Talent Night - RAW

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mcqueeb : A wild Richard appears at 1:51 :D

Gissela Soto : Ello . This video was really entertaining and funny. Great work! Also the rap was pretty good. I never knew Chaz’s co-workers like you could rap like that! Btw nice flow too 😃

krozetech : Great work! So much fun. More people need to watch this ASAP!

D-Tech Analytics : Great video! This was hilarious but cool at the same time. Great work!

Gissela Soto : Chaz has gone into full time streaming and he is chasing his dreams. I hope you two the best of luck in chasing your dreams. Chaz really felt close to you and he supports you. And I’ll be here to support you, to care for you, and to love you and what you do. I hope you guys can do what you love like how Chaz wants to. I hope others feel the same and support you through your journeys.

Chazzyvee : I love this so much! You guys are so talented and awesome. Great work x) Damn dude the flow and the rap in this is so lit too!!