Terrifyingly Impressive Tracer Bullets Firing at Night from Guns

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Mike Haggar : *tonight's forecast: bullet storm*

FromHyrule : Reminds me when I fought in the Clone Wars.

Dewey G : What are all these Arabs doing in Chicago?


Brendan Jackson : Fart at *3:16*

Renal Nawang Yudha : This is how rich people celebrate the new year

Robert Montgomery : Yet they can't beat rebels in Yemen. Good tools without skills are just expensive fireworks 💥.

A Sparrow : _Star Wars: Return of Kebab_

Justice Warrior : Can we do this at an SJW protest???

Brian L : It might have taken 3 US soldiers and maybe 1 marine to pull that off but not bad for some goat herders

Belicose777 : Why is this being so heavily criticized? Aren't people allowed to waste their money how they very well please? Despite how idiotic or wasteful it may seem?

Tommy Bear : This is the most extreme camel hunting video I've ever seen

water man : Arabic IQ: 12

Gangstar #1 : Why are camels called the ship of the desert? Coz there full of Arab seamen!

Bob Saget : Lol Saudi army = 1 small city worth of guns in america

Michael Killen : They saw a spider.

Super Man : 0:44 oops that one flew right up

alek vodka : All this to entertain some rich towel heads

Rohit Verma : Allahu snackbar

Lizard Spuad : Just imagne russia woud Do an event like that ouhhhh boyyyy

ThePilot4ever : I cant be the only one who thinks there ought to be a version of this with laser sounds

Leon arg : Te apuesto que si fuera una guerra real estos perros no matan a nadie, son unos muertos estos musulmanes para disparar.

Alonzo Johnson : Commander : fire Protect the oil PROTECT THE OIL!! 🛢

Blue gsxrer : That’s all they good for, watching from distance. They don’t know how to use them. Chances are they have foreign nations on loan to shoot for them and protect them. Because they don’t trust their own people lol. They keep them ignorant and in prison if they ever use their brain to either try to change their country for the better. All this is a show to keep their people down. Other countries would run them over in a matter of days. Pathetic men in dresses who don’t follow modern human right rules nor the prescribed way of life in the book.

OF W5R : تفرجو يالروافض ويالاخونجيه ويالدواعش لبوكم مخانيث هذا الملك سلمان إمام المسلمين والعرب رغم عن انوفكم وسوف نسحق اي متطاول او متبطح او مطبل لترك والفرس والصهاينه نحن امة الاسلام واحفاد الصحابه نحن ابنا الحرمين تحيا الشعوب العربيه الحره الابيه ويخسا المتبطحون والروافض عليهم لعنة الله

Todd Weat : Meanwhile American Military 70%Homosexuals and Trannys

Mr.Pardo : And yet they can't beat the Houthis.

Dzhackers 27 : 6:37 Stars Warzazate

Aninda Chatterji : Soo much pollution these idiots are spreading..... And There was ban on crackers on Diwali on 2018 in India...... This is the level of Hippocracy on madrasa CHAAPS and pseudosecular deshdrohi Congress.

Ankush Rana : *Commander* : Fire! *Soilder* : I only see a camel sir!! *Commander* : Don't ask just fire....

ziegenbockhau : Ja ja ja pinches arabes sauditas muy mamones, y en la guerra contra Yemen Los Huties les estan metiendo una PUTIZA marca diablo ja ja ja ja. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pEj2y_o542k y chequen este otro video www.youtube.com/watch?v=ANbNT48MRa0&t=568s

Bubby Halter : It's so beautiful but frightening at the same time just imagine being on the opposite end of that gun fire

Ali Baashi : That shows thier level of ignorance. But they will regret it no matter how rich they are.

daddyjankie : *Rumor was they were shooting at women who showed their face*

Naz Era : They are shooting at the Thanos Tony Stark: These are all my weapons Stark Production Thanos: All bark's and no bite

ALEX LUGLI : colocar esses boy na frontline.... bando de burgues safado!!!!!!!!!

David Padilla : These dude are royalty. They like yeahhh we like war hey we don’t like Directtv. Hahaha they make me laugh. Uhhum I would like to order another brandy lmao

HansumRob100 : Corporate box to watchn the war... how awesome is that...

Francesco Borghese : Dirty saudi rats

Merchant Ivory : with all the technological advancements in warfare, i can't help but laugh as this is the equivalent of a civil war solders firing there muskets off while more advanced nations sit in there star destroyers laughing at how silly this display is. I don't mean to belittle this, its just....there bullets...no one fights with those anymore. Now its lasers, subsonic radar that melts your brain and makes you feel like your on fire and of course the drones and space combat fighter planes.

Talon Morris : Chicago on the 4th of july

yossef woretaw : i wanted to see the location before and after the distruction

chiskiaooo : they dont need to aim allah guide their bullets

Compuster : Cant wait till the new WW3 balance update comes out I love playing as a ant but I keep on dieing by being pissed on

C2K2125 : 1:30 “I want every gun we have to fire on that man” Comment if you know where thats from

Gangstar #1 : That's one fxxx off flatscreen with 5G also!

Tha_Monsta88 : Did you mark your ally's with tracer rounds so your friends and shoot rpgs at them or see them across the map blinking like a Christmas tree?

sassy the sasquatch : At least they're filming landscape

José Cuentas : Estos pensé nos están locos. A que mierda disparan

AirShark95 : The Night Manager