PhotoStudio AR - Augmented Reality app review!

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Sergio G : "we checked later and Chelsea does seem to have human fingers" Thanks for the confirmation, guys. Doing god's work there.

Josip Ćurić : "Don't be jealous Tony!"

Shang-Hsien Yang : This is harder than Pokemon

Senzelian : Even tho this app is clearly absolute rubbish, I'm glad that you showed it to us. It made for a good laugh!

rhapsodist : what a bunch of crap

gmcube : Should've added more motorcycles to help with framing.

tomaso101 : That male model name is Matus Valent. It's easier to visit him directly in Orange County than use this app :D

Michael Miller : Is that like the Olympus and Sony menus????????

Woody Green : $10 for an LSD trip. Cool.

Jon Kentucky : thought you guys already did levitation...........

Janne Ranta : To be fair, this is just the 1st version. Wait 10 generations and your phone will lidar map the scene, measure lights and insert stuff and you wont even need to take a real photo.

Ali Morad : I have no idea why did i watch this video all the way to the end but i guess there was something interesting lol. Love your videos 👌👌

Nick Hart : You made me LOL at work, and then have to explain to my colleagues what the F you guys were doing... It didn't go well.

Greg Smith : Thought I was going to see how far Chelsea could throw a smartphone. Very impressed with the self control here. I admit I had pretty high distance expectations after her more-than-impressive 600mm f4 handholding stamina demonstrated in an earlier video.

LAZY DOG : 80% of apps are buggy rubbish. But Apple couldn't care less 😤 They get your money so they're happy.

K D : It’s costs £13.99 in the uk - covert that to USD and it’s over $19!! ...junk app and definitely too much to even think about ‘toying’ with.

PG Tips : Do you think you can just blaspheme Jesus and say omg and not cause offence? As much as I like you and Tony, as a Christian your language is a real let down in this video.

TheEvilCommenter : I think this is great practice for working with actual models. I hate when they spontaneously change sizes and hide in the corner. This app prepared me to deal with that.

Manny Ortiz : Omg this was hilarious

billfromelma : I don't know about this app. best I can say about it is PHewy! BUT ! I do like your kitchen ! Love the natural cabinets and lots of counter, prep, area . I enjoy the heck out of your videos. Thanks for sharing all this great information.

Felix Belanger : It's like trying to do 3D modeling without any parametric relationships... They should add anchor points and standard views, I think it could make the app that much more useable. It feels like they've tried to shoehorn every possible feature in one app

Basin79 : I'd be mad if I found it.

面条拉面 : What app are you using to screen record your iPhone with?

Sitha Puth : lol, great demo

Bhodisatvas : You just needed more motorcycles really.

Jacob Roberts : Does this software come with a user's manual? Does the publisher have a technical support department?

Jason Semper : HAHA!!

Michael D : The 80 people that disliked are actually the R&D team for this app. They just can't accept the barrage of constructive criticism.

Derek Metoyer : Hahahaha - Hilarious! Poor Chelsea 🤣 I know it’s the 23rd...but i thought i was falling for an April Fools vid?

Steve D : What a crock of $#!+& ... 😂😂 We pray to God that the new Canon n Nikon mirrorless are released soon to preserve t&c's sanity. 😁

Scott's reviews : 1:20. I just made the man really big. Hmmmmm

Veronica Smith : it

TimberGeek : '"Are you smiling because I'm funny" said the man.'

Alan Guile : It still had a better model than Tonys mannequin , that was weird !!!!!

scott anthony : 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 you are to funny, you keep making your nan small, 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Angel Angelov : FrustrationStudio AR: We're not liable for the damages to your device, when you inevitably throw it against a wall.

RArecordings -Rick- : they should have put Fabio in there..

MrMoonpie001 : Jeepers, you have to buy items from the game store!!!! Moonpie

Neuatl Nimexika : ¡Ay, mamacita, estás bien buena! (I’m talking to you, Chelsea.) 😘

Simon Hergott : 1:18 - Chelsea still gets caught off guard sometimes, even after all these years.

Toddy Surcharge : I was laughing so hard that my girlfriend was ready to call 911 in case I stopped breathing.

Mark Stronge : Boy does that look buggy...

Richard Percell : Enjoyed the episode review. I think you should get that Company to insert your image and Tony’s as models in the App! HA ! Perhaps holding cameras!

ascullydotcom : Needs way more motorcycles.

Gre Gory : Well that was entertaining. Lol

Joe Cerda : Somebody call

Vikash Kumar : Nice But it is paid app, $10 we have to pay.. But there is one more app in the marketing called Tada Time app, which has many AR features like this and it's absolutely free.

Art Nelson : That made me dizzy!

Jesse Lawrence : Can we get the Raw files from the shoot to have a play around ? 😂😁

Aino Shperber : This is hilarious! Good to know !!