Why I dress like an obese, deranged Judge Judy

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Karuna Satori ASMR : Lmao all the jump cuts I love it so much

CurtisDonDeano : idk u but i love u

Heaven Lee : Why does she look so sad near the end? 😢😢😢

Digmer : Colab with garret watts please.

Giuliana Y : She’s endive from chowder

Madison Mukbang : You’re unapologetically you. And that’s why I love you.

Scout Dawson : I found this channel by accident after it popped up at the end of a Jeffree Starr video. I love it. Hilarious, terrible, wonderful, loud and obnoxious. Absolutely amazing.

Stormwatcher : I just love your style and your name. Never change, never let the haters get you down. When I watch your videos, I think of the song "This is Me" from the movie The Greatest Showman.

99zabuza : I actually really like her. I didnt develop such level of diversion but at a point i wanted to stand out as well and kept wearing stylish slightly outstanding clothes that i liked. I dyed my hair gray and my clothes got crazier and stylisher time by time. I tried different styles with my hair and people would think I am stupid but i didnt give a shit anymore cause i became myself

Alyssa Waisner : IT'S NOT A PHASE, MOM!

me : Maybe I'm losing my mind...or maybe I'm finding it....*mouth pop.

Mo : First video of yours I’ve ever seen, most dramatic video I’ve ever seen, my most favourite video I’ve ever seen! Yes girl!

Miranda Victoria : You look like you are from The capital in hunger games! And I love it!!!

Yeemo Dorito : This was the first video that I watched of this queen and I’m so fucking happy I clicked

Bluuna TheAngel : This is the President that America needs.

Airell Skye : That end...the chills I got. There IS clarity and peace in chaos.

Kasey Moon : Wow, who knew there were such beautiful, perfect, people in the world? (Subscribes)

GLITTERLORD : You are the one iconic online presence who gives me inspiration and encouragement to be original in my own wacky way. I love that you have your own unique style, that you’re unashamed of who you are and yet acknowledge that you have insecurities. I love it.

Wavy Spice : I just found your channel and I have no idea why I like you so much.

Tara Vila : I can relate went to all girls school wearing grey with white shirt for years it made me who i am today 100% weird.

nickkingofearth : Did this video get oddly real towards the end?

tforceraven : I have never found someone so relatable in my life


Beth Razz : I love you Emilia. 💚

Jay Joseph : Looool u can twerk tho😂😂

Poenut : I think I love you.

huh : This was so inspirational at a level i can't really understand, i'm inspired to be myself now, just to be myself and don't give a shit about what others say, Emilia fart, Thank you.

Megan Day : This has taught me more about myself and my silent amazing-ness than 35 years of self analysis. Thank you, you inspire me so much. ❤

Debbie Zamarelli : I just found this channel and Im binging.. I love how it starts off odd and then I end up feeling something.. I love you you are amazingly awesome!

Al Neg : I can use u as a guru in my book....

Emppos : 4:30 was so cute i can't

Al Neg : better than some snl. ..sketches...thats for sure..

elyon v : The grand finish" or maybe im finding it" 👸🙌👏👏👏👏

Random Thoughts : You would be really good at writing a book i would read it tbh

Sadie Hicks : Fabulous, dahling

Chloe Price : I really don't know how to react to this person. I don't like her fashion style but at the same time she is so funny and charismatic. I love the self-irony and this video actually made me think. I would totally be friends with her, 100%.

Charlotte Harte : The booty wiggle though 💕

chelsea ward : I just want to say thank you, I’m battling the hardest point of my life right now. Addiction to drugs and depression, but your videos brighten my day and make me smile when I don’t even know what it means to be happy anymore. Keep being you, because you’re incredibly important💖

Al Neg : get it human...yessd

JGB : Get some help

Phantastic comments : You're the best thing thats ever happen to me

old monk : She is mental

Linda Bickston : You are sick.

I'm Tired : I love you

jule c: : ok but why does this remind me of slam poetry

Mr. Slugstar : I wish I was brave enough to wear the weird shit i want to wear.

I like tea : At times she sounds like rose quartz/pink diamond from steven universe

Al Neg : your good naw that I see more...your good funny and crazy good...

Pina Colada : “Extra thick” lol she’s so funny. Don’t change

Alexa Don : Runway here you come😭 Kendall, step aside