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Manoj Chauhan : overpriced garbage they sell

Deva : Please Die SUBWAY

Eyes Speak : "Misbehaving with a lady" card didn't work lol

Pooja Mathur : 1:28 she tried to snatch the camera from him and then she said that 'don't touch me'😂😂 Iss lady Ko jail mein bhejdo kyunki yeh logo ki health se khilwaad kr rhi h BTW 🎩 hats off to u sir.

Krait Haywire : Anna poda naari kutti loda mera muh me legi?

Ritesh Kumar Das : The lady is looking like a cockroach

KRISHNENDU BANERJEE : 😂😂😂😂 a matured woman playing woman card infront of a little girl..that's the irony of a fake feminism...

aishwarya jekte : Slap her and give her 10 cockroaches to eat...

Neeraj garma garmi of to drinkar : yar ye subway wali bady sexy lagri hai

arun kumar : Telugu English ! 😂

crymebeast : Woman is filthier than the Cockroach 😒💩❌ #FACT

Anand Pandey : Thicc.

rohit pal : can somebody slap her face pls do it

Aayushi Jindal : These kind of women ruin everything for other women who actually face harrasment. She is literally snatching the camera herself then shouting how dare you touch me. Srsly wow!! Thank god tht guy filmed the whole thing otherwise she would have levelled false accusations against the innocent guy. Tht women should b fired immediately

Sahil 123 : 352 feminists disliked this !! 😂😂😂

Ganesh K : ab kaha gaye sare feminist?

Vineesha V : Salute you sir. .nice jawab ...i got goosebumps when you said don't touch my daughter

2 wheels 2 lives : Whatever happens, the first thing women say is 'Why are you talking to a woman like this?'. Great defense for them, even when they're at fault.

Sudipta Das : This is the nature of mosts city working women they don't know behaviour and customer relationship but when they will loose the battle or talks with anybody they will use their lady power and izzat. Serving any branded food with cockroaches and arguing and forcing the customer to go out of the store. Rather she should talk and with some free food can solve the issue and can keep the customer visit again and again. But these type of women earning max 15-20 k gain so much ego in them that they forget why they are working whom they are representing and how much each customer are important as now burgers and rolls are at every gali and streets. I found she is a store manager and loosing the battle of unhappy customer relationship she started crying at lasts. Rather she should be eager to give the bests service. I don't think she has any knowledge that only few percent of the people prefer Subway and these type of videos will make a great blunder in the companies reputation and ultimately will attack her pockets. But few specially these type of women are selfish they know the skin power that's the difference between any open minded nation and under develop countries where misbehaviour matter more than the services.

WALTER WHITE : Iski gaand mast hai , main iski gaand maarronga . Cokroach chalta hai koi baat nahi 😂😂😂 .

simran Kaur : Crap customer service feel like slapping her .is this kind of staff subway hire shame....

ISHAAN VERMA : The guy is overacting! She was calm and trying to solve the problem. He is saying to close the outlet,its not easy. It can happen anywhere the food serving people are not god! Yes it should not happen and they should get fine for it. But guy overreacted and went inside the restaurant which is bad.

Aswini Kumar : Poor daughter .....felt bad for her...

ankit kadu : video Maker please file the complain to police against that outlet and also on that lady.. and show them this proof

THE BOSS ZONE : Madarchod randi saali us bacchi ko rula diya tune bhosdi waali saram kar tera customer hai wo madarchod

VIRAL VIDEOS : Rip English ... And subway...

abhijeet chatterjee : The child was really scared and that subway staff should be basterd from her job and should be fined for misbehaving 😡😡😡😠😠😠😠

Amandeep Singh : it is ok to have stringent punishment for a man misbehaving with a woman, but it is also high time to have equally stringent punishment for a woman making false allegations against man...........otherwise, women can do anything and never be at fault

gadgets india : Eat at home .better.

Shraddha Pawar : Gud stand u hv taken sir...very gud...proud citizen

Bishal Śhàh : Slap her hardly

Mathew Litty : Thanks for posting this informative video to us. this shows the world how such stores serves their customers and at what level.This is purely against food compliance . I dont think the man who posted this video should be blamed. The lady needs to have an attitude check and meet psychologist. If she does not know to handle such cases then she should be not on board and must be terminated or sent for refresher course. Yes, there is a way to handle such complaints but not by yelling and screaming her guts off to customers sorry ... I would have reported this matter to the municipality and called the cops as such stores needs to have their license removed. This is a customer right issue which has to be addressed and not ignored.

Rahul Reddy : @02:04 : This brought tears to my eyes. Her daughter's incredible love towards her dad. Wow!!! Sir, you're a great man!! Please show the below to your daughter, "Dear, your dad is a real hero.. don't just shed your tears that way. Stand for your feelings and parents. Raise your voice against the Injustice then and there at the spot. I can completely understand all your feelings dear. Be bold and extrovert at such situations.." Wish I was there at that spot.

Boss Man : Plz dont abuse anyone..being a franchiese is a very tough job..u get burn out very easily and quick..they get sick n tired of listening to customers demands n complaints every day and bursts out when their patience dead end'on give her a break she is also a human being..plz dont write something rude that if someone reads it and get hurt..plz dont make karmas kind n humble to all living creatures n nature.. may God bless every soul..

Sambhaw Kumar : How rude she is

milinddeva21 : The man is a camera nazi. She acknowledged the problem. How can he enter inside and not leave when asked to leave? How can he ask for store to close? He can ask for refund and He can do all his protest outside the store. What he did is camera nazism.

RDX B : Chi chi chi kaise log h galti b ni maan rhi randi saali bajaru bas angrizi m kitter pitter krne se kya galat sahi ho jta h kya raand bajaru

Why I like being scared of everything? Almost : Oh my GOD! I he is right. He should complain to the police immediately. But I hope he is right and not just planting a cockroach. Some frustrated people do that. BUT I DON'T THINK THE LADY IS AT FAULT. WHAT CAN SHE DO? SHE HASN'T DELIBERATELY DONE IT.

Hind Katana : Try everywhere to take advantage by playing woman card. Women can do everything in India. Shameful.

Nikhil Kuanr : Fired her form this subway store....

Prajali Kapse : Main rehti to 6,7 chamaat de deti ees pagal harami mature larki ko phir batati misbehaving kya hota h,khood camera touch kar rahi aur jhootha ilzam laga rahi h

YouTube Administrator : Indians Vs Indians

Sunil Arora : arey waa cockroach veg k paiso main nonveg ka Maja 😂

Your Name : Yalla at mee plzz yalla

RAYZZY BUSTER TECH : Yes subway serves rotten food .... I've seen it

YOU GOT IT Gaming : Everywere Cockroaches* .

Manish Chaudhary : Store close hua ke ni bhai detail me vhi nautanki food inspector abhi jaanch he kr rhe hai..

auri hasan : I can hear the daughter's voice 😢 i can't hear anyone shouting at you! Her love for papa! 😢 May God bless you my child. .love you

Deepa V : Thinking about her husband

Tilak Raj Sharma : She is preety #tellowfever