Mission Impossible Squirrel

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Jaana Nyström : SQUIRREL! PING +Dave Besbris are these Google modern training methods?  :D

Bahary : Anyone looking back at this in 2018 or later to remind ourselves of how neat this video was back then

bruce wouters : I wish my students were that motivated!

Kathy McElroy : This is great!!!!

Scar : I showed this to my dad. He nearly died from laughter

Shwubble Wubble : Squirrels will do anything for acorns

wolfgang schmittenhammer : Wow!!  Totally amazing video, two thumbs up!   I was talking to a fellow worker and called squirrels tree rats.  He looks at me kinda funny, I said well they are in the rat family.  So he says, they ain't rats, they is varmints!   Well he has lots of guns and likes to shoot things so he must be right, no?  Guess my High School Biology teacher was wrong about all those classes of animals, gonna have to back and educate my teacher about the 'varmint' class!

Orlando Johnson : Look out tom cruise!!!! The replacement is here!

RyoHawk : Mission Impossible 4 - starring Heidy.

Jazzmyne Haines : Squirrels can be wicked smart... ...for being so nutty.

Blair Toland : No pulsating flame pits or swinging pendulum blades? Fail...

The minecraft Architect : AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jason Blakemore : that first jump tho

arkatos : I remember this from School

Mary Isom : So cute!!!

Palmer Grysban : Bossest. Squirrel. Ever.

Palmer Grysban : Bossest. Squirrel. Ever.

raybobuzz : Squirrel power :))

Matt S : David Attenborough- The amazing squirrel: for having such small brains they are surprisingly good at solving obstacles, like in this example here. Look as it, calculates its movement, making sure not to fall, and ever so slightly he makes his way, to the ultimate prize. Food.

Игорь Дмитрук : Цель есть-препятствий не вижу. )

Randi Behrends : Thanks heaps for sharing. 🙂

Udav Udavov : ахахаха, вот это круто

CaesarsSalad : This is not a Rube Goldberg contraption, it's an obstacle course. A Rube Goldberg contraption is a contraption where each part of the sequence elaborately triggers the next part in a domino kind of way.

Corinna Tang-Saporito : WOW is it trained. How did you get it to do that

anamayshun : American ninja squirrel.

Melvin Natanael : Military-Grade Squirrel spy

Corinna Tang-Saporito : it is so funny

Ananya Gupta : Golden classic!

Manny Perez : so they added the pieces backwards?

Sandy Prater : That is amazing. Smart little boogers, aren't they? The obstacle that most impressed me was the little rocket shaped one. How that squirrel figured out that he had to push-pedal himself forward beats me.

memes lol : this gave me a boner

Rado Kromka : ninja factor

thefishstick : #ThingsRetiredPeopleDo ?


Night : lol thats a cute dog

Василий Клетушкин : skazothnaja belka

Kim Phillips : Wait. I'm confused...

JohnnyReiTV : This is literally *NUTS*

JoeyAndStark : this is DOPE !!! love it

Shad Sterling : If I ever have a backyard again I'm totally doing this

ImaW1nn3r : *Awesome.*

Micheala McGloiry : Squirrels for Jesus missions possible!

Alex Nuñez : Esa ardiya es jenial

Gary Staley : cool pix

Citizen Reno : Only TWO weeks??  Brilliant.  I've been teaching my dog, who everyone, including myself, think is quite bright, to distinguish her toys from one another for like 3 years, and she def. does not have it down yet.  I give her a treat when she gets it right, but clearly I'm doing it wrong, cause she really is random.  Youtube and the like are amazing catalysts for catalogues of ideas I don't think anyone would have done before it, huh?

Harmony Snaith : Bless its contents sox

killaddict12 : This is the true american ninja warrior.

Ezotixx : Can I use this for a video complication? You will get all of the credit.

Mad Gamer0220 : This is the first YouTube.video I ever saw

LilacLobster : My teacher showed us this in class xD