Arnold is Ballsy with his Cigars

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Eric Abroad : This video is somehow inspiring me to aim higher in life

Toasted Fan Art : I get the impression his "stogy" smoking is actually quite a contentious issue around the house.

BushidoKi : He gave his wife that look while he was plowing the maid “I’m a stud”

MYG Gaming : “I don’t have to find a hideout place, like you” 1:01

Bob Jenkins : the virgin sneak smoker versus the chad arnie living room smoker

Lizzy krueger : This is why I love Arnold Schwarzenegger

ZackAttack18 : "I bang my housemaid anywhere I want. I don't have to find a hideout place, like you. Oahahah"

Bagelstorm : This is a true alpha male, i don't think Arnold has any estrogen in his body.

OBEYWEEGEE : Ah, my daily dose of testosterone

STICK : That shit escalated really fast near the end

Michael : Why isn't this a meme?

Max Durk : Funniest thing is that this was totally off the cuff and unprompted. The interviewer never even asked about what his wife thinks. He just made a totally preemptive strike to a question that wasnt even asked.

SteamedHams Booiii : I don’t have to find a hideout place *LIKE YOU* *O O O A H H O H A H*

A I : 0:58 When you're at 5 guys with your Mexican friends and ICE pulls up

Somebody You Know : It's like your older brother making fun of you

Dough Boy : Arnie wears shades like that tells me one thing that’s not a stogie. That my friends is a blunt packed with the finest cheeba.

Milsey Connor : I am craving a stogie after that..just need to find a hide out spot so my wife doesn't catch me

ReijiNakashi : Is this the definition of toxic masculinity?? Because if it is so, it's fu&$ng great!!

Bear Jew : I smoke my blunts anywhere i want i don't have to find a hideout place like you

D T : I said the same words to my wife *sent from couch*

Draco04 : Lmao what a pimp

M-Power Addict : 1:00

Agha Noor Vlogs : 0:25 *Someome Just Farted*

spaceman : "EYE can smoke stogies in mei hauz"

GrapeVin3 : If Arnold is sitting next to you and you ask "could you stop smoking please?" and he says ''no'' what are you going to do?

ill do it for views subscribers channel : This needs to be on thuglife

We Run Guns : That evil laugh at the end LMAO!!!

Jon Olmeda : He sounds like recoome 😂

Jake Branthe : I don't have to find a hideout place like yuo! AHOHAGHO!!

first class junkie : Eeeehhhhhhaggggggghhhhh mah stowgeee

Steven Arvizu : This guy was our governor lol

manjot mohan : “I don’t take no shit from anyone” - legend

A I : This is the peak male status

Steven Oder : Im not gonna lie, this shit made me laugh so bad! Hahahah!

CarrionSmile : I want balls like Arnold.

Alfred Alfred : "I don't have to find a hideout place LIKE YOU OOOHHAHAHAHAHHAHAAH"

Tens of DU : Arnold, the original Chad



Hasan : This is like the best thing on the internet lol

Dustin Anderson : I believe he is smoking more than cigars with those shades on

Robert Griffith : Arnold is lord

TheXanori : Arnold i started smoking cigars because of you and i have cancer now :c

Bruno van Simon : Get to the stoooooogies

Dankanaught : "I don't have to find a hideout place, like you!" *French laughter from the Terminator

Ian Price : Arnold’s life should be what every man aspires to

EnclaveTesla : He's talking to everyone who vapes

Brian D. : I wanna have a stogie with Arnold

Savior Of Youth : "I don't have to find a hide out place like you" me when I smoke blunts😂😂😂

MrMosdef30 : Smoking a cigar in the movie Predator, is BAD ASS🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸