People that think the manager can change everything.

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People that think a manager can change reality itself Music eevee - house of memories

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Gentleberry16 Gerek : What if you Wanted to go to heaven But God said... "Do you have the receipt"?

Phil The Logician : *You forgot when they always say, **_"I mean, this is RIDICULOUS"_*

TNovix : "Do you know how difficult it would be to contact the President?!" "Jacob, get the President on the phone..." *3 seconds later* "This is the President"


Tyes Brown : President: "hold on I don't know what you're talking about but it sounds like you're going to need a receipt. " lol

Droxxie : "sir it says on the receipt you've owned them for 3 years. the return policy is 90 days" ' WHAT DO YOU MEAN I CAN'T RETURN IT, I PAID MONEY FOR THIS, I HAVE THE RECEIPT" true story.

Kieferson1 : As a person who worked in customer service for almost 3 years I can relate to this on a spiritual level.

Master Of Disguise : Bro I work at Walmart and there was this dude that literally ask for the manager because we didn't have the type of bread he liked lmao

scrubslover9 : “I want to talk to God!” “I can arrange that...”

everestfalls : I used to do tech support on some Sony products and some people do ask for managers and even the vp, president and board members of Sony........I usually ask them if they can speak Japanese......they usually say no and I tell them that unfortunately because of that they literally can't converse with anyone higher up than me.

「The Spider.」 : I was expecting him to say: "I wanna speak to the galactic manager."

King of Stuff : I wanna speak... To the United Nations!

Chrisnxtdoor : Everybody and their mama act like this after Christmas

Patrick : Small business advantage: "I want to speak to the owner" "I am the owner" "Oh"

the cat 47 : So, no one's gonna mention that he hung up on the *PRESIDENT* of the united states?

asianpower3000 : you forgot the part where the customer says "well some guy at a different store in a different planet told me i could"

Justin Pettit : Would be funny if he was like "Let me talk to God". Then God says "looks like u need a receipt"

FunForSameer : I'm a cashier and can relate to this 😂 some people are actually like this

Bigby Wolf : The word “customer” alone makes my blood boil. Retail sucks

Desiree Contreras : every retail person in the world has gone through this followed by I'll have you fired

ScorpsJunk Nstuff : What makes you think the manager, who has never known you before, would take your side?

Honestly, don't : God I work in the pharmacy (I'm a tech) and there have been so many times where I explain to the customer that they cant pick up their medicine becuase it's too soon or whatever and I'll get berated for a couple minutes until the pharmacist steps in and says THE EXACT SAME THING AS I DO and they're cool with it. Absolutely insane


Reverse Main : if you work in customer service you know this is literally 1 to 1 accurate.

Hope J : *let me talk to the district manager*

Samuel Cole : Customer: I want to talk to someone even higher up. District Manager: I can't think of anyone higher than the president, if you just had a receipt... Customer: I WANT TO TALK TO GOD! District Manager: ...hmm, yes sir *pulls out Glock


ZA WARUDO : I wanna speak to God What's the issue my child? I can't return the headphones! Do you have the receipt? WHA-YOU-NOOOOOOOO! Hangs up

Teddy : Usually you could trade them in for store credit that's what I had to do once (they aren't anything too expensive though)

Spidersense62 : If that kept going he would’ve eventually said “I WANNA SPEAK TO GOD. GET GOD ON THE PHONE NOW!”

gheddi : Lmao the spooky ambient music is so good from DONT

Dkyguy1995 : I like how the manager is just the employee without glasses on

aflina navleen : The third time around the guy sounded so emotional...

Uragan5 : I died when he asked for the United Nations lmao.

Loura Dean : When you hear the dropbeat, things are about to get SERIOUS!

godly shotz : Hi welcome to store store

Diablos : I thought he was gonna ask to speak to God.

Licia S : Why did i read *" people who think marriage can solve everything"*

redking36 : *After United Nations declines* OKAY! I WANT TO SPEAK TO RUSSIA! Russia: Okey, we will return headphone if you gif intel.

Nigga wit a big mac : Are you longBeachGriffys brother, you to are hella funny

TheKHfan358over3d : United nations "Your problems require a reciept" "Let me speak to jesus Christ! I'm trying to return my headphones and-" Jesus: "your problem requires a reciept-" "Let me speak to God! I'm trying to return my headphones and-" God: "You need a reciept-"...

Charly Can Count : All the Pop! figures in the background

Russell James : People like this really exist working in retail this is an everyday thing 😭😭

zynbw : If you're a customers who does this... re think your life. Seriously. On a side note, I literally had a customer tell me they're going to get their lawyer just because I didn't bring down the price for them on an expensive pair of shoes. There was literally no sale going on with those shoes whatsoever so I was just like "yeah okay lady, NEXT!"

rupi : Well I definitely agree that these psychos should be buried alive.

HBK Jaylen : I'll be leaving a review on "store store"

Chu ohno : I AM THE MANAGER.

Spoidd Michael : I wish all the strength to my retail people out there

peblezQ : The funniest part is this isn't even an exaggeration. I had a customer who said the Prime Minister (Canadian retail worker here) would give him his refund, and we were like, "Not without a receipt, he won't."