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Waitak22 : If he landed that with the Black Panther mask on? Damn that would’ve ended the whole show!

chuchuchuchia : This is why we need every contestant, to do every dunk they got. And then do a final score at the end.

Izzlemynizzle61 : He would've missed it 3 times

Gregory Bell II : Why the hamsammich did he not do that glorious dunk in the contest!

Ness Rosenbrad : This is why these contest's need a better format or make it 6 contestants. They usually save their best dunk's for the finals and never get the opportunity to use them.

RyanJS08 : My questions is what did DSmithJr have in his bag?

Tonio5100 : Just by the way he made this one attempt (barely) he wasn't sure he could make this anytime at will... This is insanely difficult

Jesse Williams : One thing I realised about these dunkers is none of them will take that risk to win the dunk contest now. Probably the last dunk contest that I remember a dunker risking it was the Lavine vs Gordon dunk contest where Gordon jumped over the mascot. Take the risk and make this shit exciting again bruh or just put professional dunkers in the dunk contest because this shit turning so lame now. Hopefully the next generation dunkers can make it exciting again Back to this topic, this dunk was toughhhhh🤧

BARSCIENCE101 : this was sick, needs a little more elevation to get it clean

Shawn S : I really wanted to see what Dennis Smith Jr would of done in the finals!

NIGHTWINGJUSTICE GolfR Clique : And they gave a 10 to that big tree stump just for hitti g the backboard

Nabeel Sheikh : Its different when you doing in front of thousands of people

Angel Plaza : Incredible dunk but it's lacking more power on the finish

FLEEE BRUNSON : the NBA def needs to switch the format of the dunk contest

thegoranimal : Should have done that as one of the first two dunks

Scoob : Why didn’t he do that!?

Batman : looks good, but not enough power and conviction. he didn't even touched the rim.

Red Vanderbilt : 2 things that happen on dunk contest: 1. Either the best dunk is kept 2. Or best dunk was shown too early

Get Dough : No power

Joseph Stratakis : SICK but more of a layup than a dunk...fingers just pushed the ball in...

Erik Amundson : Lavine still the GOAT

SeizedM0ney264 : I would practice dunks like dat if i knew i was eligible for the dunk contest

Brandon Burden : That dunk is sick, that would at least got him in 2nd place in my opinion.

V. P : Cool idea but that finish is way to soft it's like a layup

Keith Falconer : If nance s was a 50 that’s a 75 geez

Htc Black : This the dunk he should have done in the Black Panther Mask!

Metdz Qfox : Why didn't show that dunk @ the allstar weekend ..that was dope

Connor Productions : AMAZING


Dee Daniel : Why didn’t he practice with the mask on?

SJ N : They need to change the rules up so players get more opportunities be4 they get eliminated

Franco COMMON SENSE : That one for the finals... black panther mask 50 crowd goes wild, Kenny says it's over its over !!!

Alfred Dimayuga : That's why i always say let them do all their 4 dunks and the one with the highest total score is the winner.

I'm so very Rain yell : He was saving it for the last round but sad to say he didn't make it.

henry hilton : the finalists should have been victor and Dennis smith jr

warrior messiah : Makes it look Easy , NOTHING EAZY

Lenext Owens : That should have been the black panther dunk

HooliganMovement : They desperately need to expand the field to 8 w/ 3 rounds. 3 dunks per round, 2 attempts per dunk. That's the perfect format.

Karl Frederic : Imagine a little honey dipping being thrown in the mix…that'll require hella hops

Joseph Rizzotti : That makes Larry nance jr's dunk look simple

Guillermo Walterio Garcia Jourdain : Dunk contest men!!! Why you didn't do it!!

Twizz The Whiz Kid : Still not better than Larry Nance Jr.'s double tap dunk though.

Anthony Reyes : Never seen that before!

SweetLowFat Jesus : I used to do this on an 8 foot rim when i was a teen, its the hardest dunk to do consistently. To get it clean your reach has to be waay over the rim. Wish he would have done it sooner.

Victor K : He didn’t dunk it. He threw it in. Soft

Kelly Zeng : 來不及秀的灌籃....

krion of Laguna : Lmao new era players can't dunk anymore! NBA IS DEAD.

iTechUOutGuy : Now why didn't he do that one in the first place. He probably would've messed this dunk up too then. 😨😂😒 Sad but funny when you think about it. 😁

Cuzjudd : I like the laughing at the end

KMA 73 : No sense in showing this now this is the one he should have done with the black panther mask on he would shut the place down but oh well better luck next year I do like watching him compete though he is creative but this years dunk contest was truly garbage if they couldn’t match last years then it was no use in competing the 2017 dunk contest officially set the bar for the dunk contest remember that for next year COME CORRECT or just SPECTATE