Superbad 2007 - Auditions

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Sam Wayne : Anyone else randomly got it recommended?!

hippa2dahoppa2 : seth rogan could easily be the voice of a backroom casting porn cameraman

Patrick Cc: : I saw in an interview with Michael Cera that Jonah hated Chris because he was outperforming him in the auditions. It actually ended up being perfect chemistry because in the movie they were supposed to kind of hate eachother. And outcame one of the funniest movies post 9/11

Sam A3 : Cera is a damn good actor. Audition is almost perfect reactions.

Z M : The final script is so much better

Ryan Carty : This must have been relatively early in the script processes. They really trimmed it down and enhanced it. The final script is amazing.

DocPegLegRed : I never realized how talented Cera is. Holy crap. Good job

ChaoticMatters : I'm confused I thought these were Super good auditions. Why is the uploader hating?

Lars Mogensen : Damn Michael Cera is on another level, than the rest of the cast.

dustinj217 : For real did not know Rogen co wrote Superbad. Guy is a legend.

red : they really polished this up for the movie

Jeff Ree : Seth Rogan is so stoned that he's even laughing at the auditions at a script he knows

jim aws : Jonah Hill's audition was dogshit. His performance in the movie was gold.

Robert Ringer : I just see George Michael Bluth

VALENTINEproductions : Cera deserves a Scott pilgrim 2

General Wards : Michael Cera hit the nail on the head about the dynamic between Jonah and Chris there. Jonah was boring in his solo audition, but in the group ahe was pretty funny.

jordan gurney : Seth rogan probably just high as a kite lol just chuckling away at everything

Matthew Killips : Jonah really did hate the guy who played Fogell

mrbrockpeters : McLovin scenes elicit instant laughter from me.

Pauly Schultz : This is the beginning of a new era of comedy. After 40 yo virgin, knocked up and superbad comedies were no longer the same. They forever had the Judd upatow seth rogan stamp on them til this day. I'm actually glad comedy went in this direction cuz it's fucking hilarious

DeltaRob : There’s a lot of repetition in the raw script. Glad they polished it

TheAcademicHorse : Everybody’s off book except Jonah Hill lol

pgI0897 : Who’s here from Hot Ones?

04dram04 : These moments were the beginning of the rest of there new lives

kitty c : is anyone here from Michael Cera’s Hot Ones?

JoeyL@ngpercent : 7:44 this is what it would like if they had only $120 to film the movie

Mclovin chicka chicka yeah! : Chicka chicka yeah!

deece : If anyone’s wondering about the scar on Jonah Hill’s right arm here’s the story: While in middle school, Jonah found out his mother was suffering from cancer. His grades dropped and he began smoking weed and rebelling. When he was 15, he and a friend went on a joyride in an SUV and a his friend recklessly turned the steering wheel back and forth, swerving the vehicle, while Hill's arm reached out the passenger door window. Losing control, the SUV flipped over injuring Jonah. All he remembers from the accident was waking up on a hospital bed, listening to doctors decide whether or not to amputate his arm. But the worse part, according to Jonah, was seeing the faces of his parents, especially his crying mom. "I said to myself, 'I'll never let them down ever again,"... "So I look at this scar every day. That reminds me to work hard."

Josh Harris : “I was not too stupid...I was just too lazy “ lmaoo

kingofthegrapes1212 : Is that's some freaks and geeks props in the background

hyda mera : seth rogan laugh like a donkey

Truth Opinion : You can just hear seth rogen cracking up!

Chief Chimp : The iron chef of pounding vag !

Ryan : *Watch* *how* *many* *times* *Cera* *pats* *Fogel* *on* *the* *shoulder!* 😂

Slotsky Korkavsky : Put the script down Jonah

Woozie Maddox : Seth Rogan puts on a great 1 man SNL audience.

Tito Denino : Crazy how circumstance make everything. If the ending was scripted then wow the cringe is real! But and only if the ending from 7:50 - end was improvised then it pure genius! And those laughes arnt as creepy yet warming.. proof life is what you make it! Go out there and do something! Like for 1 million years of good luck!

FromHyrule : Some parts are improvised here.

LukaANDkrusty : 7:34 Superbad: The Sitcom..

Eric Y : Seth Rogan is having the time of his life while directing. Light up a bowl and have a cast act for you.

bla bla : For real though Jonah Hill is a really great actor

WHITE GRANITE6 : the movie was funny but the auditions wasnt that funny to me

TommyTom : Cera said that Hill really didn't like Fogel at all, in real life, and that really comes across here

Eric Warwick : That ending was improvised

Mona Woodland : Muhammad is now the most common name in the UK now... London or England.. I don't remember but it's all gone now so doesn't matter

Unknown Tactic : Freaks and Greeks art😂

taghiramzi : wow, you don't know difference between rehearsal and audition

MrOuchiez : Love hearing that Bill Hader cackle in the background! Kills me every time...

7rue Op1n1on : This version is more convincing

Arturo Lopez : This movie would have gotten so much shit if it was made today.