Found Out I'm Gay

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Daniel Tellez : Can we get the outtakes please!!!!!

ijustwanttocomment : camera work off key here

CartoonWarStudios : one fucking take and no edits, god damn

Zom Bee Nature : That was intense! Everyone, please watch my little nature videos. There is no talking in them. Shhh!

Che babb : Just remember it's not gay if A. It's a threeway B. The balls don't touch Or C. One of the men passes for a cute girl. This has been a friendly reminder from your local PBS. The More you Know!

k r : at 0:22 2017 aunty donna would break out into song

SWAGGAN : I'm sorry to hear about diagnosis, mate.

Jon Irenicus : Someone called me a faggot at the parking lot today, where can I find some dicks to suck?

Kevin Nguyen : Anyone gonna point out that Mark is taller than Broden?

AirRick WitDaSwish : "scratch that can we make Love?"

T8Mars : Don't know how this only has 1 million views.

The Wonder Craft : wait... what?

SmexyRula : something something vote yes

ElectricBeast 017 : My parents are wondering wtf I'm watching right now.

FrankJavCee : This video gave me an erection.

James C : Fake and Gay

Jake Smith : British people aren't funny.

OusmandTakeover : broden makes a great straight man mark makes a great gay man

Casey Nickol : idk what that was, but i absolutely loved it.

XxMushiSushixX : This proves being gay is a choice

Amante : this is art

Cake or Death : i thought mark was short

MoonShadow Δ : Can someone give me directions to the forest of dicks?

slicshuter : I don't understand how they can keep straight faces for so long.

Turner Cash : Broden: Oh, Mark, hi. Mark Banana: Hey, bro Broden: What’s wrong? MB: Aw, you know. Not much, man. I just found out I’m gay. Bro: Really? MB: Yeah. Bro: How’d you find that out? MB: Oh, well some guy was driving down the road while I was crossing it. He wound down his window, he yelled it out to me. He let me know. Bro: Huh, what did he say? MB: Uh, ya know, didn’t say much. He said, uh, ‘you’re gay.’ You know? He said, ‘ey, poofter, you’re a homo, you’re a homo, you faggot. Go suck a dick.’ He said ‘go suck a big dick.’ Said ‘go suck a real big dick. Get those dick so far in your mouth that the dick’s right there, you got em all the way smashin the back of your throat, balls are right there, bangin on your chin, that’s how much I want you to suck a dick.’ He goes, ‘oi. This is me, pretending to be you, fist fucking another man in the asshole. Just fistfucking the god-given shit out of him.’ He goes, ‘bet you’d like that so much you’d like to get fistfucked while you’re doing it. Just gettin’ fistfucked while you’re fistfucking someone else. And while you’re at it, chuck in another one. Just fistfuckin’ two strange men, getting your asshole fistfucked with someone you’ve just met on Grindr.’ He goes, ‘I bet you wish these were dicks. I’ll bet you wish these were big floppy dicks; you’re in a big forest of dicks, gettin’ dicks all over ya, covering yourself in cum, loving cum,’ he said, ‘can I suck your dick?’ He said, ‘can I suck your dick and then kiss you, kiss you square on the mouth and then fuck you—scratch that, can we make love??’ he said, ‘Can we make love in my bedroom and then maybe if we connect on more than just a physical level, I’ll take you out. I’ll introduce you to my mum and my dad and my little sister Genevieve. She’s really cool, she’s into Goosebumps at the moment. And then maybe we can all go out for dinner together. And they’ll really like you because of your cool taste in music and your wonderful dress sense and then maybe after confronting their initial misguided preconceptions, my family will come to respect our love for its tangibility. And they’ll reject it because of bias or religious or political agendas of hate that have been weaved through the social fabric of hundreds and hundreds of years! Faggot! Bro: Ah, yeh.

Digital_Wolf : The dislike count is 420.

F a c e _ : Broden is dunking a teabag into a bowl

Chris Roberts : This is like Australias version of WKUK but much funnier.

Stray : It's true: Sucking a small dick is not gay.

TLW918 : My retainer damn near flew out of my mouth when he screamed faggot in the end.

Clique Bait : Oh yeah...

soxxpuppet : Incredibly well done! I wonder how many takes that took.

h4rti : That's pretty gay. I like it.

roland lake : 1000 times yes!

NotFamous : Jeez that was a great monologue

gotohell gotohell : this 1 ..yes i did find funny ..

MrEpicfailness : The FAGGOT at the end killed me

Jay C : Fucking Hilarious every time!

MadGentleman : I got served with a "Why God" ad before watching this. It's 1:40 am and I'm watching Anti Doona, there's no God here.

Nolando Orlando : Hahaha the guy on the right looks like Pita from the hunger games when he's listening to the story

starfox300 : I feel like I have seen this before

Anto Lo Scarso a COD : This video needs a Rap Beat

twofiveshort : Who gave you stilts?

ben145236 : what does he mean with 'kiss you 'square' on the mouth'?

Srey : Just noticed that the guy on the right is teabagging in the beginning of the video lol

TheAlmightyLizard : My goal is to learn all of this and say it to a random person on the street and then leave. Hopefully I don't die.

кคקק๏гtєг : Fucking brilliant.

Alex D. : You guys are really funny

Nullll1111 : Ah yeah, cool, man.

devio123 : I love how he said all that just driving by