People that think the manager can change everything.

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candiigurl7893 : This crap is so real, folks just don't understand.

PlexyPanda : Moral of the story: *Keep ya receipts folks haha*

Depression Talks With Immanuel : Am I the only one that laughed when he said, “Welcome to store and store?” Lol this dude

peblezQ : The funniest part is this isn't even an exaggeration. I had a customer who said the Prime Minister (Canadian retail worker here) would give him his refund, and we were like, "Not without a receipt, he won't."

rielitty : *_OMG SO TRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU_* #relatable

Balta Bueno : Welcome to the *STORE-STORE*

legendary trio : i remember someone asked for the manager and they were talking to her so she just did a 360 and said hello i am the manager

Sammy Williams : Hello, welcome this is the highest representative of store & store, this is *Thanos* speaking, how may I help you?

Nimr Al Nimri : *_This was absolutely magnificent. my favorite sketch period!_*

joe awesome : Middle age white women be like

Veridian : When Caleb comes through with the double upload

Ross H : “You know how difficult it would be to get the president on the phone?!?!” ... proceeds to get the president on the phone in 2 seconds

Hydratz : I wanna speak to the Supreme Lea... *realises that we live in a Democratic-like government instead of a Dictatorship*... Uh the United Nations!

BTS is great and i love cake : *uh i don't know what you talking about but sounds like all you need is a receipt* 😂😂

Skirdus : i just started working in retail and this is so accurate


Justin Y. : "I only get paid minimum wage dude"

GamerMixCat : I wanna speak with *THE ILLUMINATI* Illuminati: Can i help you? Him: yes, they won't let me return these headphones. Illuminati: all you gotta do is *SELL YOUR SOUL TO THE DEVIL* and then it'll be fine, they should return you, your 9.99$ back soon.

zachandbro : The amount of times this happens in retail is astounding

Rubens Azor : United nations: sir u need a recite or a card Caleb: lemme speak to G O D then

xoxo. milly : sell the damn headphones

Tamekia Goines : Caleb: I want to talk to the creator of the universe God: what's your problem Caleb: I want to return these headphones God: do you have the receipt Caleb:💀💀💀💀💀

SON DGP : "Do you know how difficult it would be to get the president on the phone?" Obviously not that hard... They got 'em in one call😂😂😂😂

OG Drifter : "I'm boutta slide you"

Oscar Barahona : I thought the ending would've included God. Guy: God they won't let me return these headphones! God: Calm down my child, do you have the receipt?

zynbw : If you're a customers who does this... re think your life. Seriously. On a side note, I literally had a customer tell me they're going to get their lawyer just because I didn't bring down the price for them on an expensive pair of shoes. There was literally no sale going on with those shoes whatsoever so I was just like "yeah okay lady, NEXT!"

Jetkid 181 : You had me at, "Welcome to store store"

please : *OU* _imunna punch you in the face_

DEaD-'-RiSE : i PaId MoNeY fOr ThIs

zachandbro : Store store

sunsbookishgamesx : This guy's never running out of ideas

M Afaq : Every video is soo funny and you're one of the only youtuber that creates content like this that is funny, consistently. You deserve more. Let me speak to the manager of youtube.

ykagz007 : i lost it when he wanted to call the president

DRDHE : Ouh im gonna PUNCH you in the face ! bahahah 😂😂😂😂


FunForSameer : I'm a cashier and can relate to this 😂 some people are actually like this

Chara : Legend has it, he's still trying to return the headphones.

Dayday King : Welcome to store store

Rain's Cloud : Sadly at The Home Depot, we have this thing called Store Credit where you don't even have to have the receipt or the card you paid on. It sucks because they really take advantage of that and still get pissy when they don't get their full money back (if you don't have a receipt and you return something, your store credit gets the lowest selling price of that product because we don't know what you actually paid).

The Greatest : lmao how did i feel the beat drop through my phone? and uhh double upload ?

Veridian : *_Let me speak to God_*

Raskalnikov : *i wANt To tAlK WITh tHE ILLumiNAtI*

TheRealCSD : This happened at my job lmao

Hex : I would say “I can’t verify that you payed for these in the first place”

Astronotty : *I NEED TO SPEAK TO GOD*

Chrisnxtdoor : Everybody and their mama act like this after Christmas

Mr. President : That sounds nothing like Donald Trump!

Lil Yoda : your just gonna keep interrupting me okay😂😂

Lord Beerus : "I'm gonna slide you"😂

Bape Spirit : I can’t stop rewarching