PhotoStudio AR - Augmented Reality app review!

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Just so you don't have to watch this, it's AWFUL. But if you do watch it, you get to see Chelsea really frustrated with one of the worst apps ever made. Note: It's even worse on an iPad! And the lights can't be raised or lowered, nor can they be tilted, and the light quality is completely wrong.

Comments from Youtube

Senzelian : Even tho this app is clearly absolute rubbish, I'm glad that you showed it to us. It made for a good laugh!

Josip Ćurić : "Don't be jealous Tony!"

Sergio G : "we checked later and Chelsea does seem to have human fingers" Thanks for the confirmation, guys. Doing god's work there.

tomaso101 : That male model name is Matus Valent. It's easier to visit him directly in Orange County than use this app :D

Ali Morad : I have no idea why did i watch this video all the way to the end but i guess there was something interesting lol. Love your videos πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

Shang-Hsien Yang : This is harder than Pokemon

Woody Green : $10 for an LSD trip. Cool.

Jon Kentucky : thought you guys already did levitation...........

Nick Hart : You made me LOL at work, and then have to explain to my colleagues what the F you guys were doing... It didn't go well.

Kris Faulkner : THIS WAS SO FUNNY! Thanks for a smile in the middle of my day. I would never use this ap but I'd watch the review again just for the fun of it. "She needs a motorcycle." Haha.

Angel Angelov : FrustrationStudio AR: We're not liable for the damages to your device, when you inevitably throw it against a wall.

Diana McNulty : I just laughed so hard my eyes are watering! It just kept getting better and better... well... depending on your perspective. ;-)

DJ Photography : Sims on LSD! Love it! Have to ask though, what were your settings for those awesome pics?! :P *Gets blocked immediately*

MrMoonpie001 : Jeepers, you have to buy items from the game store!!!! Moonpie

The Post Color Blog : OMG I laughed more at this than I probably should have lol

TimberGeek : '"Are you smiling because I'm funny" said the man.'

Abhinav Ashish Aind : Good Concept but needs lots of improvement... I think it will great if it comes for PC.

Janne Ranta : To be fair, this is just the 1st version. Wait 10 generations and your phone will lidar map the scene, measure lights and insert stuff and you wont even need to take a real photo.

rhapsodist : what a bunch of crap

Blood Cicle : β€œI made the man really big” 🀣🀣🀣

Bryon Lape : Several of these models look like the are from DAZ Studio.

DP ie : Don’t be jealous Tony! :-)

Jamie Coats : Nice video, as usual. Fun and informative.

Tim Lucas : That looks like the most frustrating experience ever!

Colin Ziemer : Just in time for Westworld season 2

Kyle : Should've added more motorcycles to help with framing.

MR Dot1 : tripod and stylus...

Rob : Good job to you both, however the app was pretty lame.

Greg Smith : Thought I was going to see how far Chelsea could throw a smartphone. Very impressed with the self control here. I admit I had pretty high distance expectations after her more-than-impressive 600mm f4 handholding stamina demonstrated in an earlier video.

Derek Watson : people? kept moving around ha ha interesting review

Bhodisatvas : You just needed more motorcycles really.

Toddy Surcharge : I was laughing so hard that my girlfriend was ready to call 911 in case I stopped breathing.

ascullydotcom : Needs way more motorcycles.

Derek Metoyer : Hahahaha - Hilarious! Poor Chelsea 🀣 I know it’s the 23rd...but i thought i was falling for an April Fools vid?

nicodimus2222 : Still don't need a cell phone! I was worried for a second there that this app would make it mandatory.

Steve D : What a crock of $#!+& ... πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ We pray to God that the new Canon n Nikon mirrorless are released soon to preserve t&c's sanity. 😁

Kristijan Siskovski : You don't need a motorcycle or a backdrop in this app, you need a gun

Aino Shperber : This is hilarious! Good to know !!

oerglwoergl : I think, she needs a motorcycle.

Michael Miller : Is that like the Olympus and Sony menus????????

cece86ita : That looks frustrating...

Mohamed Hamzah Mohamed Osman : Should try it with a tripod. Shaky hands and constantly changing background lighting probably made the algorithm ineffective. Changes should be done gradually to allow delays.

locutusv1 : Oh God! Someone give me an extension cord!!!!!

Manny Ortiz : Omg this was hilarious

Mark Stronge : Boy does that look buggy...

tommy s : Haha such a funny video keep up the good work you two

Alan Guile : It still had a better model than Tonys mannequin , that was weird !!!!!

Jesse Lawrence : Can we get the Raw files from the shoot to have a play around ? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜

Joe Cerda : Somebody call