"Joel Osteen" at the Forum

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How2Tech : "Henke also tells us that the confrontation recorded at the end of the video was with Osteen’s head of security. Though that guy asserts they’re going to the jail, Henke notes the “real police” just thought it was funny. “Especially because Mike, our ‘Joel,’ never really dropped character and kept getting approached by ‘fans’ even as we were detained.”

Tea Tard : A fraud imitating a conman, it was great

shayne whydoihavetohavealastnamegoogle? : You can tell he's not really Joel because he's acting like a real human being.

Beepity Boopity : "Do you know Bobby Schuller?" "Absolutely , what's your name?" "Bobby Schuller"

Logan Bartram : man I was hoping for a tense showdown when the real Joel Osteen appeared lmao

kluna : Technically, they let you in, so you werent trespassing.

ryan : If it hadn't worked out you probably could have used the same accent to get into the Matthew McConaughey event on the other side of town.

Diaboyos : He said flat out "Where's Joel's entrance?" when he went to get past security not "Where's MY entrance". He never claimed he was Joel that I heard nor did he portray him in a negative way so you can go to jail for walking around saying God bless you? What was the final verdict here? Anyone know?

BWM : Joel Osteen should learn a thing from Joel Osteen 2.0

Thing Whas : "I'm 6'3. Jesus was 5'5 CMON"

Gabe9408 : i kind of feel bad for the people that were so excited because they actually like Osteen, even though he's a POS human being.

Kysier : Criminal Impersonation? Nope. Never made the claim, not his fault he looked that way. Criminal Trespass? Nope. He was given permission, and left when asked. Not his fault no one checked his ID Fail to see why he was arrested except the general "you made powerful people mad" crime.

adam palya : Can you monetize this with "Spirit In The Sky" playing in the background?

Nathaniel Beven : not one "hail satan!" ? . aw.

Dustin B : "Breaching the stage" is that a misdemeanor or a felony? Lmfao

Jerry Cargill : He could have made at least a 20-30 grand in donations in that fifteen minutes.

Steven Cardile : You can tell he's an imposter cause he's not asking for money.

KytoRS : he could also dress up as matthew mcconaughey and trick people, i guarantee it

Cobra Saint : Anyone else bothered by the fact the Head of Security dropped the F bomb?

TehxPenguin : Sooo what ended up happening?

Miguel : Yo Joel could use a guy like you for good PR haha. He's usually a POS 24/7, he could sub you in when he needs an actual decent human being.

Fernando Jimenez : "Gentleman, let's go bless some people." It's killing me, looks like he was having a blast

SMB 73 : Sad that so many people believe in this con-man.

Rach C : Can I get a cocktail..lol

C C : Security is always threatening to take people to jail, but they can't and the police would laugh them out of the precinct in a situation like this. Best to just ignore their bullshit and leave slowly, they don't get paid enough to back up their bark

Jacob & Emma : Holy shit this was beautiful

mysoulagem : if this guy goes to jail for impersonating joel osteen, joel osteen should get locked up for impersonating a christian preacher/pastor.

C D : I mean talk about shooting fish in a barrel.

Nico The Rabbit : I read an article earlier that said it actually takes three sheep to make one sweater… -------------------- I didn't even know they could knit!

Dick Trickle : a little "God bless you" goes a long way

Levi : This was guy was 100x nicer then Joel Osteen could ever be!

jsphotos : Osteen's "believers": you can't fix stupid!

Rodney Smith : Breaching the stage is a criminal matter?

Oscar Padilla : Worth it! Good prank. You weren't malicious or malintented. Take a joke Joel Osteen's security!

Benjamin H : "do you know Bobby Schuller?" "Absolutely, what's your name?" "Bobby Schuller"

Zaine Ridling : Osteen will burn and every devil in hell with him will be laughing.

David Stifler : I am reasonably sure Jesus would have found this HILARIOUS.

Wilson Roño : I knew it from the start that he was a fake because he's not asking people for money.

SirTimmy : "Buy as much as you can Buy as much as you're able Just don't let jesus in because he'll start flipping tables"

Chao Lee : I came here after VICE 😂

BillyBob Bazooka : It is so easy to fool right wing Christian. The fake Joel Osteen does it and the real Osteen does it with his fake messages.

GoodbyeJeffery : "My ancestors are smiling at me Imperials, can you say the same?"

Nathaniel Park : everyone who went there is a chump

DurangoJohn Builds & Adventures : Dabs Den Productions what an awesome name!

fafafagat : Do you know Bobby Schuller? Of course I do. Happy to have you, what's your name? I'm Bobby Schuller. *Loud drawn out wheeze followed by a barely contained giggle accompanied by erratic body movements

Michael Mccarthy : Do they actually sell beer/cocktails at any Joel O event? Not that it wouldn't hurt the bottom line...

Timmy Flaherty : Americans can get pretty aggressive when some humans laws are broken or worse, when their pride or ego gets bruised or their 'interests' threatened. Wait til you see the wrath God dishes out for the serious sin that's been committed. The highest laws are the most important and have the worst jails.

Jevaun Howell : He should have gotten onstage and told people to help the poor, remove intolerance and bigotry from their hearts, and turn away from consumerism. Then dropped the mike and walked off.

Brian Willess : Wow, security drops the f-bomb. Dont think that is what Jesus would do.

Christopher Stockhaus : If this guy showed up to a Joel Osteen lookalike contest that Joel Osteen attended, this guy would win.