Tardigrade EATS a Cell in Cell Division Under the Microscope

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My Microscopic World : The microscope used in this video is a microlab 1000b from zenith https://amzn.to/2Otp9Am (affiliate link)

Ana Maria Lear Whittock : The soundtrack is perfect 👌

BrockPlaysFortnite : That was super neat. Make sure you check out your YouTube analytics to see what got this video such a huge boost so you can replicate it for future videos

Chris Olsted : "I'm never tardy to dinner!"

Freid Rick : 360 microscope

Ana Roque : I hate knowing we have microbes that live on us. This is just my nightmare, right here.

ila ila : I love the music!!! Real horror story!

Jesus Christ : Whoa! That was amazing! Science is the best!

Matthew Wilson : That was awesome! The tardigrades I have captured are usually just stuck swimming in one spot. LOL. I do have one video (before I knew what I was doing with my microscope) of a tardigrade that was grazing some moss. I've never actually seen one take that large of a bite. Thanks for sharing.

Thiago Lourenço : What type of Spore cellular stage's mod is?

Xiita GNU : I dearly remember when we were studying these animals in uni, zoology... Teacher used to call them "little bears" haha

dsleech : scariest video

Człowiej Sarna : Another part of fantastic micro Universe :) thank you so much

stackered : spooky. super cool to see a tardigrade "hunt"

A Lupo : This looks like a urine sample. It also looks like the tardigrade ate trichomonas.

Rick Grayson : Sweet tiny bear!

Eric Cheng : What a beast! It truly lives up to the title of water bear!

Rr Ii : Eight legs , hunts the no legs.

Rr Ii : Mmmm taste like chicken