Redbone - Come And Get Your Love - The Midnight Special 1974

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Larry Kelly : Who else loves 70s music?💜

RICK ROLLED{FaCTz} : good ol days ))))))

OregonOnTwoWheels : Damn! I love this song! So glad it's the theme song for the animated series "F is For Family" over on Netflix. :) : they were working it. thumbs up.

Michael Towle : This song makes me smile and swell with pride for a musical group that was outside the norm. That being said, let's be honest....Lolly and his brother were Mexican and maybe 10% Native American, but they chose to present themselves as Native Americans, and I understand that. It was the hook that got them air play. I loved this song when it came out. I love it still. I only post this to let people know that sometimes music reaches you based on a certain culture or vibe. I am asking you not to judge music based on culture but on the sound that effects your soul and hopefully makes you smile and feel good. This song is a classic based on its own musical merits.

Fhus Leky : So good!. Selamat pagi

Dallas RedHail : Us Native Americans got skills baby!! Took our land but not our spirit. 💸💸✊✊

Joey Diaz : Cali Native American love this Band

Cami BluTube : Love this song! Didn't know that they were Native Americans! Thought they were White! Hmmm, learn something new everyday!

Barrys Scientific Based Products : Nice song Remember when it first came out. This use to be played quiet often in South Carolina

Fultonfalcons86 : As a Cherokee I'm so proud of redbone.....................

Galiiha Lee : Omg those guys are handsome and so talented

broadwaymelody33 : Hell yeah, the Red Power fists at the end.

Joey Diaz : REDBONE

Lorretta Williams : Beautiful Native men...........loved this band growing up in the 70's !

Reginald Marshall : All of these years I had no idea a Native American band made this song. Mind blown. This song wouldn't have stayed under my radar of it wasn't for Guardians of the Galaxy. It really brought in back into the mainstream.

reper : Proud to be a native who listens to rock

Jeffrey Gluck : One of the ultimate "feel good" songs of the 70's — remember like it was yesterday.

The Six One Niner! : Wow! I didn't realize this was a native American band! I remember this song! Learn something new every day.

Lynn Merchant : I saw Redbone on The Midnight Special when I was a little girl, and thought they were great. I often wondered as the years went by why I didn't hear any new songs from them and thought it was a damn shame. They had it all when it came to talent.

Stephen Landry : Sweet tune!!! Nice drumming

Margaret Tudor : These guys were amazing! Were they all Native American? I wonder how many other Rock artists were Native American or of Native American descent! Anyway, I LOVE this song! Reminds me of my '70s childhood! :)

Joan Lee : Holy Mother of God...just how beautiful can some guys be ?

Lydia Huizar : I had the pleasure to go see REDBONE AND CHAMBERS BROTHERS at the San Jose Fairgrounds in the 70s it was an amazing performance..both groups..WOW thank you so much gorgeous George Hall ..😘💥

Helen Grigsby : Love Redbone for their traditional intro performance. My Black people always claiming they have Indian in their blood. Never will claimed their African heritage. I've never seen them stand for any Indian protest......

robert chandler : F is for family brought me here

April Wobbleton : Proud to be Native American. I'm glad JC Penney or Kohls using song. May they get all the money they deserve.

Mark Almand : What a gem. One of many from the 70's treasure chest.

LegoLorax : awesome

Danger Mouse : Love this song. Thank you.

Chris Pavlides : Lolly Vegas has got an awesome voice for this song, never fails to make me happy

ColdTango YT : This song is my ringtone.

FourthRO : This was hot back in the day! Their talent wasn't appreciated in the States as across the pond.

Ran Nevermore : So the crip walk was originally from the Native Americans. Damn these guys got it

Steven Jorgenson : listen to fantastic music, look at all the beautiful women. miss the women of the 70s.

Sandra Bell : Tat was so cool! Thank God for the Lakota Nation!


Nurse Oasis : It's your business if you want some take some - come and get your love

Randy Eubanks : does anyone remember having to call into your local radio station to request this or any other song and waiting in anticipation like a child on Christmas eve?

Marshall T. : simply awesome song....

nancye cage : Those days We're the best and the Bands well Rock and Roll Died in the 2000s .I don't know why but I LOVE the 70s.

Thomas Ozminkowski : i love native american dance

Cassie Bluriverlover : I still love them!*****

DankFamous 1 : What wonderful beauty in that dance wow what a tear jerker

Edward Glenn Soniasexy : my native brothers standing up on that soul

Tim Kirkpatrick : They were awesome , a favorite 70's song

Hazel Eyes : I remember this back in the 70s. It was a BIG HIT!!

Elsie Viola Dupuis : Wow, amazing 👌

Giuseppe Guccione : LOVE

stormsparrow : Man, alive!