Tiger Woods impossible chip shot at 16th in 2005 Masters

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BMeister22 : 1:40 - "Let's pause for a quick second to say that this incredible sports moment has been brought to you by Nike".

Sejin An : Nike execs prob came in their pants when it dropped in the hole

Leroy Moore : Simply the greatest golf shot ever made.  Tiger made golf sexy.

PK Comedy : One of the greatest golf shots of all time. Are you kidding me? He was SPONSORED by NIKE and that NIKE SWOOSH hung there for 3 seconds for the entire world to see before going in the hole. Nike is still pissed the swoosh was Vertical, not horizontal.

Ray Campbell : Oh wow!!! In your life have you seen anything like that.

crzy1gs : I enjoyed all 4 of the pixels

Jesse Center : Verne Lundquist nails the call!

amlnet49 : People say the chip was lucky and it was to an extent, but that was one of the amazing things about Tiger in his prime was that somehow things would just go right for him and they wouldn't for everyone else. His great shots somehow always ended up going in while others' great shots would be a few inches away.

John Landon : I saw this live. I've never seen any golf before or since. Because this is just... perfection. I'll never see anything to top it.

TheNYgolfer : "There's a good chance he doesn't get this inside DeMarco's ball" lol.

Rio G : Notice how the other announcer who kept saying what Tiger couldn’t do or what he would have to settle for was so fcking silent afterwards. How sweet was that?! Even after his fellow announcer stated, “OH WOW! In your life have you ever seen anything like that”. He was still silent, probably to busy picking up his jaw. 😂

MrDaydreamer93 : i just paused at when the ball is at edge of the hole and just rubbed one out just to feel the ecstasy that tiger felt right after it drops

Richard Court : Greatest single golf shot considering the situation I ever saw. Verne Lunquist call shows why he calls this sport, fantastic. But I wonder...did the crowd noise carry that ball in? That much noise the ground was shaking just a little bit, but that was all it needed. Which also makes me think; if it was anyone BUT Tiger, would the crowd have been as vocal, and would the ball have gone. Just speculating, talking nothing away from the shot, simply incredible.

Shay Boogs : Considering the moment, it's the best golf shot I've ever seen.

Jack Goff : Jack Nicklaus never played a shot like that, not even close. The work of a golfing Mozart.

Johnathan M. : Did this really happen or is that a CGI product placement and advertising for Nike? THAT shot, alone, is worth whatever they paid him to play the game. Every executive at Nike must have had their cell phones ringing, around the world, for the next 24-48 hours following that shot. Beyond perfect, that pause at the end, classic! Funny how you don't hear an F'ING WORD from the naysayer announcer who gave us a "play by play" of what was going to happen beforehand?

Bill Gillis : let's also say this was one of the best calls ever

Mike Radcliffe : I watched this live with my dad. One of my favorite memories.

Tom Hill : How come this isn't the nike advert?

Nick Monaco : Goosebumps. Absolutely mind boggling

fabmassive80 : with eye of the tiger they meant that!!!!!!!

Deon Hamner : Can't believe this was 10 years ago now... That shot was amazing

Rick Platinum : Thumbs down !?...Haters will be haters HATERS....can't fix that. That shot was completely calculated and amazingly executed by Tiger - I watched it live and couldn't believe it. Such talent - he has every shot in the bag.


rodge correa : How does this not have more views

Richard Looker : Can someone sort this video out and make it HD???

BucDaWorld 4ever : Loudest golf clap that still echos! Legendary

Simone Stella : Greatest golf shot of all time

Alex G : 1:06 yeah right 😂😂😂😂😂

Peter Nolan : Chris DeMarco, “what the...”

Digital Lair : It's the greatest shot ever in the history of golf!

Epic Tien : Love how the crowd just built up excitement, then lost it all, then gained a burst of energy again.

Nate Jones : 1:57 Dimarco is like “am I seriously supposed to do something now?”

honeyboy Dominguez : I remember my wife punching my back and pulling my hair when this happened! I screamed so loud watching this historic shot that I forgot my wife was still asleep since it was still around 4am I think in Philippine time!

halnms62 : If that happened today, Twitter. Would. Melt.

sennagalisfan : GOAT

Truth Jones : G.O.A.T !

Narong Chomtid : เพลงไทยสากล สุเทพ สุนทราพร

Randy Romero : DUI

Mitchell Kammeier : get goose bumps every time i watch this ... leading the masters, the stage, the difficulty, then the ball hesitates slightly to display his sponsor before falling into the hole, just incredibly f**king amazing.  I hope he overcomes his injuries because watching golf just isn't the same without him.  

drlee2 : Tiger would have lost had he not made this chip shot. He bogeyed the final 2 holes, allowing DiMarco to force a playoff. And this was Tiger’s first major after a 2.5-year drought. This win jumpstarted the second leg of his storied career where he won 6 more majors from 2005 to 2008 with his new swing. It took a long time to get it right, but this is where it first paid off for him. Hoping his performances at the 2018 British and PGA where he had a legit shot to win both jump starts the third leg.

bigtex macgonigle : "In your life!!!!"..classic Vern Lundquist

m0ntheg3rs : That shot made billions for Nike. Seriously the most epic moment of sports and the camera is zoomed on on the swoosh. Hope they gave tiger some bonus stock options for that lol.

Ninja Please : *”There’s a good chance he doesn’t get this inside DiMarco’s ball.”* Famous last words.

Vic Rattlehead : Tiger face before he made that shot was like .... this one better get in or I'll be dead.

Bruno Sardine : Ill never forget this. My friend and I were watching this live at his place and we both jumped to our feet at the same time. Great moment in sports history here.

K Adams : " in your life......." great call!!!!!!

Justin L. : I'm so happy he is back...

integraledmy : 13 years on and STILL spectacular

loch wies : 1:39 JUST DO IT