Cyclist Girl Gets Sweet Revenge On Catcalling van Drivers (KARMA!)

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UngliBaaz : Awesome❤

Sleepy Wolf : "That's exactly what you deserve you scum!!!" 1:09 LOL

Janae Olivia : 1:08 I'm dead 😆

WhyYouGottaBeSoRude Don'tYouKnowIAmAnAnimeToo : That's one big strong woman

Tampatec : 1:00 she rip that like she-hulk!

Genevieve Borah : That's not *exactly* what he deserved. He deserve WAAAAY worse.

Nikolson Family : You don't go up to a random girl and say " Can I have your number and ask them if they started their period." That is MESSED UP man. But she did attack his car. Way to go lady.

Carolyn : *”You on your period” um what the hell*

Ankur Roy : NICE. They deserved it.

ObSeNcE_sTyLe : The guy on the bike is like yes shit is going down and i gonna seeeee it

Bleach Cookie : To everyone saying what she did was “too much” how would you like if you couldn’t even walk outside before some assholes whistling and yelling at you that you have a nice ass? Would you love to be a sexualized ? All we know that van could have been following her telling her stupid shit and this video was just filmed when she was growing more angry. Take your “but she didn’t have a right to!2!3?!11!” Somewhere else. Ever thought that maybe she was raped? Abused? Maybe she acted out that way because of flashbacks? It is NOT OK to harass ANYONE. it IS OK to RESPOND. Period.

Studlife : 2K SCUM disliked this

Nicholas Pearson : I can't se how it is justified to break somebody's mirror over catcalling. It was rude that the van driver did that but breaking his mirror was a little much.

RealBlueKirby : Beautiful justice at its finest

Badum Tsss : Because being insulted justifies damaging someones property **yay for deluded millenials**

cheryl soliva samulde : Good for him 😂😂😂😂

Trap Queen : So you even have cucks in the uk 🇬🇧 damn

Shawn Shawn : Smart Girl!!

Alondra Negrete : LoL

Jon Goldney : She should have gone for a drink with him and punched him in the balls. That's what he deserved. Mirrors can be fixed, stupid pride can't.

kontokono : Dat ass

ayat doll girls : Omg girls

Minto Nix : I don't like to cuss a lot so please excuse my language... 😂 THAT WAS FUCKING AWESOME! 👌👌👌😂

von reeves : 👍👍👍👍👍👍

IceCubeDoggo 51 : freaking love that badass 👌 YOU SHOW EM!!!

HunT Craft : Yeah the driver was bad for catcalling but IMO the cyclist was worst. She pulled off the wingmirror (which is ILLEGAL may i point out). Its the same with almost every you tubing cyclist or biker. They think its fine to vandalise people property.


Bone Collector : YOU REBEL SCUM!

Henry Dinh : Savage dang

Dinem Sko : This video makes me very happy ♥

Its_me_Manuel : Small men and a small woman

Harish Rathore : Brave women

STINKY STAN : She's a coward if your really tough stay and deal with the guy don't run like a pussy and the pussy bata male following takes off like a pussy 👆

QuadPlay : Good job team

What up it tei I : Ooo they just got fucked up

Trinny Bear : That girl is a queen and the guy that backed her up is a king. Respect to both of them.

Cee Heart : Oh its so satisfied to watch 😀 thats my kind of friend

Some random person : Hope she realizes that's vandalism and she has no real reason for doing that.

nikkinoivern : he deserved that

Ayano Chan : Respect wamen

Jake Bennett : So he asked do you want my number she responds by hitting his car trying to break his mirror and then he responds by insulting her multiple times and drives off her response is to again break a mirror and throw in in the street which is also littering now and you guys are applauding her my response is their both garbage people

MD Games : Ahhahahaha scum I died at that part 😂😂😂

James Howell : You *S C U M*

Unspoken Devil : Never ask about periods. It always goes downhill from there. Also tip, wear headphones or earphones & just listen to loud music. If they try to get your attention just ignore & keep listening to the music. Never make eye contact with them. Unfortunately this is the only way I found that works.


JinxRyuu Badluck : Strong!!😱😱

MASMOS and Adam Vlogs : 6000 windows are being abused everyday. 1 like = 1 prayer and 1 smack for that girl who destroyed the window it was expensive :(

Morgan Lemons : That's exactly what you deserve *Scum* !

Rainbow Rupy Dragon : Person filming sounded like loki

Mike Hunt : Lesson for the day guys...don't try to date a woman on her period