Cyclist Girl Gets Sweet Revenge On Catcalling van Drivers (KARMA!)

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Morgan Lemons : That's exactly what you deserve *Scum* !

Bianca Aletti : is it that easy to rip off a side mirror? lol nice

Java 1.1 : That awkward moment when a feminist, white knight, and alcoholic collide..

Bella Bella : A woman stands up for herself and she is called automatically a "Feminist" ?

Pierre Kirby : What a hero on the motorcycle, saying something hard like that and taking of at the speed of light....

Tejas Shinde : I would be very happy if she have did same thing with his jaw 😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈

AftershaveDave : Proved to be fake.

Daniel Eliassenfgh618 : Turns out this is fake..

Rusty Shackleford : I'll reference this video...if a woman touches the back of my shoulder I will cause property damage in return by sinking down to her level. Sounds legit.

Sakib Niloy : There is a chance that this video is scripted. How can a driver do that in public with a woman? Lot of peeps were around. No one stepped to help. He even touched her. The camera man was there with perfect timing exactly when harassment started. Quite surprising. And after ending of the argument girl followed that truck probably to take revenge. But how can she hope to chase and catch a truck with a cycle. Maybe because it was planned that truck will stop there and she will take that mirror out. Another thing she took that mirror out like in a fan. Was it that much easy? She just split it like it was a thin cable.

Tom McAteer : Good for her standing up for herself

frostyliciousmayne : This is staged as hell lmao all these man hating idiots equating words to property damage smh

where u at : Nice breaking other peoples property after following them with the intent to break their property 👍😂👏

J B : Yes people this video is ***FAKE***


Tampatec : 1:00 she rip that like she-hulk!

Satan's Lil Bro Lucilia : Even though this was fake the woman was in the wrong. Just because you're so sensitive doesn't mean you can just go destroying someone's car. I would get off my car and beat her up lol.


Rainbow Llama : 98% of the comments: *SCUM* 2% of the comments: others

Jazzy Jay : Am I the only one that felt she was in the wrong?? Like catcalling is bad but that's no excuse to damage personal property just because your feelings are hurt.

Dee Dee Winfrey : He's lucky she didn't throw it at him, she looks strong.💪

Andreash133 35 : Richtig so. Hätte dem noch ne Beule in die Tür treten sollen

Crystalgames1211 : Let's be honest here guys she is in the wrong as well and technically a criminal

Amara McGee : Good for her! 👏🏼 what an idiot of a guy

RmNaNtCbScRrN : Maybe she was strong, or the van too cheap, or its fake..

WhyYouGottaBeSoRude Don'tYouKnowIAmAnAnimeToo : That's one big strong woman

Vinder HD : You said words to me, now I am going to destroy property in a fit of hysteria. Guess she was on her period.

Protokahn Videos : She has a right to be upset but she still damaged private property.

candy cane : Nothing tastes better than sweet *ReVeNgE*

Rocky G : It's not hard to work out this video is a complete fix false and joke 😂 you cannot take the side mirror off unless the inside screws have been taken off that are there for security of the vehicle 😃😉😃.

Dave Gunner : I don't judge her one bit for that. They were harassing her, called her a dog for pulling away, felt her up. Not cool. Tbf, I'm almost impressed, she tore that wing mirror off like a champ xD

keeara : I need a 10 hours compilation of that Man saying "SCUM"

Beta Rider : another example of women perpetrating violence again men... society will not tolerate violence against men simply because her feelings were hurt... This woman needs to be brought to justice, forced to attend anger management and treat men with respect classes after the police have dealt with her

sulema k : And that my friends is called GIRL POWER Like if you agree😉

richardcvlr5 : GREAT JOB. THE GUY WAS A DICK.

TakerKaneanite619 : I don't usually condone knocking other people's mirrors off, but for this, the bastard driver deserved it.

UncivilPizza : I know catcalling is wrong but thats vandalism which is against the law.

Roaa khan : She got revenge by herself cuz she knows no body will do anything to stop them.. They will keep just watching as if it is a movie or something and then passing like nothing happened 😤😠😕

Alex Brown : Bit harsh .

breathin : she should of threw it at there faces or at there window

jimmy baker : Ahh...How sweet it is. Sweet revenge!!! She should have thrown it back in the van and smacked one of them in the head.

richardcvlr5 : IF YOU WERE MY DAUGHTER I'D BE PROUD.👤👍⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Daniel Eliassenfgh618 : 1:01 I first thought she took out a gun and shot them...

ADDRAC : He should have kick stomped her bike down and gutted her tires for breaking that mirror.

Mama am Ragen : would beat her up if she touches my car

Ann Redgewell : What the hell! That was pure sexual harassment - and as for the touching - way out of order! Good on you girl!

Mr.Anonymous Pepe : The van drivers did not deserve that. Sure, they were rude, but they committed no crimes. That lady however, did. She committed vandalism.

Aιμιλιος Xαλεποπουλος : white knight mangina

Bogumilski Centar : It’s obviously a fake, quite cheap I have to say

Richard : The van should have doored her as soon as she came to the van the second time