When you ask out your crush

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zachandbro : He’s blessed 😂😂😂

JoshPalerLin : He’s blessed.... what’s that mean mom?

LEBRON JAMES VICKERS : Too Relatable bruhhh😭😭😭

Q Jefferson : I knew it would eventually reach trending. ITS TOO HILARIOUS NOT TO BE

Unity : ON TRENDING BRUH *my man*

Dat : MY LEG

Mackenzie Frecloud : i love that this is trending congrats!!!

Delilah Harter : Bruhhhhh I’m weak 🤣

Spirit : The sound effects got me dead!!! 😂💀

Kerry Cronic Vlogs : Ah shit lol disappointment.

Veridian : That Spongebob sound effect 😂😂

Fullmetal Shenron : Do you remember the scenes in civil war where they had to say some words to make sure Bucky behaves himself 0:10-0:40

Creator Sun : It's usually my crush asking me out, lol.

William Soto : My leg!

citrusfirefly : 😂👏

Chris Hansen : *NOT. TACO. TUESDAY...*

BlackCriticGuy : Too trueeeee

Dwight Shrute : *Mr. Stark, I don’t feel so good.*

SarahSings 2295 : AYE YOU'RE TRENDING ON 45

Logan Alfano-Webb : I showed this to my pet snail, and he has began pursuit in a female snail down the block named "Shirley the Snail." Thank you for creating this video that helped him overcome his fear of asking her out! Rate: 11.6/13

Average Steve : Somebody get Griff some tacos

Gato Cat : Damn son! 5 days and it's still on trending!

CloneArmy : So sad... :(

Weaboo Trash : 0:32 "perfect teeth" . . . *licks tooth gap*

Taylor Coley : You on trending my dude! You deserve it.

Sky High : *Not on taco Tuesday*

LyricalGenes : *That Spongebob edit, "My leg"* 😂 0:43

xiaorishu : LOL

AJ Lovë : Griffy's trending #16 in the U.S.!!! Get 'em Griffy!!!

Destiny Howard : *mY LEG*

Veridian : When you ask out your crush but then she finds out you make videos online about jacking off in front of someone

Jelani Zaldana : I knew it was over after the voice crack in the beginning

Mr Markley : Who here has not been friend zoned, but you're so close to someone they saw you as a brother?

XOXOCourtneySimon : "#46 On Trending" 👐👐👐

jerome Walter : He is Such a drama king👑.....lmao brooo

Chrisnxtdoor : Griffy let a thot named crystal put him in the friendzone you’re better than this king🤦🏾‍♂️

Lindsay P : The moral of the story: *Never ask your crush out on Taco Tuesday.*


Jianna Figueroa : My boi trending

Aloy Versus : Awww man, going to ask out my crush soon.

candiigurl7893 : Don't worry Griffy, Tacos don't have boyfriends and will never reject you.

R Walt : My boy trending? I'm so proud😥!

COLTON FOX : I took the shots with you my man

Kaylynn P : On the trending page 👌👌👌

Gar Nicht : MY LEGS

Elisa Abernathy : Oh that sounds cool *BRO.*

DandyDom 20 : Griffy's Trending YAAAAAAASSSSSSSSS

Box & Rose : How about dinnner? (Is it the next level?)

It's Archie : *not on taco tuesday...* *never on taco tuesday*

Rodney Jean Baptiste : #15 trending.