Dutch church plays Avicii songs to pay a tribute

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Mahir Cave : What a nice gesture

NintendoBmaN : Not just any "Dutch church", this is being played from the Domtoren in Utrecht, The Netherlands. A truly stunning church with a very deep history!

Grzegorz : Something bitter sweeet about this. Feels like a good way to say a ferewell to a friend.

Patrick Church : Great on so many Levels

Boba Vhett : I'm still wrapping my head around this and completely stunned by disbelief. Truly the first celebrity death to shake me up the way it did. I really loved his music, it always cheered and hyped me up, made me feel good and lots of other positive emotions. And listening to it today gave me chills up and down my bodies for songs I identify with the most. He still had a long and prosperous career ahead of him and lots to offer world. You will most definitely be missed Avicii/ Tim Bergling by me and millions of others who listened in.

Brian : When I listened to this I got chills down my back, anyone else get this? Much respect for Avicii R.I.P

Sid B : I'm not all that into Avicii but this was really well done

Nitish Anand : Props to the cameraman for holding it so steady.

Sam : An amazing tribute to such a tragic loss. The Dutch are some folks through and through.

Michael P : Beautiful, brings a tear to my eye

chris cole : Who are the 9 arseholes that disliked this?

Martin Zehnpfenning : Super Aktion !!! Respekt !

LifeLoveBeauty32 : I’m not crying your crying 😢

eerereps : Awwww how thoughtful

MrUtsa24 : This is incredible. So much respect.

Crystalitar : Such a Young talent. gone.. suddenly.... Feels more surreal as we mostly had to say goodbye to older people... wake up call a bit.. :(

Levskiy Blox : F

Mennovich : The Netherlands in a nutshell.

Charity Stout : My Dad is trying to figure out why I'm crying over church bells.

Spicy Meatball : Wish I leave this world with people caring about me like this.. only though, when you do pass, you may never know.. RIP.

jill cook : This is beautiful. Thank you, church members.

НЕКТО : Покойся с миром! Талантище....

Scotty James : So very sweet and beautiful very touching R.I.P Avicii 😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

a_ enojas16 : He was a legend. And legends never die. I'm gonna miss u Avicii 💔💔💔😭😭😭

Evil Orange : R.I.P. AVICII

Bible Illustrated : Oh man! I didn't even knew he died until this suggested video popped up! So sad!

ShueZy : I would have cried

Julia Koloch : some must die to let others live good bye avici

Not Michael Jordan : Everything is creepier with church bells. And yet, I am sensing something good inside from this. I can’t explain this sensation. Am I feeling? 😂

Sławek Tomalski : Ehhh but play polish women...

Rafaela Jezidžić : I cant bellive...my biggest music idol is...just...gone...i cant i just cant

theoriginalshew : What 3 songs are these? I know them just not the names

FunnyAnni Channel : who dissliked something like that ??

The Bleach Boys : *Press F to pay your Respects*

Crease : The good die young. Thank you for your spirit living on in your artwork. Rest in PLUR.

עדן בללטי : F

Ali-S : F

jn0685 : F

Daniel S : Thank you for your music, Avicii!

Marcel Behnke : My heart hurts so much 😔😔

ESPORTS Fortnite : Amazing, RIP. ❤🙏

Lucas Ballester : Gave me chills

Kris Elblaus : Whoever is in that church. Thank you

Luncoln : F

Jason C. : Honestly stunning. F.

D T : RIP Tim

The1stChair : What does "F" mean?

Magical MusicmanVEVO : 1)Wake me up

CiderDivider : There are no churches like that where I live, and I had no idea that he “bells”(?) could play so many notes! Are they computer programmed to make those songs? Or are there musicians who are ringing them? Or is it just a speaker to imitate the sound of bell songs?

Moofy : This is great