Ping Pong Trick Shots 4 | Dude Perfect

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Diovanni Whip a DAB : Dogs:woof Cats:meow Dude perfect:YEAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

Spy monkey 007 : Dude perfect- * attempts a ping pong trick shot and lands it first try* Me- *attempts a ping pong trick shot and lands it the 4000th try*

PopRocks3D : 2019 can't wait for Ping Pong Trick Shots 5 ;)


Mr Person : That intro was *perfect*

Fiery Surfer : Вы очень популярны в России

franco cruz : tape something very light to 4 hoverkups or whatever they're called and now you have a hovering toy car thing.

Meek Milly : The whole intro took 2/5 minutes

GGg Gadget Guy galore! : I use hoverkup to drink water in a whole new way

Man!ac : Wow, that intro

100k SUBS WITHOUT A VID CHALLENGE : One like = one trophy 🏆 for Cory or is it coby?

Jxst Gavin : 2:55 Uh.. his own video asks for 4 mil to.. post this video.. Gj..

Brett Vandergrift : Who is continuing watching in 2019 anyone?

suhasinisatishg : How do you build that you are more like dude architects

Sterling Widman : Anyone else realize that was a 2 minutes intro 😂

Braximus C : I also flipped the bottle on the cap Me: *flips bottle and it lands on cap* Bottle: *lands on cap* Me: MOM GeT THE CaMRA Mom: ...

Soccer 101 : My mom was like, “Why are they yelling?” 😂

星野翔希 : おすすめに突然出てきた同士はいらっしゃいますか?

Fahad Tariq : Just think how much work they did for making a 6 minute video. Woh!!

Luis Guerrero : You guys should have a first try competion where y'all see who nails the most trick shots for the first time.

Corrine Kelly : Rube frickin Goldberg is so satisfying.

Ashehadi 7 : I think they went to far with the start a little 😂😂😂

Kylee and Autumn : Wow!!!! The beginning itself was super impressive! 😧😧🤪

Santiago Dela Rosa : FUN FACT If you put dp in reverse ir will say dp

Cesar Escutia Saavedra : How many hours do you guys spend on this Its Crazy 😱

Гектор Калуцкий : this is how many times the ball bounced 👇

BossCurry1738 : How come Ty’s reaction is always YEAHHH WOOO when he makes a trick shot

Michael Jones : You guys have way too much time on your hands to make these intros 😂

Samir Khan : Sorry dude even after 1 year , the like goal was not completed ! ❤

The Racing Monkey : The camera work is something to behold! Someone deserves a raise ^^

Mystic Legend : 1:07 you mean your rocket in the second one P.s. 💥💥💥💥💥💥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

مصمم الفيديوهات : انا بقدر اسوي زي هيك 😒 بس ما بتقدرونا لانا عرب

Neha Singh : Solute from India 👍👍👍👍👍💓 awsm video

Connor M : Anyone notice that at 5:03 - 5:04 the office door says "Jeff Toney" (Mr T) It could just be because Ty's dad has an office but could it be PANDA.....

Aadam Sheikh : *That first trickshot...*

ケイジZepTar / : The first scene must’ve been incredibly hard to make

Cody Fear : Big shout out to Cody he shares my name and i am his biggest fan

Nick Harlock : Best Goldberg machine ever

Amanda Lank : It took like 2 minutes just to do the intro

Van Hendrix : I feel tired thinking about how long it took to get all the shots right

Dylan Nelson : Hi i love dude perfect they are my fav

Ufukcem Yumusak : Irgendwelche die hier auch deutsch können😂

Just Me : I wonder how long it takes them to do all of this

Matthew nelson : 4 mill didnt happen. Rip

kennethlingad : Who's here before 4M likes?

Teo Platter : HoW eXpEnSiVe Is ThAt

Owais Ahmed : Imagine they flopped the first take on the intro 😶😦🤯

Swift Plays : Can you guys make a battle video where you all play a ball hockey game against each other? Like the soccer go kart video

Exo Zeh Pro : I wonder HOW LONG it took them to actually do it