Why It's Almost Impossible to Ride a Bike 60 Kilometers in One Hour | WIRED

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FinalBox : It's impossible until someone does it.

Deshawn Saunders : This video is very interesting, thanks for uploading!

FinalBox : Do Why It's Almost Impossible to Get 100 Kills in One Game of Fortnite

Nate and Noah Try Life : This series is one of my favorite series on YouTube! Robbie is a great host and it’s great that he does these challenges alongside the pros, to show the average person really how impressive the pros are.

Kim Jong-un : It's definitely possible, I've done it several times. I'm supreme at everything

Ash Beech : Try 440 under 70kg too. 🤣⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️

TReXcuRRy : Take 100 babies. Force them to bike everyday for their entire life. Make them reproduce together. Do this for 100 generations. Watch them ride 100km in an hour by year 3000.

J L : Lance all juiced up in his prime could do it.

Wyatt Smith : Just go downhill

_Bob McCoy : *_Kim Jong-un has done it before though_*

Vishaal Reddy Kuthuru : I’m liking these sports science videos you guys have been doing lately

Igor Mladenovic : When he said 13:34 $5000 worth of parts and the other guy just shows his thumb up because it's lot more than $5K :D

Max Roth : this guy must be a cyclist... he has rapha shorts on...

MrStickyPete : my coffee maker is twice as powerful as top athletes Edit: coffee maker is 1kW and can run continuously so i'm comparing it to the continuous output of the athletes

Sahil Chavan : Ayyyy boy it's very easy I can do it as if I'm freding ma dog 🐕

litojonny : transgender women should not be able to compete with women.

Robert Eltze : Since air density isn't regulated I'm waiting for someone to make a sealed track, pump all the air out and ride in space suits. Aerodynamics is no longer needed and times will be far far faster with no air drag.

Chris Kline : Make no mistake pro cyclists are some of the toughest athletes on the planet.

They call me Alf : I wonder what the VO2 levels are in Sherpas over there in the Himalaya Mountains

Average Squares : In context, elite runners can run a half marathon (21.1 km) in around 60 mins. Cyclists are covering more than 2.5 times that distance. Humans have reached their physical limits in both the disciplines. But there has to be more potential for improvement in cycling, given the two wheels and the engineering involved (versus the bareness of running)

owen Vermeulen : I'm road racing cyclist, and although you did a great job on the video... just wear socks with you cycling shoes next time!

Rigging Doctor : We just need more power!

gvi341984 : It's possible but UCI prevents innovative designs and deem them illegal.

Ed Jack : It's 100% possible but UCI bans a lot more things than you think.

yoog : I’m impressed he could do 440w for 45s (especially in ERG mode.) Quite hard to do for an untrained non-cyclist with just a 52mL/kg/min vo2max.

batterycock : credit should be given to graham obree for BOTH "praying mantis" and "superman" aero positions.

groovestaffel : "it's way harder if i watch you" ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Ora : 3:55 "Its hard. " "Its way harder if I watch you." Dirty :D

Eric : While seeing the title I thought I wouldn't watch more than 5 minutes of this.. currently 14 minutes in and im glued to the screen

Avery Lopez-Baines : It is possible, you just gotta go fast

Kayla E : I love how you featured a female record holder! ☺️

Eddy II : I have no interest in cycling but this was actually pretty interesting

John A : Impossible with the constraints of the rules. How about trying a recumbent bike or a velomobile? This is an artificial constraint.

L. traveler : Road cycling is the hardest Sport ever. If you say otherwise you probably havent even done an FTP test.

Cycling Pulse : Cycling = best sport 🙏

biocybernaut : And that's why professional cyclists shoot Erythropoietin and sit in hyperbaric chambers.

Alien On a Bike : I think I could do 60km on a 5kW ebike.

TANZANYALI ÖKKEŞ : I mean 60 kilometers an hour means 1 kilometer every minute soo...

Ben : Hey, now you've done road biking I think you should cover mountain biking. It's a fantastic sport that more people need to know about. Try talking about how it's impossible to get down literally any of the downhill tracks at the speed the pros are doing

TANZANYALI ÖKKEŞ : Why? Cant i just go super saiyan?

Graham Connell : The super man bars are actually significantly slower than modern aero bars, the mantis position was the most aero (there’s a video of the guy that invented them)

Henry Ashman : It would have been nice to point out that Sir Bradley Wiggins set the record at sea level because he wanted to do it in London, rather than bothering with going at altitude.

8b64z : Because you need to ride at 60 km/h. DUH!

Mansoor Haque : I think in that pain cave, people truly discover themselves.

Tri-Shake-Atops : this idiot forgot the most important detail....TEAM SKY DOCTORS! Gonna need a toot off the old inhaler cause I have a touch of asthma coming on up Alp d'Huez!

idontusenumbers : If you guys are going to call this series "why it's almost impossible", it would be nice to explain why, scientifically.

T-800 Model 101 Infiltrator Unit. : *With my metal Endoskeleton, I'm able to generate enough power to pedal a bike at 300 miles an hour. This theory has been terminated.*

The Mig Cycling : Welcome to the cyclist's life. #embracethesuck

Surya Ardy : Coz u didn't singing hime hime daisuki (>,<) ha ha ha

DrHillbillyShow : Some snowflakes are going to melt down when they see those 'women' numbers lower than the 'men' numbers.