Mission Impossible Squirrel

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Jaana Nyström : SQUIRREL! PING +Dave Besbris are these Google modern training methods?  :D

wolfgang schmittenhammer : Wow!!  Totally amazing video, two thumbs up!   I was talking to a fellow worker and called squirrels tree rats.  He looks at me kinda funny, I said well they are in the rat family.  So he says, they ain't rats, they is varmints!   Well he has lots of guns and likes to shoot things so he must be right, no?  Guess my High School Biology teacher was wrong about all those classes of animals, gonna have to back and educate my teacher about the 'varmint' class!

Scar : I showed this to my dad. He nearly died from laughter

Blair Toland : No pulsating flame pits or swinging pendulum blades? Fail...

The minecraft Architect : AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jason Blakemore : that first jump tho

lightningwu : Anyone remember Secret Squirrel from the 90s? ^_^ Well he here is kicking butt ^_^

RyoHawk : Mission Impossible 4 - starring Heidy.

bruce wouters : I wish my students were that motivated!

Jazzmyne Haines : Squirrels can be wicked smart... ...for being so nutty.

arkatos : I remember this from School

Mary Isom : So cute!!!

al t : I could have figured that out.

Kathy McElroy : This is great!!!!

modernJJ : I love the death defying leaps at 0:37 and 0:42!

Citizen Reno : Only TWO weeks??  Brilliant.  I've been teaching my dog, who everyone, including myself, think is quite bright, to distinguish her toys from one another for like 3 years, and she def. does not have it down yet.  I give her a treat when she gets it right, but clearly I'm doing it wrong, cause she really is random.  Youtube and the like are amazing catalysts for catalogues of ideas I don't think anyone would have done before it, huh?

Shwubble Wubble : Squirrels will do anything for acorns

raybobuzz : Squirrel power :))

Palmer Grysban : Bossest. Squirrel. Ever.

Palmer Grysban : Bossest. Squirrel. Ever.

lmZay : Cause having an action sequence makes it better :D

JP138 : this is GREAT

Zona Films : great

Rob Hunt : I love it!!!!!!

thefishstick : #ThingsRetiredPeopleDo ?

Игорь Дмитрук : Цель есть-препятствий не вижу. )

spazma.net : hungry squirrel!!! :)

Nakei Done : @Pumbaplex Yes he can! Yes he can!

Nakei Done : WOO HOO Half a Million Views!!!!

Pong Sifu : Why didn't he just climb up the last post?

deaconx : <3 Squirrels :)

jdw99 : See kids? This is what we had to work with before Super Mario Brothers came along.

Kyle Roemer : OMG BEST VID EVA!

JontusMaximus : Is he drinkin energy drink LOL

Nova Light : cute video love the squirrel :D

suyay1 : wowwwwwwwww

ShabrinAlessi : It's a hard work gettin' nuts... :P Cute and clever squirrel, though.

MultiFireflie : Sweet little squirrel! :-D

jet250 : Stumbleupon!!

Parlock (at youtube.com/edgezombie) : @RobbieReineldt If a Grey Squirrel can do THIS, I'm honestly not suprised the Reds are dying out.

Kronikwookie : the original ninja warriors

DavidWolf84 : I like the part with the squirrel

Ralf-Roman Schmidt : one of the best vids out there!

BrickFilmsCinema : lawlz

K84 : Pure win.

StrangeAngel03 : Oh my god, did that really happen? Hilarious!

TheArcher20 : playground for squirrels and wait there is a treat at the end XD

Tedy Kusuma : Good job

Michael Leadmon : @daboross correction... awesomer

Пётр Королёв : Немыслимо!