Cky Skeletor vs Beastman
I give you Skeletor vs Beastman from CKY

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I love this video :D please enjoy


TheKiss : This was a turning point in our civilization

IMDRanged : They had absolutely no reason to make this video... but they did anyway.

Acesahn : Brandon Dicamillo, aka Dico, he would have made a great youtuber.

Rob Maxwell : I still know all the words lol

Gavin Colfer : This was on my myspace wall

Jay Darwin : My early teen years !!!!

johnty fiveofive : I'm 35 why is this still funny!!!!???

MegaJetJaguar : I must've listened to this song a hundred times today? I can't stop laughing!

James Fox : Slut from down below

Danny Spindler : I think the last 720 views are from me :P

The No.1 Guy : this cut of the video has been going around for ages, and it always cuts out before Skeletor deCamillo can finish the final line.

Leet Mofo : remove the ads, you didn't make the video so you shouldn't make any revenue off of it and if you do, give it to CKY.

Herodotus Techne : late 90s, early 2000, man time flies

Joe Zugoola : "Beast man do you know ho'"

Sheldon Collins : Gnar Kill!

Austin calderon : Still pops into my head from time to time (:

Corey Nelson : I am seriously embarrassed to say I just discovered this masterpiece... WTF!?

J F : Brandon is a genius

DesserWesser : Haven’t seen this years and it randomly passed my mind.

Kairiko Liona : After watching this, I've been contracted with BeAsTmAn AiDs

Black Sun Sirius 777 : At 2:00 I bet that was real coke. They used to get down with coke like crazy during the Jackass/Cky days.

its yeshau not jesus : One of bams secret homosexual fantasys with his old boyfriend.

Lace : bam margera

DFWTF : One of the first YT videos I ever watched.

Scott O'Sullivan : A true masterpiece.

Jorganti : Oh man, this brings me back. Used to have the CKY box set and would watch these at least once a day. Good times

Øath betrayer : you know end a song.

thedreadedzero : I like how it just ends mid sentence.

A True Wisconsinite : wtf...this IS AWESOME!

doom tron : Still a timeless classical lol

Fernandez 谭Ryan 小王 : I watch this whenever I'm depressed. Never fails to cheer me up

Kire667 : totally forgot just how bad this was until I song requested it on a stream. lol

Trevor Foreman : I just wanted to shout out to Bam and the family!! Hope your doing well and know CKY2K will live on!

elheffay : Never gets it!

jason hensley : take of your furry paints

Jodi Vaughan : I C O N I C

Jon McCloud : When they honestly had nothing better to do, but made money off being bored Thats the epitome of making money while youre bored

nick avb : "shake your furry fur off" "I can't it's mad of fur" that's so deep

Morcego Project : kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

The Fuzzy Dice : Almost forgot to watch this today

GrandmasterDevo : *B E A S T M A N A I D S*

Skrilla s•k•r•i•t•• : I found out RuneScape and CKY on the same day by a dude I met at the dark room. life is either a bad comedy or a good tragedy

Adam Splittah : Who else misses methed out Bam?

Mike Whipkey : a true classic!

Clint Smith : 1:00 best part

Zee 115 : Skeletor goes too far bought me here again

Scott Destan : Btw.... " you'd find a boy and call him her" to me sounds like Herman as in Herman Munster which the background music sounds kinda like.

Dwayne Miller : Bam is so coked out during this video look at his pupils

JeredtheShy : this song just set fire to my trash and ran away