Redbone - Come And Get Your Love - The Midnight Special 1974 Live

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Dallas RedHail : Us Native Americans got skills baby!! Took our land but not our spirit. 💸💸✊✊

Ran Nevermore : So the crip walk was originally from the Native Americans. Damn these guys got it

Reginald Marshall : All of these years I had no idea a Native American band made this song. Mind blown. This song wouldn't have stayed under my radar of it wasn't for Guardians of the Galaxy. It really brought in back into the mainstream.

Lynn Merchant : I saw Redbone on The Midnight Special when I was a little girl, and thought they were great. I often wondered as the years went by why I didn't hear any new songs from them and thought it was a damn shame. They had it all when it came to talent.

Fultonfalcons86 : As a Cherokee I'm so proud of redbone.....................

Lydia Huizar : I had the pleasure to go see REDBONE AND CHAMBERS BROTHERS at the San Jose Fairgrounds in the 70s it was an amazing performance..both groups..WOW thank you so much gorgeous George Hall ..😘💥

Cristian Marquez : this band puts vibe that it's almost spiritual and talks to the soul , I'm Mexican and it speaks to my Indian spirit the intro works me up in a way that shows me who I am. thank you very much for creating this to the band red bone. I understand red bone Mean's half breed in a respectable way.

Always In my heart : I saw them when they appeared on Midnight Special! Love it! Thanks for uploading!

RB Brown : Watch this closely. It's not something you see much of in today's music world. Talented people playing instruments and singing without the aid of autotune. One of my all time favorite songs from a great band.

Brenton Horner : Native American rock band REDBONE (who wrote this song) introduced Earth Day to the world on April 22, 1970 in Philadelphia with their perfectly fitting song CHANT 13TH HOUR.

Land Shark 503 : Damn! I love this song! So glad it's the theme song for the animated series "F is For Family" over on Netflix. :)

April Wobbleton : Proud to be Native American. I'm glad JC Penney or Kohls using song. May they get all the money they deserve.

nancye cage : Those days We're the best and the Bands well Rock and Roll Died in the 2000s .I don't know why but I LOVE the 70s.

Larry Kelly : Who else loves 70s music?💜

Celina Shearer : I just learned who these guys are. I've loved this song for many years w/o knowing and now I love it even more.

Jordan H : This song is my ringtone.

Joey Diaz : Cali Native American love this Band

Ran Nevermore : These guys pretty much look like they just need 3 more members then they could liberate a any village suffering from tyranny.

Tan : Wow I was born in 76 and heard this song on the radio growing up but never knew they were Native Americans! 😍

Rachel Morosky : I can't believe I grew up hearing this and never knew they were Native Americans. (Of course this was in the day of no internet or even (gasp) vhs!

Edward Glenn Soniasexy : my native brothers standing up on that soul

Timothy Bigham : no getting away from that drum intro....

lil reper : Proud to be a native who listens to rock

Vito Jamieson : The original C-walk Cherokee Walk. Love me some Redbone! From one redbone brutha to some funky Redbone brothers!

RICK ROLLED{FaCTz} : good ol days )))))) : they were working it. thumbs up.

Linda Laurelin : Great video. I never saw it before!

Muneo : the star lord likes this video

John B : After 15 years watching ... i just understand now the crowd isn't moving much cause they are in AWE of what they are seeing and hearing. Truly a once in a life time deal.

Gary Goodrich : I love it!!! When do you see a man perform a very cool traditional Native American dance then strap on a Fender Stratocaster - NEVER!!!! Now that's originality you don't see in today's groups.

Randy Eubanks : does anyone remember having to call into your local radio station to request this or any other song and waiting in anticipation like a child on Christmas eve?

Bunthan Sephieroth Kong : Can’t get enough of this song

Michele Childers : Now these were some fine men with voices and talent to match, so sad men aren't like this any more.

pitagorico : superb! that traditional dance at the beginning is one of the coolest things over the net

lgallo351 : These Native American master musicians belong in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame! Redbone wrote consistently brilliant songs, and it's amazing that they are not yet in the Hall of Fame. Listen to their songs and you'll see what I mean.

PhatElvis7 : I was 16 when i saw these guys in Edmonton, Alberta at the Kingsmen Fieldhouse in the early 70's. My friend and I were blazed on Windowpane acid and didn't want to leave the venue after the show ended, so we wondered around the stage after and eventually found ourselves backstage in their dressing room. They were super cool dudes about it and didn't call security or asked us to leave or anything. They offered us a beer and we sat in awe with eyes as big as basketballs and watched them party with about 20 other people. A lasting memory for sure.

Hillbilly Dranyam : How on Earth are they not in the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame ? I remember the first time I heard this on the radio and my father explained they were Native American. We have a trickle of Seminole heritage. They never played the intro cry on the radio. Damn shame....

davethebluesdude : Great !! Arrangement !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Philip Williams : Man I remember this. These guys were so cool and their stage presence is awesome. The song is also timeless!

Phil : This was the first single (45 rpm) I ever bought. It's a great song!

Hazel Eyes : I remember this back in the 70s. It was a BIG HIT!!

Sandra Bell : Tat was so cool! Thank God for the Lakota Nation!

Michael Turcott : I had no idea Redbone were Native American...I was class of 76'

Pila Adur : Love it! Brings me back to my childhood and makes me especially proud to be part Native American. =)

Debbie Harriman : im native American ,and this is a great song

FourthRO : This was hot back in the day! Their talent wasn't appreciated in the States as across the pond.

Cassie Bluriverlover : I still love them!*****

Nancy Echevarria-Boyer : I had the hots for Lolly Vegas. He was so cute. They never did get the recognition that they deserved. Lolly Vegas may you rest in eternal peace.

Barrys Scientific Based Products : Nice song Remember when it first came out. This use to be played quiet often in South Carolina

Joseph Clark : You can keep your iPhone and your pc i want to go back to transister radio's ti dye shirts good times and music like this man