How Mesa Arizona Cops "Legally" Shoot People

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Zebra Corner : He should've solved the puzzle. Clean kill.

Devon Palmer : This is my type of humor

Flooded : Justified

KDEV : Is this a deleted scene from jigsaw

Kojo Otu : I don't know whether to laugh at the video or cry at the event it's parodying

Joshua Leo : Basically the deadliest game of Simon Says but you always lose. Genius.

Pure Prowess : Complete ridiculous video. Asian guy can't solve a rubiks cube? Get real

Rik Kuiper : I want to laugh at how brilliant this is, but I'm just so disgusted by the fact this sort of actually happened, I'm just sad and angry really.

Richard Jackson : Messed up situation but complete necessary joke.

Raven Blackbane : Ops, they forgot to demand the suspect to recite the U.S. Constitution backwards.

The Muffin Man185 : Inb4 YouTube takes it down

Dale Lenze : Nailed it, that’s exactlt how I felt when I watched the video.

Longknife : People saying this is in bad taste, I couldn't disagree more. Art done right can help expose problems within society, and in this case the best tool is satirical comedy. Yes, it's a tragedy and no one's denying it was awful what happened, but this little snippet of satire perfectly encompasses WHY it was such a tragedy and WHY it was ridiculous. This is a work of comedy that's quite funny, and he tragedy is that this is actually art imitating life rather than life imitating art; such an event more or less happened. There is no other way to highlight the ridiculousness of this better than satirical comedy.

povang : Lets not forget that Daniel Shaver was intoxicated while the whole thing was happening, making him even more uncoordinated than a normal person. The fact that the video was not shown in court during the trial of the cop should show you how corrupt the system is; the systems protects its own.

Graka Ganggang : So this is how it feels to be an american

Juan Gonzalez : I love how he gets it right with the leg thing at first and the police officer is completely wrong lol

Jim Bob : The amount of dumb comments in this comment section worries me. You do realize these type of videos MUST be made, right? These videos keep the topic current and debatable which HAS to be done because America HAS a police problem. I am very thankful that I do not live in America and do I hope that my job never requires me to visit.

GriffJS : Current event satire videos? Subscribed.

Munzu : How was this in poor taste? This is in support of the victim's family and to satirically show how ridiculous the court's verdict and the cop's behavior in that situation are. Get over yourselves, snowflakes.

Jordan Hardy : I've seen a lot of terrible stuff online, but the video this is based off of terrifies me. The cop was able to downright execute someone and get away with it. This video, on the other hand, cracked me the hell up man. Well done

Jacob Helker : This is KIND of in poor taste, but it's pretty accurate.

User : Bruh, cops are just doing their job. Lay off. You act like they should face consequences just because they are trigger happy and incompetent cowards.

SantaFire ` : I personally consider this video to be good. It concisely explains why the circumstances and the courts ruling is ridiculous and needs to be re-examined. Having watched the original video I cant remember a single person who said the officer acted appropriately. This satire catches that entirely. Considering what's at stake now and that the victims death was 2 years ago I dont think its in bad taste, its just a bit awkward to laugh at because for many of us the murder is very fresh in our minds.

rakeeb hossain : Rip Daniel shaver

Mylife IssaLie : The cop shot Ian because he’s black.

Ricky bobby : You are one of my favorite youtubers right now. You deserve more subs

Chanconn : I never heard of this guy before, so I searched his name on YouTube. There's a 5 minute video of this guy just straight up being murdered. Holy shit, I thought snuff films on this site were supposed to be harder to find.

MCTheTrash : Its funny and sad at the same time...

Alduin Project : So getting shot is inevitable

Kashish : This is trending in Canada wow. Honestly US needs to learn from Canada and stop trending trash videos.

Bu3li7 : I mean this video is funny and all. Buuuuuuut it feels a bit distasteful.

VictorKane115 : What disgusts me is the people that try and defend the shooting.

Myles Perry : I love how he does the correct leg position but still gets yelled at

CreamyGoodness : Amazing, this needed to be made

G 6 : Hmm...Funny but insightful. A good way to incorporate comedy when dealing with a severe situation.

TheApoke : I've binge watched every video on this channel in one day and subscribed.

OwariNeko : It was obviously stupid of the suspect to not follow the instructions when they were so clear. "Solve the puzzles and do the hula hoop." Who doesn't understand that? If I were in that position I would have done exactly as the cop said and I would have lived. All you people saying it was impossible are just dumb and would have been shot the same way as the suspect and it would have been your own fault for disobeying a cop.

Jason : I understand the awareness aspect of the skit but I do have to agree with a lot of the others about the poor taste. I'm just imagining what the family would feel if they saw this comedic skit parodying such a traumatic event (despite the effort to help). Maybe a small explanation at the end of the video would have had more impact in redirecting the attention towards supporting the family. Just my opinion.

Ed Denoy : Make a video about Sgt. Charles Langley's escape to and new life in The Phlippines. He was the commander that screamed and barked at Daniel Shaver. Brailsford's immediate boss at the scene.

Cosmic Sheep : aaaaaaaaaand demonetized

Adam Hahn : This guy is the new ProZD

The lit candle : R.I.P Daniel Shaver, for anyone who didn’t know, this is a parody from the video of the police shooting in the hotel. Thank you for bringing light to the situation Ian ❤️

Joseph Woods : Spicy

VincentVeryVile : Holy shit! Ian your new video got taken down but thank God I watched it at school! It brightened my day BTW, keep it up!

Not Michael Jordan : I feel so bad for laughing at this but it’s just so perfect.

Adam SR : I needed a laugh, this whole situation is insane

Ibrahim Fadhil Senjaya : This is more like what happens when an MMORPG has to make you go through its tutorial about its 'deep' and 'engaging' mechanics

Martyn Rogers : statistically speaking, cops have lower iqs than us dishwashers....just saying...

Dank Pillow : lmao youtube took down his latest video rip man

Gally : the only way to deal with a police officer is a bullet to the brain