Cyclist Girl Gets Sweet Revenge On Catcalling van Drivers (KARMA!)

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Morgan Lemons : That's exactly what you deserve *Scum* !

manju shetty : good work... super lady..💪👻


Kylie Rose : I love how this guy followed her just to make sure everything was safe and they got exactly what they deserved

Sophie love : Omg..i had so much satisfaction watching her rip the mirror off that pervert van..!!!

Dave Gunner : I don't judge her one bit for that. They were harassing her, called her a dog for pulling away, felt her up. Not cool. Tbf, I'm almost impressed, she tore that wing mirror off like a champ xD

FREiZ T.V. : I like how the dude on the motorcycle followed for her safety. 😊👍 She looks pretty tough though! 💪😂

Jasbir singh : She rides so fast for her revenge ..beautiful i love u ...

Januquaria Space : It's ridiculous what women have to deal with on a daily basis.

m lo : I’m like extremely disturbed with all the boys in the comments blaming her for the situation...who hurt you...

Cyril TV : I think she is the real Wonder Woman

Fortune : Damn yo. She ripped that mirror of pretty tough. I need her on my team. she a beast. That’s what they get. You go girl!!! I’m in love. Lol.

Fred Powell : Damn... She ripped that mirror of like it was tissue. Should have thrown it at his head after. What a couple of prize dicks. Maybe somone will talk to their daughter like that. Wonder if they would find it as amusing.

Arrow S. : *You Mess With The Wrong Lady Fool*

Melanie Young : On just disappointed in humans all those bystanders did nothing and watched her get harrased and if she gets fined for destruction of property than I will literally show them this video even if I have to fly around the world None should be treated like that that man deserves what he got She should've smashed his windows with a sledge hammer like if you agree

Tampatec : 1:00 she rip that like she-hulk!

Jeff MusicMan : Good for her! Damn!, She's strong to! lol 😂

Arianni For ever : Glad she had back up ,good job 👏

Mario Hernandez : They looked hella confused 😂😂😂

rajpal lamba : 🙅Really impressed with the courage and strong will of the girl 💪

Tom McAteer : Good for her standing up for herself

Feliendegamer : Never mess with the girlpower!! 😎👧👱‍♀️👧😎

noexistence1 : Fake video designed to stoke the flames of the gullible outrage culture

Parth Rawat : In hindi we say iski ma ki ** very good

SamiraXox : Now that's something you don't see everyday

Tejas Shinde : I would be very happy if she have did same thing with his jaw 😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈

Death Wish : U don’t want to mess with her

Carbomb _Yt : 1:07 REBEL SCUM *SPITS ON EM*

Karan Chamling : every girl or women must be like her...

Jason : That's exactly what you deserve you SCUM! btw.. What's the name of the bike that he's riding?

jimmy baker : Ahh...How sweet it is. Sweet revenge!!! She should have thrown it back in the van and smacked one of them in the head.

David Graham : Haha you scum! Well done mate

Ali Nili : I hope my daughter become like her but smash the mirror to the C... bald head and face F...... road works

Tyrant Gregcag : Now, THAT was uber satisfying to watch 😎. Stay tough, girl 😉👍🏻!

The Deerfield Diaries : Sooo can someone please tell me all the times when criminal destruction of property is okay? I want to know because I have some vendettas to resolve as well.

TakerKaneanite619 : I don't usually condone knocking other people's mirrors off, but for this, the bastard driver deserved it.

Andrew D : The beta male white knight who did nothing but quickly drive away is somehow a hero?

Fresh Dumbledore : Absolutely rekt

jeff barret : That lady, a real hero. The scum in the van are neanderthals.

Ramhit Singh : Super girl

N-NANI! : Welcome to London every one Edit:wtf I didn't even ask for likes or make a good comment

Zzz Zzz : Thing is I think that's probably a company's van not personally his

Cʜʟᴏᴇ Pʀɪᴄᴇ : Oh..okay. Now Iam actually inlove on this girl, can someone give me her number?...LMFAO

wow man : The guy on the bike is such a goober.

Sumit Kumar Mishra : Brave Girl !!!

Leon Kennedy : Revenge is so sweet when served hot.

Jacob Kreifels : Shes gonna end up owing those guys a lot of money though or possible serve jail time. Im not saying what they did was ok but this lady obviously has anger issues. Go figure vandalism is seen as heroric nowadays...

Benitho Watuzola : #Girl power.

Esperanza. A. Owens : I'm so proud of her and I don't know if to say they messed with the wrong or right lady 🤔😂

Young Mecca : Oh she strong strong 💪🏼