Arnold is Ballsy with his Cigars

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Comments from Youtube

Justin Y. : This is the embodiement of chadness.

Somebody You Know : It's like your older brother making fun of you

YaBoiCatGuard : 0:58 pure-german Nazi youth talking to a Jewish boy during the 1930s in Germany

manjot mohan : “I don’t take no shit from anyone” - legend

Milsey Connor : I am craving a stogie after that..just need to find a hide out spot so my wife doesn't catch me

Kenny Vang : What a T-800 CPU upgrade, good job skynet.

Timothy Ripley : His freaking fingers were as thick as that cigar

EnclaveTesla : He's talking to everyone who vapes

Aegon Targaryen : This video has made me smack my GF for talking back. Thanks Arnie now she needs a hiding place.

Adri : Top 1 motivotional videos in youtube.

D T : I said the same words to my wife *sent from couch*

drew hawk : Honestly is it just me or is this very motivational🤔🤔

ReijiNakashi : Is this the definition of toxic masculinity?? Because if it is so, it's fu&$ng great!!

PortalVendor : Arnold is the King of Alpha Males.

Ballad2Grave : But what does his maid think about this? :D

Kafei - : He's right, I have to find a hiding place to smoke my stogies. 😢

Bob Jenkins : the virgin sneak smoker versus the chad arnie living room smoker

MS Archive : Arnold: Eating betas for breakfast

Omar Mendoza : That gesture 0:25 😂😂.


Di4m Gaming : The new T-800 update looks cool

ZackAttack18 : "I bang my housemaid anywhere I want. I don't have to find a hideout place, like you. Oahahah"

Smug Bastard : Arnold is literally the physical embodiment of the American Dream.

DreamskyDance : ah the good old days..when you could say more.. nobody took it too seriously and crucify you... you inspired a few people.. make laugh other people..make some people roll their eyes.. and all was well.. #2019..

Big Franku : Chad arnold vs the virgin interviewer

Edit _Life : The Virgin cigarette smoker vs the CHAD cigar smoker

Alfred Alfred : "I don't have to find a hideout place LIKE YOU OOOHHAHAHAHAHHAHAAH"

Samir H. : After The Interview He Ran To The Choppah.

MysticRóy : Damn, the Terminator getting some upgrade they can laugh right now

Dustin Anderson : I believe he is smoking more than cigars with those shades on

Taylor Bee : Why is this continually in my suggested It's been five years.

OBEYWEEGEE : Ah, my daily dose of testosterone

JC50 As : O:25 that reaction he does after he says "what does your wife think about that" ...

Ismael Osman : ''I don't need to find a hiding place like you''. Nazzi talking to a Jew!

Kyle Becker : Arnold is such a troll 🤣🤣

Devansh Kamdar : This motivates me to re-read his autobiography.

BushidoKi : He gave his wife that look while he was plowing the maid “I’m a stud”

Tsarist Dude : Austrian spirit animal

Shiningforceking : Plot twist: he's actually talking to the mirror. And actually hides his stogies from his wife.

Langi Beats : Those sunglasses hard af

Hugin : Arnold 100 percent alpha Chad.

Bagelstorm : This is a true alpha male, i don't think Arnold has any estrogen in his body.

Nano Rivera : God damn, Arnold. I wonder what his wife will think when he's dying of stogie cigar lung cancer?

Jerko Ardalić : "What do you feed this thing?" "Blonds."

Antonio Rodriguez : The first four seconds should be canonized in Proverbs.

Gustave Viking : I just gained 20lbs on my bench, by watching this!

reMARKable TRUTH : Here's the real question: "Is it weed in that stogy?" I know Arnold smokes weed!

ItsaMeeMario : I'm in my garage and Arnold is making fun of me

Ukraine James : Why even live if I can't smoke stogies without being nagged at?