Why I dress like an obese, deranged Judge Judy

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nickkingofearth : Did this video get oddly real towards the end?

Digmer : Colab with garret watts please.

Kelly Honos : the floor creaking while she shook her ass is a mood

shira yaari : Crazy thing about Emilia is how brutally honest she is about her differences. She isn’t delusional, she’s just different. And people can’t tell the two apart

Anya Jade : Why do I feel like you and Shane Dawson would be kindred spirits? You do you girl! amazing. :D

lynn : Maybe I'm losing my mind...or maybe I'm finding it....*mouth pop.

baxter : i hit the pause button w my elbow n really thought u just didnt move for like two minutes

isaiah veirs : When you're a meme but by choice

Bluuna TheAngel : This is the President that America needs.

Mr. Slugstar : I wish I was brave enough to wear the weird shit i want to wear.

Madison Mukbang : You’re unapologetically you. And that’s why I love you.

Jared Piper : With all due respect. You’re like if Portland was a person.

Todd Bross : True alabaster eyes. Robes of the finest filaments. Faded emerald coiffure. Flesh of a soft nature. A beacon for glamour. The legitimate icon.

Deformed Ape Sweat : She reminds me of a 14th century monarch

chelsea ward : I just want to say thank you, I’m battling the hardest point of my life right now. Addiction to drugs and depression, but your videos brighten my day and make me smile when I don’t even know what it means to be happy anymore. Keep being you, because you’re incredibly important💖

Airell Skye : That end...the chills I got. There IS clarity and peace in chaos.

Moist Corn dogs : If lady gaga was god tier

Panda Char : The booty wiggle though 💕


anne arocho : You are Macdoesit but as a white woman

Karuna Satori ASMR : Lmao all the jump cuts I love it so much

Jaxon :P : EXTRA THICC *Mouth pop* Oof

Anna Babicheva : Ok, this is officially my first comment on YouTube. You are amazing and I have learned a lot about myself from your stories. I really appreciate who you are and wish you only the best. Sending lots of love from Amsterdam <3

tforceraven : I have never found someone so relatable in my life

Random Thoughts : You would be really good at writing a book i would read it tbh

Maladys_Way_Tarot : I just found my new favorite place. 💗💗💗 thank you for your heart.

lizzy770 : Tapped into the source. Anyone who thinks your insane is just threatened by your bravery and inner sight. Don't doubt yourself go deeper. Self actualisation, those zen masters would be intimdated lol

Adriana Mena : This was so inspirational at a level i can't really understand, i'm inspired to be myself now, just to be myself and don't give a shit about what others say, Emilia fart, Thank you.

tarantulady : Most people who say, “I dress for myself” are lying. Here’s the rare exception.

Chloe Price : I really don't know how to react to this person. I don't like her fashion style but at the same time she is so funny and charismatic. I love the self-irony and this video actually made me think. I would totally be friends with her, 100%.

HotMessNess MUA : Most authentic human ever or the best actress ever .. either way I am sooooo enjoying u

Alex Gorton : let me save everyone 5 minutes of their life. its for attention.

Grigori Rasputin : You are beautiful and if you ever would let me take you out to dinner, perhaps a poetry reading of one of my works...that would be incredible. You are a beautiful person.

SosaltySereezy : *i had a phase where i only wear boxers* Im.still in that phase

Poenut : I think I love you.

Megan Day : This has taught me more about myself and my silent amazing-ness than 35 years of self analysis. Thank you, you inspire me so much. ❤

Shoe Reedus : She’s slowly becoming a bird

Brother Bear : I really hope you never get demonitized

Al Neg : better than some snl. ..sketches...thats for sure..

CurtisDonDeano : idk u but i love u

ThisBeautifulRomance : Honestly people who dress , wear makeup, or have hair that stands out seem more sane to me. 😏😘

Nayeon Won : *Poppy has left the chat.*

Shauna Robertson : Oh my God I'm here because elvis did a video on you and I LOVE YOU!!!

Stephanie Szady : Idk... how I even got here?! But, I find these videos disturbing. I see a very cute girl in an extra large body & is totally uncomfortable. But hiding her true emotions w/POPS/“clicking” Feather boas, robes, oversized turtlenecks, & greasy poorly died light green hair. Nobody commenting is helping her case.(which is sad 😢) Not anyone supporting this train wreck would wanna wake up tomorrow looking like this.(I personally would die.) Offering up advice to her for a healthy relationship with food Would be a great start! Lord knows she’s a survivor (her past proves she’s a strong woman, aching for happiness) I support strong women & respect her. -this is just my own opinion. However, I don’t see the smile on her face or light in her eyes. Her teenage pictures do. Eyes are the windows to ur soul.

Emppos : 4:30 was so cute i can't

Michael : Watching you is like being a contestant on Hells Kitchen during one of those blindfolded taste tests, and they feed you something not quite hard, and not quite soft, and a little sweet, salty, & a hint of banana. And you guess Tuna. I don’t know what I’m watching, but it’s yummy somehow and tastes of tuna...that’s what she said.

Pina Colada : “Extra thick” lol she’s so funny. Don’t change

imchris : literally me when presenting a project

Little Panduh : I honestly think she’s 5 years ahead and 2 dimensions beyond our time.

Troy and Chase : Please never change