Terrifyingly Impressive Tracer Bullets Firing at Night from Guns

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Dr Bendover : things to do when you have money weapons and a shit load of desert.

ThePilot4ever : I cant be the only one who thinks there ought to be a version of this with laser sounds

Renal Nawang Yudha : This is how rich people celebrate the new year

DjSmileyofLasVegas : Dam they should have a money counter on the screen cuz i can picture it rolling to the tune of millions..lol

Putra Yudha : Happy New years 2018

Mike Haggar : *tonight's forecast: bullet storm*

LuckasMS : Too bad they can't effectively use that against their enemies lmao

Jason Kings : drop 200 fire for effect targets in lawn chairs wearing dish towels on there head

matias gojman : Star Wars in real life

Benito Sanchez : Might be good entertainment now but lets wait for the reaction when the real stuff hits closer to Riyad....just saying

Christopher Jones : are they aimed at Israel?

Peace and Love : These Saudis lose every war

Marawan Osama : تحيا الجيوش العربية تحيا مصر والسعودية :)

Reliablethreat : What a massive waste of ammo.

Pimperino : That place is a bullet re loaders heaven

саня балан : Saudi Arabia disgraced itself in Yemen, even if they rejoice.

Hashem SY : Rednecks of Arabia demonstrating what they have learned and purchased from the rednecks of the USA

sassy the sasquatch : At least they're filming landscape

TheKirger : I dont get the point of this but it sure looks amazing...

الحقوقي محمد الساعدي : Saudi Arabia supports terrorism all over the world, in addition to killing children in Yemen with US-made missiles and weapons

markus huber : Cavemen with lots of money

Noþhelm Blodcyning : And yet some barefoot Houthis are beating them.

Gustavo M789 : this looks like an alien invasion and this video is a tape from a intensive fight of humans and aliens,human are fighting for their existence.just think

Ali Khalid : في نفس الوقت الذي تناور فيه بلدان الخليج وتحارب الشعب اليمني البسيط !، تعطي ظهرها لليهودي الذي استباح عرض العروبة ومقدساتها ، ارجعو الى عقولكم النخرة وشغلوها قبل ان يتمدد عليكم اليهودي ويستولي على سلاحكم ويستبيح ارضكم وعرضكم .

Anu Cheeki Breeki Iv Damke : An alternative to a Fireworks Show

حسن السليماوي : يحيا العراق والدول العربية

Luis Santiago Jr : Now imagine what Americans can do with our power

Gulf Charlie : 50k plus in ammo used

اسلحة خارقه : الله ينعل ال سلول واعوانهم

Publio Alejandro Moreno Cubides : Where is that?

Free to play Gamer : No wonder the USA, Russia and Isis don't fuck with these guys they use guns for entertainment imagine how they'd use them in war

Jamison Foley : They should just celebrate with a Nuke

Regular Taste : What a waste of amo

Owen GBC : I have no idea why, but if i was there i would want to run out there for some reason😂

Abdou Jiji : شنو فائدة من تبدير الرصاص في الجو واخونا في بورمة وفليسطين يتظورون جوع تبا لكم ولي جيوشكم

Geoff Manoel : Dammmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!! It's sounds like a horse is about to clash

Kevin Pickford : I think America is beat

lupahole : Barrage stops. Luke skywalker emerges...

druha10304 : Looks like a nice night in Las Vegas at a country concert

Geziel Thuler : Israel the best.

ابن بغداد رافدين ; : والله لو يملك العراق هلمكانيه جا هسه سرائيل كلى بلبحر ولاكن كو مثل عراقي يكول الله ينطي جوز للما عنده سنون

هدد M : 🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦

NightWolf9 : the only terrorists are USA and Saudi Arabia

المسلم S : This is actually from an old military exercise about two years ago...

Yankee 1985 : This is the Saudi version of the Knob Creek Machine Gun Range in Kentucky

myloky1 : ok fun

Johnny : it's..beautiful...

roel Reambo : how Iraqis celebrates new year

Bob : putain de bronzés.

gumelini1 : Muslim wedding