PhotoStudio AR - Augmented Reality app review!

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Gamer4Christ07 : I think this is great practice for working with actual models. I hate when they spontaneously change sizes and hide in the corner. This app prepared me to deal with that.

Josip Ćurić : "Don't be jealous Tony!"

Senzelian : Even tho this app is clearly absolute rubbish, I'm glad that you showed it to us. It made for a good laugh!

Sergio G : "we checked later and Chelsea does seem to have human fingers" Thanks for the confirmation, guys. Doing god's work there.

tomaso101 : That male model name is Matus Valent. It's easier to visit him directly in Orange County than use this app :D

Shang-Hsien Yang : This is harder than Pokemon

Jon Kentucky : thought you guys already did levitation...........

Ali Morad : I have no idea why did i watch this video all the way to the end but i guess there was something interesting lol. Love your videos 👌👌

Woody Green : $10 for an LSD trip. Cool.

rhapsodist : what a bunch of crap

LAZY DOG : 80% of apps are buggy rubbish. But Apple couldn't care less 😤 They get your money so they're happy.

Michael Miller : Is that like the Olympus and Sony menus????????

Nick Hart : You made me LOL at work, and then have to explain to my colleagues what the F you guys were doing... It didn't go well.

Greg Smith : Thought I was going to see how far Chelsea could throw a smartphone. Very impressed with the self control here. I admit I had pretty high distance expectations after her more-than-impressive 600mm f4 handholding stamina demonstrated in an earlier video.

Janne Ranta : To be fair, this is just the 1st version. Wait 10 generations and your phone will lidar map the scene, measure lights and insert stuff and you wont even need to take a real photo.

Kyle : Should've added more motorcycles to help with framing.

PG Tips : Do you think you can just blaspheme Jesus and say omg and not cause offence? As much as I like you and Tony, as a Christian your language is a real let down in this video.

K D : It’s costs £13.99 in the uk - covert that to USD and it’s over $19!! ...junk app and definitely too much to even think about ‘toying’ with.

billfromelma : I don't know about this app. best I can say about it is PHewy! BUT ! I do like your kitchen ! Love the natural cabinets and lots of counter, prep, area . I enjoy the heck out of your videos. Thanks for sharing all this great information.

Manny Ortiz : Omg this was hilarious

Felix Belanger : It's like trying to do 3D modeling without any parametric relationships... They should add anchor points and standard views, I think it could make the app that much more useable. It feels like they've tried to shoehorn every possible feature in one app

Ben Show : Probably not as bad as trying to learn Photoshop

webdaddy : Although not intended for this use, the AR stickers on my Pixel 2 XL included with the camera app actually look realistic, unlike these. I can put for example a Star Wars stormtrooper in a picture and it matches the lighting and even casts a shadow on the scene and it's hard to tell it's not actually part of the picture. These look really fake.

E. John Danton : I had to double-check the date -- I thought this was your April Fools post! Photography dude in the demo looks slightly like Justin so I thought at first this was a put-on. Reminded me of the movie called "Looker" with Susan Dey - where the computers replace the models. We're not quite there...yet!

vino hazel : who needs such a crap? ;-) would have been way better if the app produced a 3D version of someone who wants to be augmented... But these unreal supermodels??

Basin79 : I'd be mad if I found it.

Raymond Davis : I sadly bought this app and it is one of the worse apps I have ever paid for, nothing works and it impossible to place any of the figures, props or lights accurately. I hope the developers are ashamed to produce such rubbish. Good video though.

Benny Ricko : I downloaded the application, I could not get the light to face the model correctly, the light would not turn around and neither would the model. It has potential of the bugs were taken out.

Mohamed Hamzah Mohamed Osman : Should try it with a tripod. Shaky hands and constantly changing background lighting probably made the algorithm ineffective. Changes should be done gradually to allow delays.

Diana McNulty : I just laughed so hard my eyes are watering! It just kept getting better and better... well... depending on your perspective. ;-)

Steve D : What a crock of $#!+& ... 😂😂 We pray to God that the new Canon n Nikon mirrorless are released soon to preserve t&c's sanity. 😁

DJ Photography : Sims on LSD! Love it! Have to ask though, what were your settings for those awesome pics?! :P *Gets blocked immediately*

scott anthony : 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 you are to funny, you keep making your nan small, 😂😂😂😂😂😂

RArecordings -Rick- : they should have put Fabio in there..

Vikash Kumar : Nice But it is paid app, $10 we have to pay.. But there is one more app in the marketing called Tada Time app, which has many AR features like this and it's absolutely free.

S R : So funny. You guys make photography fun. I think you should make what people say to photographers 2 shoot

Richard Percell : Enjoyed the episode review. I think you should get that Company to insert your image and Tony’s as models in the App! HA ! Perhaps holding cameras!

SShaBazzz : The pics were pretty good but the motorcycle is just the icing on the cake.

Eric Myers : So the take away here is not to pay for this app and that Tony needs to hit the gym lol

Kris Faulkner : THIS WAS SO FUNNY! Thanks for a smile in the middle of my day. I would never use this ap but I'd watch the review again just for the fun of it. "She needs a motorcycle." Haha.

Toddy Surcharge : I was laughing so hard that my girlfriend was ready to call 911 in case I stopped breathing.

Alan Guile : It still had a better model than Tonys mannequin , that was weird !!!!!

Jesse Lawrence : Can we get the Raw files from the shoot to have a play around ? 😂😁

nicodimus2222 : Still don't need a cell phone! I was worried for a second there that this app would make it mandatory.

locutusv1 : Oh God! Someone give me an extension cord!!!!!

Peter Lundgren : Looks like a great way to get a really bad day for just ten bucks! Unfortunately, headache is IAP...

Charles Talhelm : I had to stop watching and just listen. The shakiness and awkwardness was making my brain hurt.

Bhodisatvas : You just needed more motorcycles really.

Simon Hergott : 1:18 - Chelsea still gets caught off guard sometimes, even after all these years.

Angel Angelov : FrustrationStudio AR: We're not liable for the damages to your device, when you inevitably throw it against a wall.