People that think the manager can change everything.

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FunForSameer : I'm a cashier and can relate to this 😂 some people are actually like this

peblezQ : The funniest part is this isn't even an exaggeration. I had a customer who said the Prime Minister (Canadian retail worker here) would give him his refund, and we were like, "Not without a receipt, he won't."

Sammy Williams : Hello, welcome this is the highest representative of store & store, this is *Thanos* speaking, how may I help you?

Skirdus : i just started working in retail and this is so accurate

Oscar Barahona : I thought the ending would've included God. Guy: God they won't let me return these headphones! God: Calm down my child, do you have the receipt?

Veridian : *_Let me speak to God_*


OG Drifter : "I'm boutta slide you"

Tamekia Goines : Caleb: I want to talk to the creator of the universe God: what's your problem Caleb: I want to return these headphones God: do you have the receipt Caleb:💀💀💀💀💀

Chara : Legend has it, he's still trying to return the headphones.

Alfatazer _ : I want to talk to Jesus! _Yes, what troubles you my son?_ Lord, I bought these headphones aight? I don't like 'em and I wanna return 'em but your goddamn worshippers ain't lettin' me! _Forgive them my son, they know not what they do. However you still need to produce a receipt in order to validate a retur-_ *GODAMMIT LEMME TALK TO YOUR FATHER!!*

Aschell : This guy was boutta say lemme talk to the supreme kai 😂

Marcus Phillips : I work in retail and a lady rolled up to me in a scooter and asked to speak to the "man in charge." "The produce manager?" I asked. Lady: "No. The one in charge of the store." Me: "The store director?" Lady: "No the man whos in charge of the store." Me:... Lady: "The man who owns the store." Me: "Y- you want to speak to the _owner of the company_?" Her: "Yes. That's it. I was gonna buy his house, you know. It's over a million dollars." Me: ... Her: ... Me: "I can get you the manager."

Kieferson1 : As a person who worked in customer service for almost 3 years I can relate to this on a spiritual level.

Vahl Foxx : I feel like he gets these ideas out of real life experiences but exaggerated by 100

Piccolo's Garments : My boy Caleb got promoted to manager and is putting out content overtime 🔥

zachandbro : The amount of times this happens in retail is astounding

DEaD-'-RiSE : i PaId MoNeY fOr ThIs

Kobe Kola : Lemme uh.... *heavy breathing* Lemme uh.... GET THANOS ON THE PHONE. FOR ME RIGHT NOW!

Master Of Disguise : Bro I work at Walmart and there was this dude that literally ask for the manager because we didn't have the type of bread he liked lmao

Knorkrax : "I want to speak to god!"

Christopher Jorge : If only we could just slap some God damn sense into people like this without getting fired.

Yes-sir! : i lost it when he wanted to call the president


M Afaq : Every video is soo funny and you're one of the only youtuber that creates content like this that is funny, consistently. You deserve more. Let me speak to the manager of youtube.

sunsbookishgamesx : This guy's never running out of ideas

「The Spider.」 : I was expecting him to say: "I wanna speak to the galactic manager."

Lord Beerus : "I'm gonna slide you"😂

Brendan Salucci : Man i had this lady out for my blood once because she used a coupon and she wanted the money she didn’t spend back too Edit: she only saved like 15 cents. Forgot to mention that part

Nigga wit a big mac : Are you longBeachGriffys brother, you to are hella funny

Quinton Reviews : Oh my god this is incredible I’m dying

Hex : I would say “I can’t verify that you payed for these in the first place”

uh Mythify : He look like earl sweatshirt

Rain's Cloud : Sadly at The Home Depot, we have this thing called Store Credit where you don't even have to have the receipt or the card you paid on. It sucks because they really take advantage of that and still get pissy when they don't get their full money back (if you don't have a receipt and you return something, your store credit gets the lowest selling price of that product because we don't know what you actually paid).

itzGravitz : Watch him talk to Jesus Christ...


Chu ohno : I AM THE MANAGER.

Hope J : *let me talk to the district manager*

jegenji : I could imagine him asking for God and he's like receipt, so he asks for the devil and he's like 'nah you should just be able to return them bro' and hes like 'see someone understands' and you can hear alls the character going like whaaat bro howw

Jason Andrews : I'm bout to work as a cashier... this is scaring me, i might hurt someone

candiigurl7893 : This crap is so real, folks just don't understand.

Diablos : I thought he was gonna ask to speak to God.

King of Stuff : I wanna speak... To the United Nations!

eSeMeSe : wait a minute...the new manager is just the same guy with another hat...

Ruben Guillen : "Do you have a receipt?"

Chrisnxtdoor : Everybody and their mama act like this after Christmas


Blaze Gamer : OMG I'M SO DEAD. When he says "I wanna speak to the president OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!" lmao

TranTrackz : District manager said imma slide you! Dead lololol

Fire Nation Files : *_Let me speak to Thanos_*