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ShadeZ 4 Lyfe : Don’t you dare like, comment and subscribe to this channel

Darius Bizimana : Don't you dare catch phrase is tight.

Jacob Peralta : Disappointed jasmine wasn’t Ryan in drag talking to himself

Asdf101 : Closing your eyes is *TIGHT*

George Lucas : Super creepy, barely an inconvenience!

Just Your Average Nerd : You'd think with magic getting girls would easy, barely an inconvienience?

Yourson Isold : Ryan looks surprisingly good in Jasmin's outfit.

Christopher Longoria : Dark magicing your way into a girls pants is *TIGHT*

Connor d : This was good but cmon it would been great with Ryan as jasmine

J Trent : Ryan George brought in another actor! This is actually so true.

LC Kaboom : Aladdin pitch meeting confirmed.

J Trent : Wishing to a Genie is Super Easy, Barely an Inconvienience.

Tushar Raj : Ryan was nearly unrecognizable as Jasmine. He's getting really good at this multiple role thing.

dragonballfox : First video where Ryan isn't only talking to himself

Toxic Touch Productions : You're not actually a prince? What's up?

memesquared² : Most underrated channel on YouTube

Big Black Guy Reviews : *"A Whole New World" take 37* Jasmine: "A whole new woooorrld!" Aladdin: *softly* "Don't you dare call the cops!" Director: "Cut!!" *Face palms* "WTF, man?!"

Just Sayn : DONT YOU DARE not watch this vid

I Don’t know Or Care : 2 Minute videos are tight

Alfred Allan : who dared to give that dislike must be a very sad person.

HydroSimp : Wait?! Other people exist in Ryan's sketch universe?!

Uncomfortable Cat : Please do more like this, We want more.

Johan gade : Who is the GIRL?

Zach Morrow : I do not think I have ever been so early for an upload in my life.

tigerbread78 : Ryan George, the only reason to watch screenrant

David Harris : #Jasminetoo

Just a kid that rants : I mean, if you insist...

tropicAces : what a hidden gem of a YouTube channel. Here’s to another 90s Show!

Nick Krasny : He should have told her to hold her breath it gets better...

AlexRejba : Ehm... something about tight and barely an inconvenience.

pakwarrior 111 : This video is amazing just like all your others and making them is super easy, barely an inconvenience! Keep it up Ryan!

Jacob Salas : Whenn there isnt enough Pitch Meetings, there's Ryan George.

Aidan Boy : This was amazing!


Ayrton866 : Don't you dare click "Dislike"

astrapsy : Stopping what I was doing to watch this immediately was super easy, barely an inconvenience.

ArtFlunky : Hold your breath. It gets better...

RyderOrRiot1 : Who played jasmine?

El Diablo Art : Saying what's up is tight

Austin MacDonald : Don’t you dare not use super easy barely an inconvenience in your videos😜😄 this is gold tho😂

Adarsh Kurup : Ryan deserves much more views and a lot more subscribers.

Sean Walsh : Super creepy. Barely an inconvenience.

Andruw500 : Dont you dare to like this coment Ryan!

BlazeGamingPlays : DON'T YOU DARE make another video talking to someone else we want ryan talking to ryan (jk) Nice vid man Love your humor

That one random guy in the comments : Genies are TIGHT

Ryan Maddugal : Yes it’s true!! Even when I heard the song the very first time I felt weird about this but,decided to brush it off like meh,🤗I was all like:”(Robot voice) *ignored* , *DOES COMPUTE* , *DISNEY IS NEVER WRONG* , *Disney is ABSOLUTE* blip blip🤖” lmao 🤣

ShadeZ 4 Lyfe : Please do ‘Teen Titans GO! To The Movies Pitch Meeting’

INCUBO175 : It Is cute if you sing it jajaja

96 : This was so good😂great chemistry between you two

TheXboxNOOB : Excuse me Don’t You dare is cute and also very romantic also never creepy