Found Out I'm Gay

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ProducShuns : This is some Shakespearean level shit right here.

soxxpuppet : Incredibly well done! I wonder how many takes that took.

TheAlmightyLizard : My goal is to learn all of this and say it to a random person on the street and then leave. Hopefully I don't die.

F a c e _ : Broden is dunking a teabag into a bowl

NotFamous : Jeez that was a great monologue

Daniel Tellez : Can we get the outtakes please!!!!!

Srey : Just noticed that the guy on the right is teabagging in the beginning of the video lol

BrainyShy : *slow clap*

devio123 : I love how he said all that just driving by

Chris Champagne : How....was this done in one take....

Povl Besser : A profound message in a not so profound wrapper.

Jordan Gibson : Oh this happened to me just last week.

Jack : FAGGOT! im crying

SimonXR : Guy to the right doesn't blink

Niuniu Lai : Dear god this is perfection.

TotaMuslimah : When he screams "FAGGOT" at the end i just freaking loose it... HILARIOUS

EdgAre11ano : But why is he taller than BROden?

Yung Baldy : this belongs in the MoMA

Sarah Fisk : His sister likes Goosebumps? Sweet.

Will Patterson : that arab has some real talent

ZenithRadProductions : Fantastic, just found out about you guys, can't stop watching! Keep is up! xD

Massive Ringpiece : This guy is amazing. Haven't watched this is an about a year or so but goddamn he's fucking funny.

Austin F : this isn't very funny.

Strange But Not A Stranger : This is the best video ive ever seen

Talking Case : Saw ur act today and i found u

DvV Art&Design : ... ... ... ...whoa

H(CHB11Cl11) : And the Oscar goes to....

Jonathan Carr : Mad props to Broden on this one.

Athan Condax : I think I return to watch this video on a weekly basis. Every line has become an inside joke where my brother and I quote the whole thing once a line is referenced. Good job guys, you should be proud.

Matt Ward : fucking crying/laughing

asbamse : He didn't say much

Reuben Styles : fuck yes this is incredible

darius miles : Respect. And Funny as Hell!

Billy Yount : best vid ever! 

IIdemonII : Boy am I glad I found this channel! Awesome work guys! Quality content, great writing, and exceptional delivery. Thanks for the hard work gentlemen. Cheers

Gentleman : at the end when he just says "FAGGOT" always gets me

Solid Snake : i connect with this on a spiritual level

Nolando Orlando : Hahaha the guy on the right looks like Pita from the hunger games when he's listening to the story

Sam Noonan : this gets very charlie day towards the end.

Zachary Weaver : I love you people so damn much

DecoyJeff : This speaks to me on a spiritual level.

h4rti : That's pretty gay. I like it.

Chris Roberts : This is like Australias version of WKUK but much funnier.


James C : Fake and Gay

tokanite : Whats with the re-ups? Hilarious stuff, but give us new hilarity! 

igortfm : i just can't get enough of this. every goddam day i have to come here and watch it.

starfox300 : I feel like I have seen this before

Tickleshits : i've spent like 15 minutes trying to find that one video that lead them to believe they're funny EDIT: actually, i think i found it lol

My lady REDDIT : fuck, le reddit autism army has arrived.