Arnold is Ballsy with his Cigars

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Eric Abroad : This video is somehow inspiring me to aim higher in life

Lizzy krueger : This is why I love Arnold Schwarzenegger

BushidoKi : He gave his wife that look while he was plowing the maid “I’m a stud”

Toasted Fan Art : I get the impression his "stogy" smoking is actually quite a contentious issue around the house.

Bob Jenkins : the virgin sneak smoker versus the chad arnie living room smoker

MYG Gaming : “I don’t have to find a hideout place, like you” 1:01

Max Durk : Funniest thing is that this was totally off the cuff and unprompted. The interviewer never even asked about what his wife thinks. He just made a totally preemptive strike to a question that wasnt even asked.

TheHaiku2 : This is how men are supposed to be, not the feminized abominations they have become.

TheNunakun : So happy I stumbled on this shit.

Stick Talks : That shit escalated really fast near the end

M-Power Addict : 1:00

TonganDeathGrip : Thats his real personality coming through right there.

OBEYWEEGEE : Ah, my daily dose of testosterone

Dough Boy : Arnie wears shades like that tells me one thing that’s not a stogie. That my friends is a blunt packed with the finest cheeba.

Donald Dump : Was he talking to me?

Marc T : "Totally Drunk, Totally Nude, Smokin The Stogie, I Have The Sword From Conan, and Swinging It At The Dogs All Day, taking a shit on the floor...i don't care"

Alfred Alfred : "I don't have to find a hideout place LIKE YOU OOOHHAHAHAHAHHAHAAH"


Loren Bey : I don have to find a hide out place like yuuu!!!! hahohehaoehaheo

zzz zzz : ive never been so happy to get made fun of

GenesisXTRM : I don't even smoke, and suddenly I really want a cigar....... ARNOLD'S THE MAN!!!!!

Steven Arvizu : This guy was our governor lol

Michael : Why isn't this a meme?

Freedom Anon : He does not take orders from no woman

Waylon Jones : 0:25 that smirk, lol

JOKE'S ON YOU : He can smoke stogies in his house. But he runs out to his hummer to smoke a fat joint. XD

We Run Guns : That evil laugh at the end LMAO!!!

Beau Skee : GET TO THE STOGIE!!!

Jake Branthe : I don't have to find a hideout place like yuo! AHOHAGHO!!

Charlie Eagle : I love the laugh at the end

Kyle Bane : I can't stop watching this shit. lol

ZMan1471 : dear arnold, if you ever read this please take me on as your disciple. i need to learn all of your techiques and ways of the awesomeness. it would be an honor as your biggest fan

Sergboxer35 : LOL.. Only liberals need a hide out space...

salvyballacc : That's it! I found my next tattoo.

Deadheadd : This is my favorite YouTube video of all time

Dankanaught : "I don't have to find a hideout place, like you!" *French laughter from the Terminator

Hector Trejo : well he is from a time when smoking was exeptable ... smoking in hospitals ,court rooms etc etc ... lucky old ppl

SteamedHams Booiii : I don’t have to find a hideout place *LIKE YOU* *O O O A H H O H A H*

A I : 0:58 When you're at 5 guys with your Mexican friends and ICE pulls up

ryan barclay : I don't have to find a hideout place like you.

Hasan : This is like the best thing on the internet lol

GrapeVin3 : If Arnold is sitting next to you and you ask "could you stop smoking please?" and he says ''no'' what are you going to do?

Meow Tow : Didn't he cheat with said wife with a maid?

ahvlog : Arnold 2020

Rookie Freediver : you hohohoha! PWNAGE!!! OWNED! Arnold gives the bird on the sly for good measure.

Bagelstorm : This is a true alpha male, i don't think Arnold has any estrogen in his body.

SF01Pro : arnold's laugh at the end is damn nearly EVIL. my idol.

sketch6995 : that looks like a daniel marshall, a 250 dollar cigar. they come wrapped in 24 carat gold foil.

Andre Bell : Arnie is savage

Steven Oder : Im not gonna lie, this shit made me laugh so bad! Hahahah!