Arguing With A Short Change Artist

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Gas Station Encounters : As I stated in the last short change video, obviously you’re supposed to count the change out to them. I prefer fanning the money out to them while they’re talking before I push it together & hand it to them. I can’t expose the trash if I don’t give them a chance to pull their scam.

Taco Stacks : These videos are straight gold. lol

CNDBLOOD : The fact they have to argue with you, trying to convince you so badly. It's as if he's convinced himself he's innocent.

Plumbdog Millionaire : Legend has it he’s still trying to dial 911 to this day

Hieu Vizzle : You need your own show , bro . “How to catch a thief / scam artist “

a relaxin koala : 911 is three numbers bro. you over here typing the declaration of independance on that phone

Mike Legacy : What did the cops say after you texted them on the cordless.

FuzzMustard : Must not work at a corporate owned store. Had a customer try to pull this same scam on me and I caught him (He was some 15-16 year old punk who's always trying to buy cigs but we always turn him down) Manager told me to give him the money he was complaining about even though I told her I'm 100% sure he was scamming. That night the drawer was short almost exactly that amount and I was fired the next day over it. Because there was video of me trying to convince my manager that it was a scam, the unemployment office ruled in my favor and I got unemployment checks until I got another job though.

Top Comment : Give this employee a raise. Every time he is provoked, he goes from 0-100 in 2.8 seconds and the thief is dumbfounded.

ckeller 89 : I can't believe the amount of shit that goes on in this gas station lol

Andrew Malcolm : The guy spits at you because you wouldn't let him get away with stealing your money?! My god, these people need the bullet.

MastodonManiac : This scam never works in Canada because all of our bills are different neon colours, purples for 10's, bright green for 20's, red for 50's and maple brown for 100's lol.

Dennis The Menace : Am I retarted or something, cause I cant figure out whats goin on here. Did the customer underpay or something?

TrevMill : Happened to me once 20 years ago when I was a young and naive college student that still trusted people. Same exact game, talk constantly and tell jokes like y'all are long lost friends, walk towards the door, then turn around and said that I had shortchanged a $50. I 100% believed it that first time and I was actually extremely apologetic while I was getting scammed out of $40. The register came up exactly $40 short that night and I immediately realized I had been scammed, although at the time I still wasn't quite sure how he did it. He must've told his friends because the next week another dude tried it but I just cut him off and asked if he minded waiting while I watched the tapes....he said sure but he needed to run to Burger King real quick and never came back. Don't trust anyone people, in these times you have to assume stranger danger. No one randomly wants to be your friend, especially at a freaking gas station.

Donna Lynn : This scam is old as time. When I was in my 20s I worked at a gas station and during training we were told to look out for this. Sure enough it happened at least once a shift. People will do anything and everything for money, except get a job.

GD Nygma : When I was 6 years old I attempted to spit at someone and it landed on my shorts and everyone in the park laughed at me, last time I ever attempted that ... not much to do with this video just thought I’ll share

Godsavethecrumpets : where do you buy underwear big enough to hold your massive balls

Brian Ford : "Im a customer.." "You're a thief!!" Rofl

YoMoMz : Teaching scumbags a lesson daily

10,000 subs without a video? _ : Please carry Monopoly money and give them what they claim lol

thenerdnetwork : Geeze all these people talking about how long it took him to dial the number... I highly doubt he was going to call the cops unless the guy tried to get physical.. if he would have called them, the thief would have just left before the cops showed up, the cashier probably knew this and didnt want to waste anyone else's time on this douchebag.

J : The employee is dope asf.

ckeller 89 : 1:55 I love how this their acts like he doesn't know the guys being sarcastic when he says he pocketed his $40

Noah Ellis : "I'll call them" " you got the number?" I know he's dumb but surely not that dumb

Russel Mcfarland : This job was not worth the minimum wage while I was in college to be honest.

R N : This scammer had determination; even when called out by the clerk, he stuck to his bluff. He tried every trick in the book, from being nice to threatening to call the cops, to yelling in a poor attempt at intimidation, to pretending to not understand sarcasm and playing word games "you just admitted you put $40 in your pocket!", all the way to threatening physical violence. "Deny till you die" doesn't really work when there are multiple cameras watching you, though. I wish I lived near this place so I could buy the clerk a beer :D

Pedro Squiieep : 3:06 Now this is what I call "underground rap"

Barbra : Legend has it he’s still dialling the police phone number

Herbert da Pervert : A rookie mistake, ALWAYS count the bills back towards the customer, if you suspect them being dishonest ask the customer to watch you count the money back. Even then, ask the customer to count it again before leaving the till. It's a routine you have to get used to that will save you in the long run from these guys/girls.

Olmai Álgovuovdi : Why do I keep hearing the Sonic the Hedgehog coin sound? 😂

Zac Tolan : This is a pretty intense gas station.

pink phloid : That's why I always count back change.

L Frost : 3:06 then he became eminem son

vvinnipeg2o4 : ' plays around with the phone for 2-3 minutes trying to remember what the number to 9-1-1 is '

Pierce H : I want to work at this station so bad

dylan shafer : Why not count out his change instead ?

MotorCoast : I'm confused

Tuomo Seppala : Ï'm sorry, stupid question, but what's actually the "scam"? I just don't get it...

717 famous : I love this cashier 😂😂

Redlantern : I love how blunt he is with these douchbags.

Redhooknoodles : That escalated quickly

Fan Page : This is stressful.

CHIMPZILLA JUNGLESLAYER : I love this place. These are real Americans.... standing up for their rights ... the right to not be robbed.

Black Pill : "know their number?" lol

Jessy Sanchez : Man, the cashier always stands his ground respect 👍🏻

Danny R : Just another day in the life

Muhammad Ashiq : It’s the sad truth this happens way too often. And 30% of time people are just forgetful they don’t remember how much money they gave you but 70% of the time it’s scammers. And the best way to avoid these type of situation is to lay the bill underneath the register screen and don’t put it in the register until the customer has counted his change.

Des-T : Main Requirement to be hired as CASHIER : Do you have the balls to handle theft or fraud?

Smile E. : This guy knows how to work a gas station.

Demitrios Vekk F.Z. : you have a powerful diaphragm man lol