Why It's Almost Impossible to Ride a Bike 60 Kilometers in One Hour | WIRED

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The hour record for cycling is very simple. It's just one rider going as far as possible for one hour. WIRED's Robbie Gonzalez explores the physical power needed to push for 60 minutes and the equipment and track choices that can make or break the record. Still haven’t subscribed to WIRED on YouTube? ►► http://wrd.cm/15fP7B7 Also, check out the free WIRED channel on Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Android TV. Here you can find your favorite WIRED shows and new episodes of our latest hit series Masterminds. ABOUT WIRED WIRED is where tomorrow is realized. Through thought-provoking stories and videos, WIRED explores the future of business, innovation, and culture. Why It's Almost Impossible to Ride a Bike 60 Kilometers in One Hour | WIRED

Comments from Youtube

Martin D A : The problem is simple 740W is one horsepower. We are not horses.

alimiahh : It's almost impossible because you're limited by genetics. Saved you 18 minutes.

Ric Tony : 9:04 Bet he makes that joke with everyone

Jфrdдn Ж : Bruh this whole series is all about destroying our dreams

Kim Jong-un : It's definitely possible, I've done it several times. I'm supreme at everything

Roland Tiiroja : that's why you ride a motorcycle

Alco Golic : "Why It's Almost Impossible to Ride a Bike 60 Kilometers in One Hour" You basicaly get tired.

Bryan Austin : 17:30 FOR EVERYONE IN A HURRY

lets-call-me that-one-guy : its possible. it needs 5 things. wind resistance gear light yet sturdy bike. drugs. ( yeah.... we need that as well ) lance armstrong ( he'll take the drugs ) a good location

Rocky712 - Let´s Plays : When you talk about 60km distance but use miles per hour....goddamnit...

Rapolas Valeika : Its ez to break that record you just need to hear *Babe im pregnant*

Taikamuna : I can barely even go 10km/h

Funmud : Bradley Wiggins could power my computer for an hour.

Cool Lord Cringe : I can bike for 2 hours but i dont think i can keep up just going around for 1 hour and i would sleep

Chilled Out : Imagine if you made this video as a school project.

Syth_ lexi : I KNOW WHY. Coz you can't.

Talha Dawood : Me watching this on my walmart bmx bike.

DISASTEPIECE52493 : An I the only person who realised quickly "you can't go 60km in an hour because that requires going 60kph for 1 hour"

Wyatt Smith : Just go downhill

F. B.I : You can do it. Just let mom see your marks

Marzipan Wars : 4:03 Boy says to girl: *”Ah it’s way harder if I watch you”*

Shippoyasha : I felt like death doing 20 miles in an hour. 20mph is considered near sprinting speed for some people.

SpectreLabs : Credit should be given to Graeme Obree for inventing the "Praying Mantis" position and "Superman" position. He appears in the video but his name is not mentioned. Chris Boardman did not invent the Superman position, he merely used it to set his Hour record back.

Rick morty : I feel bad for girls when a transgender breaks the woman records. Specially for all sports and no longer will any girls hold a record on anything because a transgender would beat them. Good Job Obama, when you die we know for certain the world will be a better place.

Sjaak De Winter : It s also impossible to fly 3 mach with an regular plane. Everything is impossible if you don t use the right tools.

MrSlartybartfast42 : they have forgotten one thing ... cadence. Some climbs in the TDF last more than an hour and top riders have a typical power output of at least 400W. Its a lot easier to maintain a high power output at a lower cadence than high power at a higher cadence. A high cadence is the most important thing for doing 'The Hour'.

Rakehell007 : Victor Campenaerts will prove it can be done!

Zenical : Just play some eurobeat

moderatesunited : Don't worry someone will take enough gear to break the record it's only a matter of time all the cyclists are on grams of gear wear all cheaters the record is meaningless

Melon Collie : Huh, so the most powerful bike sprinter has less then 2 horsepower... So that chainsaw powered bike with 3 horsepower doesn't sound so weak now does it?

DannyDaDuffyDucking Daffer : If you can just switch stuff out and get a better record then it makes no sense

Jon C : What about Gearing, how does that play into it ?? Can a gearing differential make a big difference? For example starting off slow, but gearing up over good time?

Emil Krig : Why did they ban a position. That's so stupid thow. The point is to go fast and they limit that.

area51r : it's possible for sure, this was dumb

Nope Nope : I'll tell you why it's possible to hit a bike at 60kmh in five minutes...

TheDrexxus : If it is mostly about the lactic acid, get that dude with the freakish condition where he consumes lactic acid faster than he makes it. The infinite endurance man.

nikolas tacht : thats why i ride a motorbike

Nate and Noah Try Life : This series is one of my favorite series on YouTube! Robbie is a great host and it’s great that he does these challenges alongside the pros, to show the average person really how impressive the pros are.

Russ Tanner : Legend has it Chuck Norris rode 2,300km/h on his tricycle when he was 3 years old.

Juustohöylä : Just do some pcp before cycling :D

The Dingwall : Tell that to gogo smh

飞赴俄 : Today someone cross the line with 61.024 km/h in Hong Kong

groovestaffel : "it's way harder if i watch you" ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

jason alexander : CRAZY ability! Specialized folks are great!

jklw10 : Just do like that one guy did and become a missile shape on the bench on a downhill

ultimaetsolder : Can't get too excited about someone riding a bicycle in a circle for 1hr.

Jonathan B : It's easy, just find a super steep hill to ride down on. I think this video title needs more editing...

_Bob McCoy : *_Kim Jong-un has done it before though_*

Dick Hammerbush : Give Africans bikes, they'll do it in 45 minutes.