Why I dress like an obese, deranged Judge Judy
Why I dress like an obese deranged Judge Judy

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Why have you been wearing a scarf for 17 years? What are those giant robes? Why is there lasagna in your boa? Welcome to the most iconic look book, wardrobe reveal, try on haul that’s ever been made in the history of mankind. You’re welcome. Get a free first ride with Uber by downloading the app and using this code: emilias321ue https://www.instagram.com/emiliafarts/ Thank you I love you.


AmbyMT : fat, comfortable, extra, and free. damn if that isn’t a life motto.

isaiah veirs : When you're a meme but by choice

Melanie Anne Ahern : "I was a quietly dramatic little girl who didn't wanna disturb people, but needed it to be silently understood that I was amazing." okay @ me next time

tarantulady : Most people who say, “I dress for myself” are lying. Here’s the rare exception.

Lucinda W : i hit the pause button w my elbow n really thought u just didnt move for like two minutes

HotMessNess MUA : Most authentic human ever or the best actress ever .. either way I am sooooo enjoying u

michelle : woah what happened to nikkietutorials

Deformed Ape Sweat : She reminds me of a 14th century monarch

Adrian c: : She's so "weird" yet her thoughts seem so normal and human... I love her!!!

Snowie : "or maybe, the older I get, the more I accept that little girl inside of me who wants to wear elaborate princess costumes to the grocery store." Beautiful and so inspirational!

suleiny beltre : There’s something addicting about watching you and listening to you . I’m not a very flashy person so your look definitely catches my eye . But there’s something therapeutic about listening to you.

joey : me when one person compliments my outfit

Anya Jade : Why do I feel like you and Shane Dawson would be kindred spirits? You do you girl! amazing. :D

Jared Piper : With all due respect. You’re like if Portland was a person.

Todd Bross : True alabaster eyes. Robes of the finest filaments. Faded emerald coiffure. Flesh of a soft nature. A beacon for glamour. The legitimate icon.

nayeon won : *Poppy has left the chat.*

lynn : Maybe I'm losing my mind...or maybe I'm finding it....*mouth pop.

Shoe Reedus : She’s slowly becoming a bird

lizzy770 : Tapped into the source. Anyone who thinks your insane is just threatened by your bravery and inner sight. Don't doubt yourself go deeper. Self actualisation, those zen masters would be intimdated lol

Harper Leigh : Ok this is the first vid I've ever seen of you and I have no idea what's happening but I'm into it

Anna Babicheva : Ok, this is officially my first comment on YouTube. You are amazing and I have learned a lot about myself from your stories. I really appreciate who you are and wish you only the best. Sending lots of love from Amsterdam <3

Genesis QuVa : Fat. Comfortable. Extra. And free. Mood

Juliana : god i wish i had the confidence to truly embrace my inner self the way you have

Bree Clark : Probably my favourite fashion video out there.

Yanni D Solo : I feel like we just became best friends

Basic Ly : Your voice. You should read audio books.

Burnt Chicken nugget : If I had a person to act out my soul this would be it

Karissa Pukas : You are bad ass. Glad I found your space on the Internet ✌🏼✨

Kyle Ross : Can you please make a robe sewing tutorial? Are you sure that part of of the reason you dress like this is because you are secretly a mage? If so there is no shame in it. As a wizard myself, you are not alone. <3

Kat Gow : I want to get that tattooed "maybe I'm losing my mind or maybe I'm finding it.

jeremy mako : almost forgot to watch this today

UniteAllTribes ! : You are beautiful and if you ever would let me take you out to dinner, perhaps a poetry reading of one of my works...that would be incredible. You are a beautiful person.

Aisya Ameera : The clothes that she is always wearing is called "kelebar" here in Sarawak. We usually wear those as our pyjamas or daily clothing. They are really comfortable.

ThisBeautifulRomance : Honestly people who dress , wear makeup, or have hair that stands out seem more sane to me. 😏😘

shira yaari : Crazy thing about Emilia is how brutally honest she is about her differences. She isn’t delusional, she’s just different. And people can’t tell the two apart

Taylor Diehl : Oh my god you are a queen goddess truly 💖😭

Hazel Lord-Wilson : This has got to be the best arguement to not have school uniforms.

petra : *Legendary, an icon*

Novae Sinclair : This is the first video Ive ever seen of yours. Your iconic goals!

lxvecyrus : Every time Emilia whips open that fan it’s so dramatic I die

Rodrigo Fernández : Girl at the shop: *hello, can I help you with something? anything specific you're looking for?* me: 0:00 - 0:25

Wild Prey : Emilia the more I watch your video's, the more I think I'm falling in love with you. (๑´`๑)♡

Cristal Hdz Tapia : I love you so much! I used to be extra and dramatic didn’t care what people thought... but then social media became my job and suddenly everyone felt like they have a right to judge you. Your videos make me want to be my old self again and I can’t thank you enough for it. ❤️❤️

April Romanek : Damn girl you can twerk pretty well. Love your videos, and I Just found you today, and subscribed. Xo

Belle Ginkgo : I'm sorry but as you get disturbingly closer to the screen, I cant help but realise...  Your nose has a lovely structure to it. Dainty.

Dorothy Worrell : I feel moments when your flashy look, excessive eyeshadow and badly outlined lips are all a cover protecting your inner child from the cutting society has done to your soul. I feel that although you claim to be free, and to just be yourself... the real you struggles to the surface at the end of the video with a half-shed tear in your eye like reality might use that tear to peer inside and see your total truth. So you blink it away when you think we can't see. We, none of us, is any more perfect than you and we have no right to judge just because you film yourself and "show" us. I wish you a warm hug when you need it most and a future full of the simple joys that mean the most to you.

Jessie Rose : The title is EVERYTHING!! 🙌🏼

More Information : I feel like I’m the only one who literally thinks that what she wears is something that would be on the runway, especially the makeup it’s so cool.

Naomi Woods : I love her she's low key relateable