then. You handled this incident better than most people would have so there's no point in thinking too much about what you could've done better. And despite all the apparant negatives this whole incident brought about, I'm sure you matured and learned a lot about human behavior which will help you in filtering out most of the fake pople that'll try to take advantage of you in the future. Looking forward to your future streams & guess I'll start watching you again. You were right when you said that people don't like to deal with shit like this (watching someone get insulted by racist or at least ignorant monkeys every other day for example).

sk6875 : I wish you the best in your future endeavours. I find it admirable that you have handled this situation in the most civilized of ways despite being the target of such vitriolic xenophobia. Hopefully you will find a new warm home fitting of your graciousness and compassion. As an Asian, I was justifiably shocked at this situation and I hope our region will continue to strive to rid ourselves of the cultural backwardness and tribal mentality which has infested us for so long.

Brent Adkins : I support you dude. Hope this gets to regular Taiwan people.

Leptonaut : I lived in Taiwan for several months. I've seen few places in the world with as much litter. Garbage everywhere. I remember one "beach" that was just a giant heap of trash and the locals wandered by with little regard. Taiwanese complaining about litter in one of the dirtiest countries in the world is a sick joke. If you made another video, strolling through a park, walking through a forest, or wandering to next to a river choked with filth, the locals would say you were "focusing on the bad stuff." But the locals themselves should spend more time focusing on the bad stuff. Less time complaining about their glass egos and more time figuring out how to remedy their trash problem. One of the most annoying things here in mainland China and in Taiwan is that the people in both countries throw waste onto the ground routinely because they are lazy. But they will tell you that a street cleaner will pick it up eventually. This is incredibly stupid as fuck, but that's the "system" they have. Of course, the wind comes along and carries that waste into the street or into the bushes. It's a clown show.

J Beck : Good video CJ.

Drulludanni : That sucks dude, good luck on your future endeavors.

Paul Zheng : Im from taiwan but i must admit that Taiwan's media and news sucks Like even thing happend in the country they will make a news just base on little information and make the conclusion themselve and cause a mass hate or empathy to one that they dont even deserve it at all So yea, im dissapointed at my country

Packers GB : Taiwan in not anymore number 1

jbelux : hope thins go better for now onword

KpopNiDontStop : Always supporting you bro and look at the dislikes from angry fake news LOL.

朱淼淼 : 我是臺灣人,非常慶幸你已經離開臺灣。 臺灣不歡迎你

Little Donkey : Taiwan is the worst province of China.

epicexposure : Hope everything turns out better than it has been. Much love and respect to you on what you have gone through. Will continue watching and support you in the future to come. Cx.

Dave Lee : This is a tragedy

Janne Ranta : Everyone who has even a little success will have haters. Even if it's 0,01% of views it's still a lot of people.

Andreas Wang : I used to love Taiwan, but I find that they are racist. They don't care if you are Chinese descendant. If you come from SEA, they will look down at you.

Dano : It's unfortunate that a majority of humans are very ignorant people.

Christian Anderson : Man Taiwan really is the worst place in China.

alex1994c : I rarely have a comment on anything and usually just lurk on social media platforms but I feel like i need to comment on this. When I watched the stream i enjoyed his time in Taiwan and would have loved to visit it sometime because of his stream. But after seeing how they treated him I don't want to go to Taiwan anymore. I am making plans for some other country instead. Even if it is just one person, there are millions of others that think the same way.

dance4ever79 : Respects to you CJ, keep streaming ! Is their loss !

Adrian Torres : <3

Playerz714 : Hope you win for the case

beefknuckles : I will never ever go to Taiwan in my life. It seems like the biggest shithole in the world honestly. Taiwan Numba 195

KpopNiDontStop : That one chick you subbed on I honestly think shes riding the nuts of hating you to keep her viewers.

Infidel The Mad : You da man CJ good luck. Oh and !ex

argereth argereth : jesus christ man, whenever i tune in to your twitch your so composed and happy despite all this going on in the back. I think you will enjoy Japan more.