Craptacular Facts About Flies
Craptacular facts about flies

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A fly landed on my laptop one day and my brain just went to town on questions. Then this happened. I have a new Patreon! Consider supporting if you like the idea of me not being poor and hungry: ♥ "Sevy's Secret Channel" on Youtube ♥ ♥ IG: Sevdha ♥


TheUntamedLeo : Hahaha! "Flyagra". Clever. Very clever. xD On another note, you deserve WAY more veiws and subscribers, so I've taken it upon myself to tell all my friends. These vids are way too funny to miss.

Martina Boisits : how dare that fly land on your laptop! HE SHALL BE BEHEADED

Clarissa Lively : I catch flies with my bare hands and impress/disgust my friends.

7h1nk3r Blackliquid : This has to best channel ever its funny!

Pinch Man : Just another reason why I love spiders

Cielo H : Please dont stop making these vids. If you do, i will NOT be ok. This is about the greatest thing i've ever come across while on the toilet. I have subscribed

Van : I discovered this channel less than a month ago, but it's quickly becoming one of my favorites! Look forward to future videos!

RedTreeko Flames : This is my second favorite channel rivaled only to my own! (Not that my content is better though...)

Sana {Sah-Nah} : Yay! New vid! Keep it up, you're awesome! 💙

thornTV HD : I feel you should have mentioned the worst kinda fly of all. The hellspawn of an incect called the horsefly

Merriellen Roselette : Flies *bug* me

ResEvilBoy : Sevy you're a genius! Make more videos!!!

GeierKurzfloog : was it the..... drumroll.... BRUNDLEFLY ???? :-O

JJ_ : Hidden gem of youtube. Subbed!

Lux Phos-Fate : There are only two things that bug me more than flies: roaches and mosquitoes. Mosquitos can f*ck right off

Elizabeth Petrick : Naming bugs is fun :3 Edit: WATCH #themagicschoolbus NOW!!!!!

844Steam Fan : Wait, 2716! (It,s a train think)

Kindergardner101 : You can learn a lot from horror movies... like 'the fly'.... ;-)

Ronald Villatoro : Idk how ur able to make this topic funny😂

SuperStar Kevin : Thank God flies are small.

RusAme is life : Nice Law shirt sevy-ya One Piece Is Life

Darius Foster : *to the tune of Fleetwood Mac's Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow* Don't stop making these funny videos😂😂😂 just wanted to give you encouragement to continue this funny and educational commentary. Love you work and hope you put out more of it

Elizabeth Petrick : I am to young for this, you BAKA!

Dill Pickle : 420 views. nice 👌

HiLoWme123 : The 2 dislikes are from flies that landed on the dislike button.

K C : You jokes make me want to cry because you almost Miss them

Wild Sharday : What kinda of accent do you have.

Crafty inky Neon : My mom saw flys mateing wall going to my grandparents house :P

PrincessUni965 Oof : *Moist*

Anonymous : Yo Sup Fred

K C : Yes I agree they are nasty fuks

Jesus Dominguez : Do a millipede

ThermicLine : Who are you and why did your video appear as an ad?

failure master : wow time sure does fly

Owen Cole : 3:26 most flying insects are like this. Like cicadas.

Sinjerjm1 : 😂 funny 😂

Nicolas Cage : Not secret anymore.

Owen Cole : 0:16 HIYA FRED!

Mtwarrior : LOL

Heath Malone : love your videos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Weeaboo god : I enjoy

Vashta Nerada : lol

Maria False : So, when L.Gaga goes: "Just smoke my cigarette! Hurts!" that little voice erupting :"I don't smoke and I never drink coffee." is an actual fly? Cuz it kinda messed up her entire video, like the supernatural does! Here's some creepy, that goes on with science, more than the actual broadcasting of exaggerated figures that can never be real since they can never be put to use by who cannot be in contact with any particular information features (because he is not worthy, not ready, or not a fool..)_ in many insect species the reproduction has proven hard to "describe"( we're all living in the future where there's no good reason to meet anything is dangerous..and gone..), and since they have numerous intraspecies communities (where there's the fool, the doppelganger, the beggar and the bloodsucking, other than the simple parasitic) they outsmart all humans like magicians... So what is the difference between the female with the penis, and the carrying of the offspring male: basically none, other than the former is an abomination, and the latter would be much more trouble to place in analogy with the two semen of our human (easy just that) formula. Fly's connection with blood, they analyze it (is that really very weird?), (and they are very good at it), makes them champions in the shit compound (some pride under the blue sky), but they don't feed on it, or in any of the decomposing parts of any"thing"... and since you are bringing out the science "tong", we're not describing the same creature.

Shirley Munro : Bad news SevdHa, Australian Horse flies are twice the size of your house fly and bite...

MrRandomPotatoes : Mosquitoes are worse.

Kyle Kariba : Worst sound of all time is the sound of Mosquito