The Fake Neighborhoods on Google Maps

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FutureNow : Wow, you went from maps to quantum mechanics to sponsor. Bravo.

FutureNow : Paper Towns: Google Maps Edition

ibx2cat : I've always found it absurd that Google Maps changes by country, so that many people don't even realise the world doesn't recognise some of their country. Let's hope the Costa Rica situation doesn't have a repeat with China haha

superj1e2z6 : The ad transition was more confusing than quantum mechanics.

The Spherical Earth : Half as Wendover Production

Justin O'Brien : Maybe Google should rename Machias Seal Island to Schrödinger's Island.

SuicideBunny6 : "Google, if you're reading this, please don't ban this channel, I kinda need this job." - The Animator 😂😂

Jan Mayen : A nightmare for people playing geoguessr

Team ION : “Any other disputed area” *shows picture of Quebec*

Dave Sisson : A few years ago, I noticed a street with no name in Google Maps. So I submitted the information that it was Gallows Court in the Australian ski town of Hotham Heights. Unlike other times I've done this, nothing happened. It appears that Google thought that Gallows Court was such a macabre and unlikely name for a street that it was more likely to be a false name submitted by several people as a joke. So I followed up with a new submission that included a photo of a street sign and links to government sources naming the street and eventually, Gallows Court at Hotham Heights appeared on Google Maps.

Maxvannoorloos : In true Detroit fashion; there's probably heroin stashed in those houses

Aaron Worsnop : Some say New Zealand others say where, 😂 lol Like if you’re from NZ

Kaiden Rogers : "Google if you're reading this please don't ban this channel I kinda need this job -the animator" - 0:38

supersoulty : Here in Pittsburgh, Google is basically creating a new neighborhood called "Bakery Square," which is a relatively small new, hip urban development (read "gentrified space") which is cut out of what used to be a heavily black neighborhood (though it now takes a small chunk of a fairly upper scale white neighborhood). You can see it on the map now, in the same font as Pittsburgh's actual neighborhoods. It also just so happens to be where Google's Pittsburgh office is located.

Andrew Tyberg : Super unnatural sponsorship transition.

Nathan Williams : Google used to allow anyone to edit their map with a tool called Map Maker. Chances are, a lot of those strange neighborhood names were added (against the ToS, I might add) by well-meaning contributors copying dubious sources. Now that the editing tool is gone, there's no easy way to interact with those "neighborhood" elements on the map. The only way to fix them now is to submit a problem report in Maps and hope someone at Google reads it before the neighborhood gets bulldozed to make way for the next mega mall.

Zachary Filion : "Any other disputed territory" *Shows Quebec*

Alex Barnes : Hope there’s planes in this one

Dillon Wilson Scott : Yep, Wendover productions definitely lives in San Fransisco

Broken Ceiling : *When a mobile app almost started a war between two countries*

_Bob McCoy : *England is a country on Google Maps for some reason... smh*

thetroyzernator : Same with my girlfriend's house. The name that Google gives the area refers to the farm the neighbourhood was built on. But it hasn't been a farm in nearly 80 years.

Gamers Rise Up : more like twice as interesting

Quick Fix - Thought Provoking Videos : I guess at 3:54 you thought "Eh, if Google can use weird sources then so can I!"

Magnificent Birb : New Zealand once again forgotten from the world

Jaime : Just around where my family lives, Google maps has the area labeled "Hickson". I've looked around for while to find what it is about but I haven't even found a historical name or town here in California ever being called "Hickson". Not near here or even anywhere in California. So I seriously don't know why it's being labeled that. Whats even more strange is that this neighborhood they've created is smacked in the middle of the intersection Sepulveda Boulevard and Devonshire Street, however, West of Sepulveda - just crossing the 405 freeway - is the real neighborhood of Granada Hills, while East of Sepulveda is the real neighborhood and, once, proper town of Mission Hills - where the Mission San Fernando is located. They each have their own zip code and all. Hickson, does not exist and shouldn't exist as it's cleaved by the widest portion of Sepulveda Blvd. Moreover, there's an area near there they've labeled "North North Hills". The town has always been called "North Hills" but somehow they've carved out a new neighborhood to its north and just tacked another "north" to it.... That's just kinda cheap.

Theodore Winston : "Where do you live?" "I LIVE IN THE EYE!"

FunkyPlayz : "some say New Zealand" others say "where" LMAO XD

Informative : In the civilized part of the world there are actual organizations that keeps track of these sort of things. The more troubling bit with Google is that it has an disinterest in official sources, because of its pursuit of being the only official source. While doing this they are secretive about their sources, are not keen on sharing data, and do shoddy work that promotes more shoddy work. This undermines actual attempts at organizing knowledge. Don't be like Google.

sinecurve9999 : That segue to Brilliant was strained af...

Pedro Marcelino : One example in São Paulo is the neighborhood of Cerqueira César. I have no fucking idea what are the boundaries between Cerqueira César, Bela Vista, Consolação, Higienópolis and Jardim Paulista, given the are is simply not really large; but I just believe anything Google is telling.

Malcador Sigilite : How the hell do you find all these Weird obscure topics?

Nick : That transition to talking to quantum mechanics was just as confusing as quantum mechanics itself.

betovega91cr91 : The Cañas-Jerez Treaty was signed between the Plenipotentiary Minister Máximo Jerez Tellería (from Nicaragua) and the General José María Cañas Escamilla (from Costa Rica) in 1858. What the Nicaraguan government did back in 2010 was pure negligence and an ill intended violation of Costa Rican sovereignty. It also provoked environmental damage to an ecological protected area.

Akademiks Defense Squad General #fuckvictoriamensa : That transition to the brilliant sponsor though, brilliant

A Gray : Who else is mad on the way he pronounced Machias? 😂

Alec Ver Bunker : Why not just not name neighborhoods? Like if the names are so unofficial then why put them in an official context? I could understand the Bronx or Manhattan those are all set lines othwise if it isn't a recognized name of a neighborhood by the city it's in just don't put it on there. What's the point in the first place? No one's looks up directions to just "the East cut" they're gonna be looking up an address or at the minimum a street name.

Kaustubh Verma : Waiting for Nationalists to say that this and that territory belongs to their country

MlecznyHotS : That's a pretty misleading and click-baity title. Just go with "the time Google Maps almost started a war" - draws more attention, and is more accurate to the title since the only thing that was fake were the names, not the neighborhoods themselves.

John Jones : Is it just me or i really find the quick text flash by the Animator really annoying? I have to pause the video and skip it frame by frame just to satisfy my curiousity.

marpemit : Wait how aren't neighborhood names official ? Aren't neighborhood names decided by the city mayor and the government of the country, there are street signs with the name of the neighborhood, as well as building in said neighborhood are officially part of it which is decided by city officials and in turn the government. At least thats in mt city ( Sofia, Bulgaria, East Europe) and I assume its the same for almost all cities around the world

Hello There : In toronto the neighborhoods are easy, it just means what subway station is closest.

Music Man : Or any other disputed territory. **Shows Quebec** lol

Andres Rodriguez : I live in 🅱️endover heights

Curious Thought : lol the puns! "The benevolent dictator" 😂

Jack TCRMM : So 1,250,000,000 people use google maps?

Somniad : okay look. I know it's an advert and all, but Schrodinger's cat is an example devised specifically with the purpose of demonstrating why a particular interpretation (the Copenhagen interpretation) of quantum mechanics is incorrect. It is *not* an example meant to show how quantum mechanics works - it's exactly the opposite.

Wolfy : Nothing is faker than my life.

Umji’s Aegyo : Paper Towns 😁

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