Why I dress like an obese, deranged Judge Judy

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Karuna Satori ASMR : Lmao all the jump cuts I love it so much

Stephaniefrohlich : youre everything i aspire to be

Bella Williams : I love this😂

Sara Winkler : Dear God I am beyond grateful that I found this channel

Angel Lately : MY QUEEN

Witch Bish : *fashion*

Kathleen Johnson : I feel conflicted. Do I like her? Do I hate her? Why am I laughing? Do I agree?

DRUGZ 333 : #legalizepsilocybin

Joshboy Future : so I'm a white straight Christian Republican... And I think this chicks awesome but I'm not sure that I'm allowed to think that this chick is awesome... She's confusing me... My God the rooms spinning!

Shai Weeks : Somebody give this women a show lmao I love her already

Madison Mukbang : You’re unapologetically you. And that’s why I love you.

Sarah Torrella : I wonder if she’s really and truly happy. If she is, I mean more power to her. If she’s comfortable with herself then great. But it just feels like she’s almost hiding. Like she’s being so eclectic to hide some deep issue. Not coming from a place of judgment, I’m just wondering if there’s more to the story.

J A : I hate when people try to be edgy by being weird and blame social conformity but I respect that she recognises that she is extra and its just a part of her.

Scout Dawson : I found this channel by accident after it popped up at the end of a Jeffree Starr video. I love it. Hilarious, terrible, wonderful, loud and obnoxious. Absolutely amazing.

Giuliana Y : She’s endive from chowder

Irony level:expert : That end...the chills I got. There IS clarity and peace in chaos.

Stormwatcher : I just love your style and your name. Never change, never let the haters get you down. When I watch your videos, I think of the song "This is Me" from the movie The Greatest Showman.

99zabuza : I actually really like her. I didnt develop such level of diversion but at a point i wanted to stand out as well and kept wearing stylish slightly outstanding clothes that i liked. I dyed my hair gray and my clothes got crazier and stylisher time by time. I tried different styles with my hair and people would think I am stupid but i didnt give a shit anymore cause i became myself

Ivy Mija : You just appeared on my newsfeed. I’m so glad you did 😂 You are the most interesting person I’ve come across on YT ✌🏼

Mo : First video of yours I’ve ever seen, most dramatic video I’ve ever seen, my most favourite video I’ve ever seen! Yes girl!

me : Maybe I'm losing my mind...or maybe I'm finding it....*mouth pop.

Johnny Liza : You're so amazing omg Keep whipping that fan out, it scares me each time but it also gets funnier with each scare 😂💙 Keep doing you

Chase Barber : Only thing I'd advise is to eat healthier and eat healthier portions just like recommending not to drink so much or smoke bc it's just health you know. Don't even have to exercise. Just eat right

๖ۣۜ♥๖̶tacokitten๖̶ : you remind me a lot of my old friend, who loved the same things you do, makeup, fashion, culture, attention, gossip, and was also went through quite a journey to find herself, and was also fabulously gay. I wish I could show her your videos now, we would absolutely have eaten them up together, but she fell to temptation, she became seduced by society, and dedicated herself to becoming ordinary - she became a _normie_ , and alas we don't talk anymore . It makes me so happy to see people out there who dare still to stand out.

Elbelle : Buffalo Bill's orgasmic dream

nickkingofearth : Did this video get oddly real towards the end?

GLITTERLORD : You are the one iconic online presence who gives me inspiration and encouragement to be original in my own wacky way. I love that you have your own unique style, that you’re unashamed of who you are and yet acknowledge that you have insecurities. I love it.

Kasey Moon : Wow, who knew there were such beautiful, perfect, people in the world? (Subscribes)

Wavy Spice : I just found your channel and I have no idea why I like you so much.

Nicole Mccraw : Girl I say your finding your mind .I'm trying to find mine I realized that I care what people think of me less and less each day thanks for being fabulous

Poenut : I think I love you.

Yeemo Dorito : This was the first video that I watched of this queen and I’m so fucking happy I clicked

Debbie Zamarelli : I just found this channel and Im binging.. I love how it starts off odd and then I end up feeling something.. I love you you are amazingly awesome!

elyon v : The grand finish" or maybe im finding it" 👸🙌👏👏👏👏

Miranda Victoria : You look like you are from The capital in hunger games! And I love it!!!

Chloe Price : I really don't know how to react to this person. I don't like her fashion style but at the same time she is so funny and charismatic. I love the self-irony and this video actually made me think. I would totally be friends with her, 100%.

Sadie Hicks : Fabulous, dahling

claris drouet : I think you were born not knowing who you were and you carry that with you even now. You are that little girl for sure and that is inside the lucky few of us that remembers those carefree days! Yet, in you there is a deep sadness and I think this is the best way for you to accept the woman, the child and the fact that you were never meant to live "a normal life" You make me smile! Some may think that is not much, a smile! Trust me, it means the world to me today! I wish I had one tenth of your courage to do what you do! Cheers!

migs z : I'm scared

No Thanks : WTF AM I WATCHING😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 she’s funny😂😂

Emppos : 4:30 was so cute i can't

Emerald1dx3 : Boy did I make a mistake watching this. She is really off center. More power to you sister but i think you need a doctor. You Tube is really a vehicle for the insane. Does she do anything in her life but focus on me,me,me. While the world crumbles like her mind seems to have done.

Soph : Yas queen do you we’re here for it yass also how many times did u have to change ur robe for this video? That’s commitment

Conor Bourke : Why have you done this to yourself, it's not healthy and you'll die soon.

Simply Surreal : Judge Judy is qacking in her crusty dusty heels

Phantastic comments : You're the best thing thats ever happen to me

Daemon Skycloak : You could just wear regular clothes and accept yourself as being overweight. Growing up is also knowing when to not display your inside childishness as well. We all have it but it’s not okay to live in it.

Tsar Nicholas II : Some people go to hell

Space Bunny : esto es tan genial, ojala hubiera subitutlos para compartirselo a todos >u<

Christian GaLeya : Why does she look so sad near the end? 😢😢😢