When you ask out your crush

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A Majestic Peach : Oh that sounds cool *BRO.*

JoshPalerLin : He’s blessed.... what’s that mean mom?

Q Jefferson : I knew it would eventually reach trending. ITS TOO HILARIOUS NOT TO BE

Spirit : The sound effects got me dead!!! 😂💀

Unity : ON TRENDING BRUH *my man*

Veridian : When you ask out your crush but then she finds out you make videos online about jacking off in front of someone

Mackenzie Frecloud : i love that this is trending congrats!!!

Kerry Cronic : Ah shit lol disappointment.

Baby Shenron : Do you remember the scenes in civil war where they had to say some words to make sure Bucky behaves himself 0:10-0:40

Tyler Makes Content : *Mr. Stark, I don’t feel so good.*

candiigurl7893 : Don't worry Griffy, Tacos don't have boyfriends and will never reject you.

LyricalGenes : *That Spongebob edit, "My leg"* 😂 0:43

Lindsay P : The moral of the story: *Never ask your crush out on Taco Tuesday.*

Creator Sun : It's usually my crush asking me out, lol.

Nico Slade : She friendzoned the hell out of him

A Majestic Peach : 0:38 He kinda looks a young Denzel *-TRIGGERED-*

Moonwalker : Dont let this distract you from the fact that you can save 15% or more on car insurance when you switch to Geico.

Logan Alfano-Webb : I showed this to my pet snail, and he has began pursuit in a female snail down the block named "Shirley the Snail." Thank you for creating this video that helped him overcome his fear of asking her out! Rate: 11.6/13

BlackCriticGuy : Too trueeeee

SarahSings 2295 : AYE YOU'RE TRENDING ON 45

Chrisnxtdoor : Griffy let a thot named crystal put him in the friendzone you’re better than this king🤦🏾‍♂️

AJ Lovë : Griffy's trending #16 in the U.S.!!! Get 'em Griffy!!!

A'morrie Mcghee : "He got perfect teeth" Me:....well..that hurts (i have braces) Also me: what does affect me? I'm a girl!😐

Lightskinlucas : *mY LEG*

Turd Nugget : nOt On TaCo TuEsDaY

Veridian : That Spongebob sound effect 😂😂

Gato Cat : Damn son! 5 days and it's still on trending!

BB87FC : Why is this literally me, I always deal with that shit 😂😂. You know how painful it is to third wheel 😂😅😭

Mr Markley : Who here has not been friend zoned, but you're so close to someone they saw you as a brother?

citrusfirefly : 😂👏

Average Steve : Somebody get Griff some tacos

BDD : Not on Taco Tuesday 💀💀💀💀

Mgtow Saved My Life : Well the friend zone is the least of your worries. You asked her out and she wasn’t attracted to you. That’s instant rape! 25 years to life now.

msdogooder : Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, is the true Son of our Creator Father God. Jesus loves you so much dear ones and have a perfect plan for your life. Depart from the sins of this world and have life more abundantly through Jesus Christ. Accept Jesus Christ into your heart and into your life at this very moment. ❤️❤️❤️ (John 3:16; Ephesians 2:8-9; Hebrews 12:2)

Hallowdemon Lopez : Oh that's cool bro right in the facking feels

Dat : MY LEG

Hiba Yamin : I was like get over it until she said "perfect toothed"😭😭😂 she did you dirty

Box & Rose : How about dinnner? (Is it the next level?)

CloneArmy : So sad... :(

Taylor Coley : You on trending my dude! You deserve it.

Justin Y. : Top ten saddest anime deaths

Matthewos Abebe : You're on trending. *CONGRATS.*

MrTiDiNi : "...you got a boyfriend?!........ I BET HE DOESN'T KISS YAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" *dabs and disappears into the dark*

Beverly Eaddy : #23 on trending YOU RUNNING UP MY GUY 😂😂😂🔥🔥

RedyTheLegend : *MY LEG*

FryedPidgey : She got a boyfriend? *Lets start subtracting!*

Black Coconut : *FRIEND ZONED*

Nintendo 64 : Young Denzel...hahaha

COLTON FOX : I took the shots with you my man

R Walt : My boy trending? I'm so proud😥!